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Title: Change Everything
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: R
Author's Note: Sequel to "Never Look Back."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Will's mind reeled; he could hardly believe that Hannibal was kissing him. It didn't seem real; it felt as though he had somehow stepped into one of his erotic dreams, a dream that couldn't possibly come true, a dream that would come to an abrupt end.

Surely he would wake up in just a few seconds and discover that he was alone in his bed, his body covered with a thin sheen of sweat, gasping for air, burning for Hannibal's touch.

But this wasn't a dream. This was stark reality; somehow, his dreams had become real. Hannibal was kissing him, holding his head back, one hand still buried in his hair, the other hand lightly grasping his jaw, the touch seeming to burn into his skin.

Hannibal's tongue was probing his mouth, searching, exploring .... plundering. Will could feel his knees go weak; this kiss was sapping his strength, his will. He wanted to sag against Hannibal, to give himself over to this man in every possible way.

He had already done that, hadn't he? He had been Hannibal from the first time they'd met; he'd felt that rush of desire when Hannibal had smiled and they had shaken hands, a desire that even then had been so strong it had almost made him gasp aloud.

He belonged to Hannibal. There was no denying that fact.

He might try to struggle against it, try to deny it, try to say that this was only infatuation and that he would get over it soon enough. But deep down, he knew that wasn't true. He was hooked on Hannibal; this man was an addiction for him.

An addiction that he didn't want to give up. He didn't care if he would end up being hurt in the long run; he needed to satisfy his desires in any way he could.

He simply hadn't expected to have those desires gratified so quickly. He hadn't really thought that Hannibal wanted him; he had imagined that he would let his emotions spill out, and that Hannibal wold find some polite way to let him down easy.

Yet here he was, in Hannibal's arms, their tongues tangling, the intimacy of the kiss taking his breath away. It didn't seem real, but it was. From what he could discern, it felt as though Hannibal wanted him just as much, that his desire ran just as high.

After what felt like an eternity, they both broke away from the kiss; Will was wide-eyed and panting for breath, Hannibal's lips curing in a satisfied smile.

Will thought he looked like the cat that had swallowed the canary.

"What do you want from me, Will?" Hannibal asked, his voice soft, his gaze riveted on Will. "Where do you want this relationship to go? I will let you know from the beginning -- I'm not interested in a simple one-night stand with you. If we are to be involved, it should last."

Will didn't know what to say; he hadn't thought past his momentary desires. He knew that he wanted more than a one-night stand with Hannibal; he didn't think that he could bear to let this man go after just one night. That wouldn't be nearly enough.

"I want you," he blurted out, shaking his head. "Just you. Whatever you want to give me. As much as you can give me. I just want to be with you. I want you to kiss me and touch me and f-fuck me." The last words came out shakily; it was hard to say them.

"Ah, but it won't just be fucking, Will," Hannibal told him, a slight frown creasing his brow. "I would assume that you would rather make love than simply fuck."

Will nodded, wondering why he had used that particular word. Of course he didn't just want Hannibal to fuck him. That seemed abrupt, cold and clinical. That word carried nothing of the desire he felt for Hannibal; it was crude and base, unworthy of all that he felt.

"I would," Will whispered, unable to look away from that burning gaze.

"You're a virgin, aren't you, Will?" Hannibal continued, his hand moving from Will's jawline down to the tender hollow at the base of his throat. Those long fingers stroked over his skin, making Will shiver in reaction, wishing that hand would keep moving downward.

To his surprise, it did. Within seconds, Hannibal's fingers were circling the hard nubs of his nipples under the fabric of his shirt; Will wished more than anything that his shirt would magically disappear, that Hannibal was touching his bare skin.

He couldn't keep himself from squirming slightly under that touch; he wondered if Hannibal could sense his urgency, his need to be touched. To him, it seemed all too apparent, but then, Hannibal didn't know what his feelings were.

