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Title: Please Don't Leave
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: PG-13
Table: 1drabble
Prompt: 1, Clouds
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue. soar


"Will, you look like a thundercloud," Hannibal told him, the corners of his mouth turning down in a frown. "I don't know what you could be so upset about, so you had better tell me. If it's anything that I've done, then we can talk it through."

Will didn't want to talk it through. He wanted to rage, and then cry on Hannibal's shoulder -- and beg his lover not to leave. Was it so wrong of him to want to cling to the man he loved, the man he needed more than he had ever needed anything in his life?

Of course he was wrong. He didn't have the right to hold Hannibal back.

If taking this job in California was what Hannibal needed, then he should go. And if his leaving destroyed Will's life, then that was just collateral damage, he told himself. He didn't have the right to think he mattered that much in the grand scheme of Hannibal's future.

But he wanted to matter. He wanted to feel as though he meant just as much to Hannibal as his lover meant to him.

He needed to feel that he was important, that he held some place in Hannibal's life. He didn't want to think that he could be easily tossed aside and forgotten; he wanted to think that he was important to Hannibal, that the other man didn't want to leave him behind.

That probably wasn't the truth. Hannibal probably needed to find a way to end their relationship calmly and completely, and taking a job far away from Will was an easy way to do so. He was trying to let Will down easy. Will thought he should be grateful for that.

But how was he supposed to feel grateful when it felt as though his entire world was coming to an end? It was simply too much to ask.

Sighing, he finally managed to turn his gaze to Hannibal, knowing that he had to face his lover before he could say the words that needed so desperately to come out. "I don't want you to take that job," he said, his voice a cracked whisper. "Please don't leave."

Hannibal's lips curved into a smile, one that made Will's heart skip a beat.

"Will, you didn't really think that I was going to take that job, did you?" Hannibal asked him, leaning forward and resting a hand on his shoulder. "I declined this afternoon, with a phone call. I wasn't going to simply go away and leave you here."

Will wanted to scream for joy, to jump up and run around, to dance and sing. Hannibal wasn't leaving him. Hannibal was staying here. Suddenly, the dark clouds that had seemed to consume his day melted away, leaving only happiness in their wake.