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Title: Always Be Like This
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: Sequel to "Not Only Skin Deep."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Will's hips rose to meet Hannibal's thrust, a moan breaking from his lips as his arms tightened around his lover's neck to pull him down for a kiss.

Nothing felt as good as Hannibal making love to him. Nothing.

Maybe this wasn't true love. Maybe they wouldn't stay together for a lifetime. But they had the here and now, and that was all that mattered at this moment.

For right now, he was in love with this man -- in love with his body, in love with all of the sensations that Hannibal made him feel. No one else could do this; no one else could take him to the stars over and over again, and still leave him begging for more.

No one else was like Hannibal. And he was sure, in this moment, that he could never feel this way about anyone else, or let another person be this close to him.

Hannibal was the only one for him.

He'd never expected to give his body to anyone, but even less had he expected to give his heart. Yet that seemed to be exactly what he had done.

It surprised him to think that he could possibly be in love. Love had never seemed like something that would happen to him; Will had always thought that it was something for other people, something that he could see but never touch, never experience for himself.

He'd always felt that he'd forever be on the outside looking inside, never knowing the warmth and security of love, always wondering what it was like.

But now, he was slowly starting to believe that he'd found the kind of love that he had always craved. With each time that he and Hannibal were together physically, he opened his heart a little more, letting the other man into that sanctified chamber.

He was sure that he was falling in love. Especially in moments like these, when Hannibal made him feel so much, both physically and emotionally.

He wasn't holding back now. He was giving his all.

With each thrust into his body, Hannibal made Will more his, binding the young man to him in both body and soul. And Will willingly gave all that Hannibal asked for.

How could he not? This feeling was the most exquisite thing he had ever known; his body felt as though he was ricocheting like a ping-pong ball, shooting directly towards the stars and then plummeting back to the earth again, only to be lifted high once more.

It was intense, dizzying, exhilarating. It was like nothing he'd ever felt before, and he never wanted it to end. He wanted this to go on forever and a day.

He wanted to be caught up in this maelstrom of sensation for the rest of his life.

His thighs tightened against Hannibal's sides as, with each thrust, he was lifted higher and higher, until he could swear that he was floating amongst the stars.

How was it possible for anything to feel like this? He had never known that lovemaking could be so intense; if he had, maybe he would have been more hungry for it, wanted to experience it much sooner than he had, instead of waiting until Hannibal had come into his life.

No, that wasn't true. He would never have been able to give himself to another person. Hannibal was the only one who had been able to open that door.

He wanted them to always be like this, their bodies and hearts joined, united as one, always staying this close. He wanted them to grow even closer, to knit their lives together, to be a part of each other. This was what he'd been meant for, with this man and no one else.

Being with anyone else would have been impossible. He would never have trusted another person to be this close to him, to give him these sensations.

It had been hard enough to go to bed with Hannibal that first time, even though he had wanted to. Pushing aside those barriers that he'd built up hadn't been easy, but he had done it -- and he hadn't looked back, or had any regrets about giving himself to this man.

He hadn't been coerced, or forced. He had done exactly what he wanted, and been glad to finally leap that abyss that had always frightened him before.

Hannibal had taken that fear away, replacing it with pleasure.

Could anyone else have done that for him? Will didn't think so. Only Hannibal was capable ot turning that fear into desire, transforming it from negative to positive.

As Hannibal thrust into him again, Will couldn't hold back a cry; it took him a moment to realize that the word he had uttered was his lover's name, the sound exploding from his lips as a half-moan. His body was starting to spiral upwards, his orgasm coming to the surface.

Desperately, he tried to hold it back; he wanted this to last longer, to never have to come back down from the clouds he was now inhabiting.

But nothing could last forever, as Will was all too well aware.

He felt his climax slowly start to uncoil within him; within seconds, it was rising quickly, threatening to take him over, drowning him in pure sensation.

Will tried to hold it back, even as Hannibal thrust into him and he could hear the other man's soft murmurs coaxing him to come, to free himself, to let himself go. He didn't want to do that; he wanted to make this last for as long as it possibly could, to prolong the pleasure.

He held on to that hope for as long as he could; then, with a suddenness that was almost shocking, his orgasm burst through, making him gasp and then cry out.

Pleasure such as he had never known washed over him in a tidal wave that threatened to engulf him; Will saw stars dancing in front of his eyes, heard a roaring in his ears that he dimly realized was composed of his own pleasured cried and Hannibal's heavy breathing.

He could feel Hannibal pounding into him, then feel his lover's release into his body. They had both reached the peak of pleasure; it was over but for the afterglow.

He intended to savor that afterglow for quite some time.

Hannibal rolled off of him, leaving Will lying on his back, looking up at the ceiling with wide blue eyes, his breath rasping in his chest.

Will laid one hand over his heart, feeling as though it was beating in double, no, triple time. He had never felt that kind of pleasure before any time he'd been with Hannibal; it was as though he'd been caught up in a tornado, just like Dorothy being blown away to Oz.

He had been unable to do anything other than go along for the ride -- and what a ride it had been. Nothing had ever felt that intense.

He understood now why the French called an orgasm a "little death."

Hannibal sat up, looking down at him with a satisfied smile. "I hope that was as marvelous for you as it was for me," he said softly, his voice warm and affectionate.

Will debated on what to say for a few moments; finally, he simply met Hannibal's gaze and nodded, his own voice very soft when he spoke. "Not just marvelous. It was the most incredible feeling I've ever had. I felt like I was touching the stars."

"Perhaps we were," Hannibal told him, reaching out to brush a lock of damp hair from Will's forehead. "I felt that way as well, Will. I never have before."

Those words made Will's feel as though his heart was swelling in his chest.

They would always be like this. Nothing would ever tear them apart; with each time they made love, they would become closer, and their relationship would grow stronger. What they shared at this moment was just the beginning of a long road that they would travel together.

It was a journey that he couldn't wait to start.