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Title: A Slave To Desire
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: Sequel to "Stoke the Fire."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


"Don't move, Will," Hannibal ordered, his voice sharp. "You aren't allowed to move until I say that you can do so. Stay still."

Ah, yes, this was how he wanted his boy.

Will was on his knees, hands bound behind his back; his head was bowed, forehead resting against the pillow. The gag in his mouth kept any words back; his body trembled slightly, as though he was waiting impatiently for Hannibal's touch.

He knew exactly what he intended to do to Will, and the reaction he wanted to get. Though if he was gifted with a different response, he wouldn't mind that, either.

Will was unpredictable in bed at times, and this was one of those times when Hannibal wasn't quite sure what to expect. Trying something new and different was always interesting, especially since he could never predict just how Will would react.

It was one of the most interesting things about having Will Graham as a lover, he thought with a smile. Not quite being able to read him fully.

He was going to push Will's limits, his boundaries. Will knew that, and had agreed to it. This was what he had been born for, after all, as Hannibal liked to remind him. He had always been intended for Hannibal. To his his lover, his slave, his possession.

Oh yes, he firmly believed that.

He would make sure that Will believed it, too. He would bring Will under his control in every way, no matter how long that goal might take to achieve.

Will Graham would belong to him in every sense of the word, not only physically, by emotionally as well. He was already well on the way to being under Hannibal's control; just the fact that he was allowing Hannibal to do this was proof of that fact.

He would make sure that Will enjoyed this night. That they both enjoyed it, and took something away from it that was more than mere physical pleasure.

His boy would be even more his possession after this night was over.

Hannibal lowered himself onto the bed, smiling as Will shuddered. He reached out a hand to run his fingers down the curve of Will's spine, whispering to him.

"This will not be what you think, my lovely one," he murmured, resting both hands on Will's hips. "It will be pleasurable for both of us, and you'll eventually get what you want. But you must hold yourself back, Will. You cannot come until I say that you can."

He waited until he saw the barely perceptible nod of Will's head that told him the young man understood what he had said, and that he agreed to it.

Of course, he would agree. He had no idea what was to come, but Will wouldn't say no to anything Hannibal asked of him, even when he might be half-afraid of what was going to happen. Will was giving himself over of his own free will; he knew what he was doing.

He had gone into this with those beautiful blue eyes wide open; he had no illusions as to how Hannibal saw him, or what he was.

A lover, yes -- but a slave to Hannibal's desires as well.

Hannibal bowed his head, letting his breath fan out over Will's back, his hands moving lower to spread the young man's thighs wider apart.

Will swayed a little, but kept his balance. Hannibal smiled at the shudder that went through Will's slender body; he wasn't going to keep his young lover guessing for long as to what he intended. And he knew that Will would enjoy it.

His hands moved to Will's buttocks, spreading him, parting him. And his head lowered again, his tongue flicking out to lick down the cleft.

He almost laughed when Will yelped; he knew that his boy hadn't expected to feel anything like that. This was something new that he hadn't tried with Will yet.

Hannibal licked down the cleft of Will's ass again, this time letting his tongue swirl lightly over the young man's entrance. He could feel Will's muscles tighten in response; he was already breathing hard, drawing first one deep breath, then another.

Oh, Will would be breathing much harder after he was done, Hannibal thought with an inward smile. He'd be gasping for breath, drawing in great lungfuls of air.

With that thought, he spread Will further, licking at him with more urgency.

He didn't want Will to come, not yet -- but he wanted the young man to be on the verge of coming, to tease him until the need for release was almost unbearable.

He could hear Will's breathing becoming ragged, feel those muscles tense under his hands. He knew that Will was going to have a hard time holding himself back; he would have to work at it, which was what Hannibal wanted.

He wanted to be in complete control of Will's orgasm, telling him when he could let himself go; he wanted this gorgeous man completely under his control.

That wouldn't take much, he told himself. Will already wanted to give himself over; he simply didn't trust himself to be able to follow through on his own. So he had given Hannibal the reins of control -- and he knew exactly how to handle those reins.

He licked down Will's cleft again, licking him open -- then, without any sort of warning, he drove his tongue inside the man trembling under him.

Will cried out behind his gag, the word sounding suspiciously like Hannibal's name.

Ah, yes, that was what he wanted to hear, he thought as he drove his tongue into Will more deeply. He not only wanted, but needed to hear that cry of pleasure.

Not just pleasure, but submission. That sound told him that Will was surrendering himself, that the young man beneath him was his, completely his. His to take, his to satisfy, his to do with as he pleased. His to claim, his to own.

Will Graham belonged to him, in a way that no one else ever could. Will was seared into his soul, imprinted on his life, merged irrevocably with him.

Just as he would merge them physically once this was done.

Another thrust of his tongue, then another. Will trembled under him, his body shaking; Hannibal knew that the younger man desperately wanted to come, even needed to, but he wasn't going to allow that to happen. It wasn't time yet.

Of course, there was always the chance that Will couldn't hold back, this his body would betray him and find its release far too soon.

If that happened, then Will would have to be punished, whether he'd deliberately let himself go or not. There had been a line drawn, a command issued. If Will disobeyed, willfully or not, then punishment would be meted out, and he would have to take it.

After a few moments, he drew back, merely licking Will instead of thrusting his tongue inside the younger man. Will moaned again, a husky sound from the back of his throat.

Hannibal smiled at the sound; he hadn't told Will that he couldn't moan, so he wouldn't be punished for making that particular sound. He rather liked it, liked hearing Will vocalize his pleasure, knowing that he had been the cause of it.

And there would be more moaning within the next few minutes.

Oh yes, more moans, and more pleasure. He would finally let Will seek his release -- after he had achieved his own, of course.

Lifting Will's hips slightly, he smiled in satisfaction at the slight grunt that came from the other man's throat. Will had obeyed him; though it couldn't have been easy for him to hold back, he hadn't come yet. He was being a very good boy.

Though he didn't expect Will to hold back for much longer, he thought as he closed his eyes and thrust his hips forward, into the welcoming heat of Will's body.