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Title: Be My Lover
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: R
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


"Is this what you wanted to see, Hannibal?"

Will backed away from the other man, smiling faintly, raising his hands to the buttons at the top of his shirt. Slowly, deliberately, he began to loosen the first button.

Hannibal was staring at him, those dark eyes on him, riveted to his movements. Good. That was exactly what he wanted; he wanted Hannibal rooted to the spot, frozen by lust, immobile with desire, unable to think about anything else but what he was about to reveal.

He'd been a virgin for too long. Maybe he was making a mistake by giving himself to this man, but he didn't care. He was tired of playing it safe.

For once, he was going to reach for what he really wanted. He'd been dreaming of this, dreaming about this. In his dreams, he never chickened out, never turned back. This time, he was going to follow through in reality, not just in his dreams.

Will kept his eyes on Hannibal as he loosened first one button, then the next. It would take him only a few minutes to have his shirt undone.

Then he would shrug it off, and the game would begin.

Or had the game already started? It felt as though it had; Hannibal was watching him like a hungry cat who had cornered a mouse, only this mouse wasn't frightened and cowering in a corner. Not any more. This mouse knew what it wanted, and how to get it.

He'd spent his whole life running away from situations that would put him into intimate contact with others; this time, he was going to walk right into that contact.

Why shouldn't he? It was about time he took the proverbial bull by the horns; he had no reason not to go after what he wanted. Dreaming about it was becoming far too frustrating; it was past time to turn those dreams into reality.

He wanted Hannibal Lecter to be his lover, and he was fairly sure that was what Hannibal wanted, too. In any case, he meant to find out.

Another button was freed, and Will teasingly pulled his shirt open further as his fingers moved down to the next one. Hannibal was watching his hands as if mesmerized; it was as though the other man couldn't force his eyes away from what Will was doing.

Good, Will thought with a satisfied smile. That was just how he'd planned this.

He intended to give Hannibal a good look at what he had to offer -- and then show him exactly what he felt. He was finally going to let all those pent-up emotions run free.

Another button, and he shrugged the shirt off his shoulder, resisting the urge to add a little shimmy to the performance for Hannibal's benefit. But he didn't think that he needed any extras; the other man seemed to be completely fascinated already.

Besides, Will told himself, he would feel ridiculous trying to add any kind of a bump and grind routine. It was hard enough to concentrate on just unbuttoning his shirt.

Who would have thought it was this hard to take off his clothes in front of someone? And this was someone he knew. How did strippers manage to disrobe for strangers?

His fingers were shaking, whether with nervousness or desire, he wasn't sure. But whatever it was, he was having a hard time getting the buttons undone. Or maybe that was just because he was coming to a more critical juncture in this little performance.

The shirt was undone now, and he shrugged it off his shoulders, let it fall down his arms and off. Then he stood looking at Hannibal for a few moments, a challenge in his blue eyes.

There was more to come, but this next part would move more quickly.

Will stepped back again, his hands going to his belt buckle. It only took him a few seconds to have that buckle undone, then he was sliding the belt loose, throwing it aside, all the while keeping his gaze focused on Hannibal's face.

He wanted to see the reaction this got. He wanted to see the look in Hannibal's eyes the first moment that he was Will naked, to see if there was appreciation in those dark depths.

He wanted to see exactly what Hannibal thought of him, of his body. He wanted to read the expression in those eyes, wanted to know exactly what Hannibal was thinking. Of course, that probably wasn't possible, he told himself. Hannibal was good at hiding his emotions.

But Will was fairly sure that this time, he wouldn't be able to keep what he was thinking a secret. What he was thinking would shine through loud and clear.

Slowly, tauntingly, he unbuttoned his jeans, then pulled the zipper down, knowing that his movements were excruciatingly slow. He wanted to keep Hannibal waiting, to draw this out until the very last moment of the unveiling. He wanted to raise the temperature in the room by a few degrees.

Judging by the look on Hannibal's face, he'd succeeded in doing just that.

Finally, Will couldn't wait any longer. He let his jeans slide down his legs, to pool around his ankles before he stepped out of them, one hand on his hip.

"Well, Hannibal?" he asked, his voice low and husky, throaty, seductive, almost a challenge. "What do you think? Do you want me? Do you want to be my lover?" He tilted his head to the side, his blue gaze riveted on the other man's face. "The ball's in your court now."

Hannibal took one step towards him, then another. The look in his eyes had gone from hungry to fiery; Will almost wanted to take a few steps back from him.

But he didn't do so; he stood his ground, not flinching, still gazing into Hannibal's eyes. This was what he'd waited for; the moment that he had dreamed of was here at last. The question hung in the air between them, waiting for Hannibal's answer.

When it came, the older man's voice was guttural, husky, harsh with desire. "Yes, Will, I want to be your lover. Though you may have bitten off more than you can chew."

With that, he reached out to pull Will into his arms.

Will's heart thumped against his rib cage, his blue eyes widening. This was starting to spiral out of control; when had Hannibal taken the reins out of his hands?

Hannibal's mouth was on his, coaxing Will's lips apart, tongue sliding into his mouth, hands moving over bare skin. And too late, Will realized he'd opened a door that wouldn't be easily closed.