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Title: Claiming the Prize
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: NC-17
Table: 3, narrative_x_10
Prompt: Story 02
Author's Note: Sequel to "Unconditional Surrender."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


This was exactly where he wanted Will to be.

Hannibal smiled down at the young man, knowing well how Will was feeling. He wanted this, needed it, but at the same time, he was hesitant, not knowing what to do next. Well, he didn't need to do anything. His lover would lead the way.

He wanted Will writhing and crying beneath him before much longer, surrendering himself completely to his desires, begging for more. Hannibal had no doubt that was the reaction he would get; Will was going to belong to him completely by the time this night was over.

Will already belonged to him, he thought with an inward smile. But after tonight, his young lover would have no doubts in his mind about that.

Slowly, carefully, he let his fingers slide out of Will; the boy was ready for more than that. He could tell by the way Will was gazing at him, by the hunger in his expression. He had never seen Will look so beautiful -- or so utterly desirable.

He was beautiful, this young man he had taken to his bed.

So beautiful, so sensual, and so willing. He would never have thought to see Will Graham like this when they had first met; then, Will had barely been able to look at him, never making eye contact. He still had a hard time doing that at times.

But now, Will was looking at him, directly at him, with all the desire in the world shining in those bright blue eyes. He had no doubt that Will wanted him, that his desire was at a point where it could no longer be held back in any way.

He knew exactly how he wanted to take Will this first time; he wanted to be able to gaze into those incredible sapphire eyes, to see Will's reactions to every movement. He wanted to see every expression on that beautiful face, to drink in Will's pleasure.

And, of course, he wanted to take his own pleasure in the knowledge that he finally had what he'd wanted ever since his first meeting with Will.

He could hear Will's ragged breaths, growing more pronounced with each moment.

"Shhh, my sweet, patience," he said softly, reaching out to brush the damp curls back from Will's face. "It will only be a few moments more, and then you'll have what you desire." And what I desire, as well, he thought to himself.

There were no barriers between them now, no reason for him to hold himself back. He could take what he wanted, and he knew that Will wouldn't object. But he also had to tread carefully, to set the stage for what would happen between them in the future.

He couldn't simply take his pleasure without any thought as to how Will felt. He had to make this first time extraordinary, to keep Will coming back for more.

Hannibal had no doubt of his ability to do that; he was confident that tonight would snare Will, bring the boy to his side for good. Will would keep coming back after tonight; there would be no way that he could resist, no way that he could keep himself from falling.

Perhaps he had already fallen, and this was merely the proof.

His eagerness, his insistence on losing his virginity now, tonight, was proof that he trusted Hannibal, and nothing more than that was needed. Hannibal was more than ready for this night, and it pleased him that Will was finally at this point.

He didn't take his eyes from the young man's face as he lubed himself; Will was watching him, those blue eyes widening as they focused on Hannibal's cock. He was sure that he knew what Will was thinking -- that he was too large, too intimidating.

"Don't worry, my sweet," he said softly, feeling that he had to attempt to quell any fears that Will might have. "The pain will only last for a mere second."

Will nodded slowly, swallowing hard. It was obvious that he was having second thoughts, but Hannibal had no intention of letting those thoughts take him over. They had come too far tonight to turn back now; there was no path leading back to where they had begun.

The only way from here was forward.

Will had made his choice, and Hannibal didn't intend to let him turn away from it. There would be certain consequences if he tried to do so, consequences that Hannibal didn't want to think about. No, Will mustn't be allowed to give in to any fears he might have.

He leaned forward, pressing a kiss to Will's parted lips. At once, he could feel the young man's body relax; perhaps all Will had needed was that bit of reassurance.

Slowly, gently, he pushed Will's knees up towards his chest, spreading his thighs slightly. Only a few moments more, and he would be exactly where he wanted to be, breaching all of Will's defense, battering through any walls he might attempt to put up.

Hannibal pressed himself against Will's entrance, keeping his gaze fixed on the young man's face. "Touch me, Will," he said, his voice not loud, but firm and demanding. Hesitantly, Will complied, reaching up to wind his arms around Hannibal's neck.

As Will's grasp on him tightened, Hannibal thrust his hips forward.

Will cried out as Hannibal entered him, and Hannibal's own gasp of surprise was added to the sound. He couldn't believe how hot Will was; it was as though he was immersed in a searing heat that burned from the inside out, a heat that he hadn't expected.

But it didn't take long for his head to clear from that first unexpected sensation; within moments, he had worked up a steady rhythm thrusting deeply inside Will, then slowly pulling almost the way out, only to thrust in again harder and deeper.

Will's body rose to meet his, those slim hips answering his own, their bodies moving together in a natural, primitive rhythm as old as time itself.

Hannibal wanted to close his eyes, to revel in the sensations, but he couldn't take his eyes from Will's face. It was as though the young man beneath him was transformed by their coupling from a beautiful man into the most exquisite creature that Hannibal had ever beheld.

He knew in that moment that he could never let Will go.

There would be no letting Will Graham out of the web he had spun for the young man to become entangled in. He had thought that he could simply use Will until he tired of him, but now he knew that somehow, this beautiful boy had become a part of him.

Will belonged to him in every possible way; nothing would ever induce him to give this up, to let this young man out of his life. Will was his, and always would be.

Anyone else who tried to stake a claim on him, anyone else who even showed a glimmer of interest, would be speedily dispatched. Will was claimed, taken; no one else had the right to so much as consider that he could be theirs.

There had never been such a coupling, not in his experience; no one he had ever been with before had been as perfect for him as Will was. This was their destiny, their design; they were meant to be, from the moment of their first meeting until time immemorial.

Will was his, and he was Will's. The way that it should be.

One more thrust, then another -- and he was pouring himself into Will, flying through the stars at the speed of light, barely able to catch his breath. Dimly, he heard Will cry out, felt the slender body under his own jerk, and knew that Will had also found his release.

Hannibal wanted to collapse on top of the young man, but he didn't; instead, he braced one hand on the pillow, then reached out the other to stroke Will's cheek, gazing into those blue eyes, taking in the dazed expression on Will's features.

"You are mine, Will," he whispered. "Mine. Not just for tonight, but for all time. You belong to me, in every way possible. We will explore the heights of what we have just begun to discover tonight. Together. For tonight, and for all time."

He couldn't keep back a smile of satisfaction as Will nodded, confirming his words without speaking a single syllable himself.

This was what he had always wanted, and more, what he had always needed. He had scaled the heights, and he had no intention of ever coming down now that he had found them. He had ventured to the highest peak, planted his flag, and claimed his prize.

A prize that he intended to enjoy for a very long time to come.