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Title: A Little Bit Closer
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: PG-13
Table: Big Bang Inspirations, tv_universe
Prompt: Come a little bit closer
Author's Note: Sequel to "Man Behind the Mask."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Hannibal leaned back in his chair, steepling his fingers under his chin thoughtfully. He had some time before Will wold be here, and he needed to think about just what he intended to happen between them tonight. He hadn't made up his mind yet.

Would he send Will on his way home, telling him that they needed to spend a night or two apart? Or would he take the young man into his bed again?

He would really prefer the latter, but he had a disconcerting feeling that this relationship was moving far too fast. Will was irresistible, that was true, but he was also a danger to Hannibal. He couldn't afford to let Will get too close, to let him see too much.

Yet, at the same time, he wanted Will to move closer to him.

Since Will had come into his life, he'd discovered a new zest for living, one that he'd thought had deserted him long ago. Maybe all it had taken to bring that feeling back was finding someone who suited him perfectly, someone who made his heart race and his senses tingle.

No one had done that for a very long time. Will Graham was indeed a treasure, one to be savored and fully enjoyed. He had done that last night, savoring Will's beautiful body as he'd taken him, not once but twice, throwing caution to the winds.

He hadn't realized when he was stripping Will's clothes off that the boy was a virgin; that fact had been yet another enticement, a pleasant discovery.

He hadn't really thought before that he could have Will. He had considered the sexual tension between them something that would always go unresolved, something that would tickle at the edges of his senses but that would never be fulfilled.

He had never expected Will to offer himself in the way he had.

Oh, he'd thought about the possibility, even dreamed about it. But he had never thought that he would have Will in his arms, in his bed, and be given the freedom to do anything he wanted to that delectable body. It had been a very pleasant surprise.

Taking Will last night had made him feel powerful, and he had missed that feeling lately. He had only been able to capture that feeling recently when he had killed, and even that was beginning to feel stagnant. Will had brought light back into his life, pushing the darkness away.

Of course, he always felt more comfortable in that darkness -- but something about Will made him want to walk into the light. He knew that he could never remain there; it wasn't his nature. But to spend time there with Will brought a new dimension to his existence.

Will excited him, challenged him, and made him feel alive. His desire for the young man only flared higher each time they were together.

Last night had been a night to remember, for both of them.

Perhaps he had gone too far in some ways. When he had left the bed this morning, he had almost felt a bit remorseful for the bruises he had left on Will's slender body; he didn't know how Will would react when he awoke and discovered them.

But Will hadn't seemed to even notice those bruises this morning, when they'd been in the kitchen together. Perhaps he was discovering a side to his young lover that he'd never thought existed; Will had actually seemed to enjoy it when he was rough.

That had been something completely unexpected. And it gave him the freedom to experiment further with Will, to see just how far he could go before the boy pulled back.

No, he wouldn't push that far -- he didn't want Will to back away from him, or to become skittish of their new relationship. What he wanted was for the boy to move closer, even if it was in small steps, just a little bit closer at a time, until he was right where Hannibal wanted him to be.

Last night had been a wonderful start.

Will had been much more responsive than Hannibal had expected; he probably had those years of pent-up sexuality that needed to be released. And he had been so needy; Hannibal had been delighted to discover that need, and to assuage it.

Will had been coming a little bit closer in small baby steps, just a few inches at a time. Last night had been a huge leap forward; Will had come to his bed much sooner than Hannibal had thought he would, and the result had been incredible.

The sex had been amazing, in spite of the fact that Will had been a virgin and unsure of what to do. Perhaps that fact had only made it better.

Will had let himself be led, which was again something that Hannibal hadn't expected. He had thought that the boy would balk, that he would pull away from some of the things Hannibal had done. But he had accepted them all, and even seemed to enjoy them.

Will was much more malleable than he'd expected. Again, that was a good thing.

He had thoroughly enjoyed their time in bed -- and he was fairly sure that Will had, as well. Not that Will's enjoyment meant much to him; it was good if the boy felt pleasure, because that would keep him coming back for more. But it wasn't Hannibal's goal.

His goal was to discover the chinks in Will's armor, to find out how his young lover could be manipulated. It had been almost pathetically easy to do that.

Will might think that he kept his walls fortified, but last night, they had come tumbling down under Hannibal's physical assault. So that had been the way all along to bring those protections that Will kept to tightly wrapped around himself to the ground, he thought with a wry smile.

Who would have known that the way to discovering Will's weaknesses was through sex? If he had realized that, he would have seduced the boy long before he did. Will wold have been in his bed almost from the first moment they had met.

Though probably not. That wouldn't really have presented a challenge.

That was one of the things he enjoyed the most about Will, he reflected. The young man challenged him; he wasn't easy to predict, or easy to overwhelm.

But once he had Will in bed, those walls had come down so speedily that Hannibal could almost believe they had never been there. Will had begged for more, begged him not to stop; he'd inadvertently shown Hannibal the way into his soul.

Yes, Will had taken several steps closer to him last night, unconsciously inviting Hannibal into his world, into his very soul. He probably didn't realize just how dangerous that could be, and Hannibal didn't intend to enlighten him on that score.

Will would keep taking those small steps closer to him, moving a little bit closer at a time, until he belonged to Hannibal in every way.

And once he did, then Hannibal would begin sowing the seeds of his destruction.

That would be a pity, really, he thought with a sigh. Perhaps he would hold off on that for quite a while; after all, once he had groomed Will to be exactly what he wanted, it wouldn't do to deprive himself of his plaything too soon, before he'd had the chance to enjoy it fully.

Hannibal smiled as the sound of the doorbell reverberated through the house. Ah, that would be Will, arriving here after a long day at work. He would enjoy taking their relationship even further tonight, and bringing Will a little bit closer to him, one small step at a time.