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Title: Connection
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note :Sequel to "Pitting the Cherry."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Being inside Will was unlike anything he had ever known.

Hannibal closed his eyes, wrapping one arm around Will's slender waist and thrusting his hips forward into that tight, molten heat, moaning as he did so.

He had known that being with Will would be pleasurable. He had expected that. But he hadn't realized just how much pleasure he would derive from their coupling.

Being inside Will's body felt as though he was finally in the place where he had always belonged; he felt a sense of completion that nothing else in his life had ever given him. He had come home; he had found the one person who could make him feel whole. The one person who made him feel human.

The realization came as something of a shock to him; his rhythm faltered for just a moment before his hips thrust forward again, burying himself even deeper in Will's heat.

This was what he had always wanted, and never found; this closeness, this melding with another person that seemed to go far beyond the physical.

He and Will had a connection that went far deeper than merely sharing their bodies.

Was it love? Hannibal didn't know the answer to that; he wasn't sure what love was, or if it was an emotion he could allow himself to feel. He didn't understand love.

But this was more than the mere friendship he had wanted to have with Will. Oh, yes, this went far beyond friendship. It had always been more than that. Now, they were lovers in the physical sense, even if he wasn't sure just where their emotions would lead them.

Will's hands clutched at the sheets as Hannibal thrust into him again; without thinking, Hannibal took those hands in his own, holding them above Will's head.

Will cried out, pushing back against him, struggling a little.

The younger man's movements seemed to set something free within Hannibal; he could feel another wave of desire wash over him, making him feel .... primitive.

He sped up his rhythm, thrusting faster and harder into Will, until he knew that they were both close to the precipice, ready to fling themselves off that edge. Only a few more moments now, and they would find their release together, their bodies in tandem in a way that he'd never known before.

Only Will could make him feel this way, Hannibal thought as he reached that peak, his body shaking and spasming as he felt his orgasm take him over.

Will's release came only seconds after his own; it was a triumph to hear the young man cry out and feel his muscles tighten, to feel Will's pleasure as acutely as his own.

He spilled himself into the young man beneath him, letting his body relax on top of Will's. Hannibal didn't know how long he lay there, lost in the afterglow of pleasure that surrounded them, before he finally rolled to his side and pulled Will into his arms, then rolled back on top of the other man.

He wanted Will again, as soon as possible. But he knew that he had to let their bodies recuperate from that intensity that they'd just experienced.

And, of course, Will needed time to assimilate what had just happened.

He himself needed time to recover from the intensity of their lovemaking. He had been with other men before, of course, but this had been a completely new experience for him.

Was it because he cared about Will more than he had about anyone, male or female, that he'd ever been with in the physical sense? Was he falling in love with this young man? Hannibal wasn't sure just what kind of emotions now swirled within him, or what they meant.

Love wasn't something he'd thought would come to him. He knew that he felt an affection for Will, but was it strong enough to be called love?

That was a question that he couldn't answer, at least not now.

For the moment, it was enough to lie here with Will in his arms and know that he had made a connection. After being alone for so long, he finally felt connected to someone.

He hadn't expected this. He'd thought that what happened between them was going to be purely physical, with no more involvement than their bodies melding with each other.

Lying here with Will held close against his heart, it was easy to contemplate love. But he knew that it was something he'd have to think about long and hard to ascertain whether or not it was true. He'd lived without love for so long that he wasn't even sure how it felt.

But if this was love, then he would ease himself into it, and he wouldn't turn away from it. Perhaps things could work between the two of them.

Hannibal closed his eyes, brushing a kiss across the top of Will's head. He didn't want to think about the future at the moment. He wanted to luxuriate in the present.

A present that was eminently satisfying.

He'd known that their first time making love would be incredible. He'd known that he would enjoy Will to the fullest, and that he would want them to be intimate again.

What he hadn't expected was this overpowering urge to hold WIll and protect him from any harm, to keep this young man close to his heart. He hadn't expected to want to say three little words to him, words that would come out in a whisper yet would be as heartfelt as though he'd shouted them to the universe.

Was he in love? Was that possible? This wasn't the time to ruminate on the subject, Hannibal told himself. This was the time to enjoy what he'd found, to hold it close to his heart and treasure it.

If this connection he'd made was love, then he wanted to enjoy every moment.