Did Hannibal desire him just as much? And how would he find out if the other man did indeed want him unless he asked? But he couldn't bring himself to do so.

They simply stood there, their gazes locked, as Hannibal's hand moved lower down Will's body, brushing over his belly, finally coming to rest on his hip. Will's breath caught in his throat, his blue eyes widening; Hannibal's hand was so close to where he wanted it to be.

"You didn't answer my question," Hannibal reminded him, arching one eyebrow. "Are you a virgin, Will? This is something that I need to know."

Slowly, Will nodded, swallowing hard.

"Y-yes," he managed to croak, acutely aware of where Hannibal's hand was resting. That hand was lying lightly on his hip, only inches away from his crotch. All he had to do was wriggle slightly, and Hannibal's hand might shift, coming to rest right between his legs ....

And then that hand did move, settling on his crotch, Hannibal's fingers lightly cupping his cock through the fabric of his jeans. Will couldn't hold back a gasp; he blinked rapidly, breathing in through his mouth, his throat suddenly constricted.

How had Hannibal known that he wanted to be touched there? Was there some kind of silent connection between them, some communication that Hannibal picked up on without needing words? Could he really read Will's desires so easily?

Of course he could, Will told himself. Hannibal was a psychiatrist; he was trained to see into people. And he'd been delving into Will's psyche for a while now.

"It's good that you are," Hannibal said softly, bringing Will's mind back to the present moment. "Not that I wouldn't still want you if you were not a virgin, but it's something of an honour to know that you've chosen me to be your first lover."

Chosen? He hadn't actually chosen Hannibal. His attraction to the other man had been a need, a compulsion, something outside of his conscious, rational thought. This was something he needed, desperately, something he had to have.

Again, he could only nod; no words could be forced from his throat.

This was going to change everything between them. If Hannibal was going to become his lover, then their doctor/patient relationship had moved into dangerous waters.

Will didn't want to think about that. He only wanted to concentrate on how Hannibal's hand felt as those fingers tightened slightly; he moaned softly as he felt his body harden in response. Surely Hannibal could feel it, too; his erection was unmistakable.

"I can tell that you want me," Hannibal whispered, leaning closer to Will, those warm lips brushing against the shell of his ear. "I want you too, Will. Very badly."

"So why don't we go upstairs?" Will asked, feeling greatly daring. Maybe this wasn't the right way to go about letting himself be seduced, but he didn't want to stand here in the foyer when they could be in a much more comfortable position.

Hannibal's brows rose; he moved his hand slightly lower, giving Will's balls a gentle squeeze before letting go; his hand in Will's hair loosened at the same time. "My, my. Eager, aren't you?" He shook his head, his lips curving in to a smile. "I suppose that's a good thing."

Of course it was a good thing. How could he not want Hannibal?

How could anyone not want this man? Will had a hard time understanding why Hannibal wasn't already involved with someone -- after all, he was an attractive man. He could probably have anyone he wanted -- yet somehow, Hannibal had chosen him.

Will was determined to make sure that Hannibal never regretted that choice; he wanted to give Hannibal everything that he desired, to make sure that he satisfied Hannibal in every possible way. He would do all that he could to be the perfect lover.

He might not be experience, but Hannibal would teach him. He had no doubt of that. This man would show him all that he needed to know; Hannibal would be his guide into an intimacy that he had never thought he would experience, an intimacy that he didn't want to have with anyone else.

He was standing on the cusp of a whole new world, a world that was opening up to him far more rapidly than he'd hoped it would.

"Come along, Will," Hannibal told him, his hand moving from Will's hair to take his hand, leading him to the stairs that led upwards to Hannibal's bedroom. Will's heart raced; this was where he had always wanted to be, where he'd dreamed of being so many times.

This night was going to change everything for him. His entire life would be transformed; tomorrow morning, he would look at the world in an entirely different light. Taking a deep breath, Will followed Hannibal up the stairs, letting the other man lead him to his fate.