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Title: All Things Are Possible
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Will Graham/Lee Fallon
Fandom: Hannibal/The Big C
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Will Graham or Lee Fallon, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Will looked at himself in the mirror, taking a deep breath.

It was hard to believe that at this tomorrow, he would be a married man.

He was marrying Lee tomorrow. In less than twenty-four hours, he would be Lee's husband; they would be joined in holy matrimony, a couple forever.

Of course, he already felt married to Lee in his heart. But this would make everything legal; they would be married not only emotionally, but in the eyes of the law.

He was just glad that Lee felt well enough for the wedding to take place. He'd seemed pale and listless for the last few days, even though he was excited about the wedding. But Will could tell that he hadn't been feeling physically well, even though Lee had tried to brush that aside.

He was worried about his fiancÚ, though he didn't want to admit that worry to Lee. He didn't want to bring up a subject that would dampen their joy.

And he didn't want their wedding day to be ruined by that worry. He wanted their day to be beautiful and special, a day that would bring them nothing but happiness.

Nothing would dim the light of their wedding day. Nothing.

All he could feel in his heart was an intense joy that he was marrying the love of his life, the man he wanted to spend all of eternity with. Nothing could tarnish that emotion.

Will knew that Lee felt the same; he could see it in his fiancÚ's smile, hear it in the lilt of his voice. Tomorrow was going to be the happiest day of both their lives, and they weren't going to let anything get in the way of the joy they felt at being able to join their lives as one.

Though he knew that if Lee didn't feel well, there would be a pall cast over the day. He didn't want to see any shadow of pain on Lee's face during their wedding day.

If he did, the day wouldn't be all that it could be.

But he was thinking about himself, not about Lee, in that respect, Will thought with a sigh. He didn't want the day to be ruined for him; he didn't want to think about Lee's medical condition.

They shouldn't have to think about that on the happiest day of their lives, should they? Tomorrow should be a day where all of their worries were pushed aside, left behind them.

There would be time enough in the future to worry about other things. Tomorrow was a day just for them; a day for their hearts to rejoice, to know that they were making their love a legal, tangible thing, that they were sharing the day with people they cared about and who cared about them.

He hadn't realized that he had so many friends, people who he had worked with, people who wished him the best, who wanted his happiness.

It was odd to think that there were so many people in his life.

He'd always thought of himself as an outsider, someone who stood at the window of other people's lives, looking in, but never coming into that warmth from out in the cold.

Now that he had someone in his life, though, everything had changed. He was welcomed into that circle of warmth; he felt that he was a part of life, instead of always being on the outside. Ever since the advent of Lee in his life, so much had changed for him.

Lee had really brought him into the circle of life, he thought with a soft smile. Lee had taught him how to open up and relate to people more; he'd always been afraid to do that in the past becaues of his empathy, but Lee had shown him that he didn't have to shy away from human contact.

He had missed so much in life before he'd met Lee. Now, not only was his heart opened to the man he loved, but his life was open to friendships that he'd never thought about before.

So much in his life had changed for the better.

Lee had turned everything around for him. Not only had this man given him love like he'd never known before, but he had also taught Will how to love himself.

He had come out of that self-imposed shell that he'd always hidden himself in once Lee had come into his life. It had taken some time, but he had started to become more involved in the world around him -- and not just through his work, but in a personal, more intimate way.

He had begun to spend time with his friends, and to appreciate the people around him more. He no longer hid himself away at his house in Wolf Trap.

Lee had given him the world. Lee had given his heart, his body, his soul, and so much more. And Will would always be grateful to the man he loved for opening his eyes to the world.

It made him love Lee even more, if such a thing was possible.

Will was determined that their wedding day would be a day of joy for everyone, a day that they would all remember as one of the happiest they had ever experienced.

He wanted his friends to have smiles on their faces just as he and Lee would, to share their happiness as the two of them committed their hearts, souls, and lives to each other. He wanted everyone to feel a bit of the happiness that would be in their hearts as they stood together at the altar.

He smiled at the thought of taking Lee's hands for the first time as his husband, of walking back down the aisle and being pelted with rice and rose petals.

It would be wonderful. It would be a dream come true.

Their wedding day was going to be everything they both wanted, Will promised himself. It was going to be a day that they would both remember for all of their lives.

And it would be the beginning of their lives together, he told himself with a soft smile. The first day of the rest of their lives as a married couple.

Maybe that was a terribly romantic way of looking at the day, but he couldn't help it. Had he always had this romantic side within him, and Lee simply brought it out front and center? He couldn't help thinking that it had always been there, just waiting for the right person to tap into it.

He wanted their wedding day to be the most romantic day of both their lives, a day that would live in the memories of everyone who was there and saw the two of them joined as one.

That was exactly what it would be, Will told himself firmly. There would be no dark clouds hanging over their day, nothing to detract from the utter happiness of being married.

Any dark thoughts could wait for another day, another time.

No, there would be no dark thoughts, either today or tomorrow. And none on the days following, either. They would be days full of love and joy, hope and happiness.

They were going to have a beautiful wedding and a wonderful honeymoon. Any darkness that might fall upon them would have to wait; fate wouldn't be so cruel as to spoil their big day with any dark clouds raining on their parade. Not after it had been kind enough to let them find each other.

Will smiled at himself in the mirror once more before turning away, his heart light. Nothing would come between the two of them, and especially not on their wedding day.

From now on, it was him and Lee. Together. As one. Forever.

He would hold on to that thought with everything he had. And he would keep holding on to it, even when they faced the dark clouds that he knew would be on their horizon.

As long as they were together, everything would be all right. They had love on their side, a love that would never fade, and never end.

Will took a deep breath, heading downstairs to go to the wedding rehearsal with Lee.

They would have a wonderful future, and a life together. He believed that. He truly did.

Life and love were theirs -- and with that, all things were possible.