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Title: Dizzy With Desire
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: NC-17
Table: writers_choice
Prompt: #167, Dizzy
Author's Note: Sequel to "Hungry For More."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Will squirmed as his blue gaze met Hannibal's in the mirror; even though they weren't looking directly into each other's eyes, it was still hard for him to maintain the contact. It was too close, too personal. it felt even more intimate than Hannibal's hands on his body.

Oh, those hands. They were doing strange things to his emotions.

It was amazing how a physical touch could make his emotions feel as though they were on a careening roller coaster. He was going from one extreme to the other; desire, to fear, to need, to apprehension, then back to desire again.

And there were at least a hundred, no, a thousand, feelings in between those. He didn't know which one was going to come out on top.

At the moment, it felt like desire was the strongest. He wasn't sure of that, though. The fear was coming on fast, but he pushed it down, tried to slam a door on it. This was what he wanted, what he had always wanted. He wasn't going to screw it up by being scared.

He had asked for this. And he was going to follow through.

Those hands were also doing things to his body, just by touching his skin. Nothing had ever made him feel like this before; it was as though he was burning, ready to jump out of his skin.

He would do that, if it meant being closer to Hannibal. this was all he wanted, all he had ever wanted. Just to be with this man, to be held, to be touched. Though, to be honest, this hadn't been exactly the way he had pictured their first coupling.

His eyes met Hannibal's in the mirror, watching the other man breathlessly, waiting to see just what he would do, where those marvelous hands would go.

He was almost panting, dizzy with desire, wanting to be touched. He had no idea what Hannibal would do; he was uncertain as to whether he would lose his virginity here, in front of a mirror, watching as he was taken. That would feel .... odd.

But it would be exciting at the same time, Will told himself, his inner voice just as breathless as he would be if he had the strength to vocalize those words.

Hannibal's hands were now resting on his hips.

"What do you want, William?" he asked, his voice soft and seductive. "Do you want me to be inside you? Do you want me to touch you? Hmmm? What is your pleasure? What is your desire? Whatever it is, I'm sure that I can manage to accommodate it."

Will swallowed hard, his tongue feeling too thick in his mouth to answer. His pleasure? Hie desire? He was being asked what he wanted?

He didn't know what he wanted, other than for Hannibal to touch him. that touch was all he wanted, all he desired, all that he could desire. There was nothing else but Hannibal's touch, Hannibal's hands on him. That was all that mattered.

And Hannibal inside him. Hannibal taking him, Hannibal making him his in the physical sense. Yes. That was what he wanted. And needed.

Hannibal had to know that he wanted it. These questions were just a prelude; Hannibal would end up doing whatever he wanted to do. After all, Will was bound; Hannibal had him prisoner. Hannibal had the upper hand here, and they both knew it.

Slowly, Will closed his eyes, weighing his words before he spoke.

"I want you to do whatever you want," he finally said, his voice a mere whisper. "I want you to take me. I want you to touch me. I want you to have me."

Hannibal nodded, Will's words obviously pleasing him, judging by the look on his face and the small smile that hovered on the corners of his lips. "Very well, Will. You will have what you desire. And I will also have what I desire of you."

Will nodded, knowing that Hannibal was right; they would each get what they wanted out of this. His eyes flow open as Hannibal's hands moved lower; one hand cupped his balls, the other closed around his cock, starting to stroke him gently.

Those hands were incredibly soft, yet strong and firm. Their warmth sent tremors racing through him; if he wasn't careful, he would come from this touch alone.

He couldn't hold back a gasp, his hips jerking forward in reaction.

One hand squeezed his balls gently, then moved upwards, gliding over his bare hip, then up his stomach. Will gasped again as those long, cool fingers traced circles around his navel before moving to his chest, those fingertips circling each nipple slowly, seductively.

Then Hannibal was letting go of his cock, raising that other hand to his chest and tweaking his nipples, twisting them almost painfully.

Will moaned softly, his hips bucking forward again; he wanted Hannibal's hand back on his cock, stroking him to completion, but he knew that his lover had other things in mind. That was obvious, considering what his hands were doing now.

He had never realized that his nipples could be so sensitive, never known that they possessed such a world of pleasurable possibilities.

Hannibal was bringing out the pleasure now, tweaking his nipples until they were a deep, dusky rose, each pebbled nub throbbing under his fingertips. Will cried out when Hannibal finally brushed his fingertips across each peak, then moved his hands down again.

This time, those hands rested on his hips, stroking his skin.

"I won't ask if that felt good, my lovely," he breathed into Will's ear. "I can tell that it did from your reaction. That was exactly what I wanted to see, Will."

"Ex-exactly?" Will stammered, finding that hard to believe. He couldn't think that his reactions were all that Hannibal wanted; surely this man had been with others who were much more satisfactory than him, others who'd had more experience.

"Yes, exactly," Hannibal whispered, his breath warm against Will's skin. "Seeing you squirm with desire and hearing you moan my name is very exciting, my dear."

Will could only nod, his gaze meeting Hannibal's in the mirror. His own reactions had surprised him; he'd thought that when Hannibal touched him, he would be unable to hold himself back, but his body was still under control. Though at this point, only barely.

He wanted Hannibal to keep touching him, until he cried out and couldn't hold back any longer. He wanted to stay this dizzy with desire, with anticipation.

He wanted everything that this man could give him. And he wanted it now.

Hannibal's fingers curled around his cock again, stroking very deliberately from the engorged tip to the thickness of the base. His other hand slipped between Will's thighs, not to cup his balls this time, but to stroke his fingers over Will's tender opening.

He wanted to yelp, to whimper, to move away from those questing fingers. But he did none of those things; instead, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

And he spread his legs slightly, holding his breath, waiting for the moment when those fingers would slip inside him. He hoped that Hannibal would make use of some lube before that happened; he didn't want one single of moment of this to hurt in any way.

But even if he didn't, maybe that wouldn't really matter.

Maybe he would feel so much pleasure that a moment of pain wouldn't register. That was what he hoped for, anyway, though he didn't know what would happen.

He was dizzy with desire, dizzy with need, dizzy with wanting. He didn't know just what Hannibal planned to do, but he was drawing the suspense out, making Will shudder with need, making him want to cry out Hannibal's name and beg to be touched.

He strained against the scarves that bound his wrists, managing a soft moan before his head was turned to the side and any sound was smothered by Hannibal's lips on his.