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Title: Dress You Up
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: PG-13
Table: narrative_x_10
Prompt: Story 02
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Hannibal glanced towards the bedroom door, waiting for Will to get out of the shower and come back into the room. He had plans for this evening, and he wanted to have time to carry them out.

He had decided this afternoon that he was tired of seeing Will looking like a scarecrow, when the young man could look so much better if Hannibal took him in hand. So he had decided to do so, and he was accepting not arguments from Will.

Will really could be utterly lovely if he would just make an effort to look better, Hannibal told himself firmly. He wasn't changing anything about Will; he was merely helping the young man to emphasize his obvious assets. No one else seemed to see them, so Hannibal was going to bring them out.

Of course, if anyone so much as looked at Will the wrong way, he would unsheath his claws.

Will Graham was his. No one else was going to take what was his; they could look, but if anyone so much as tried to touch, or to seduce Will away from him, they would discover that they had made a very dangerous enemy indeed.

Ah, the shower was being turned off. Will would be stepping out of the porcelain tub now, reaching for a towel to dry off and wrap it around his nude body ....

Hannibal pushed his thoughts away from the direction they were taking with a wistful sigh. He didn't need to think about Will being naked; if he did, then they would both invariably end up in that state, and they wold never make it out to the opera.

Not that Will actually wanted to go, he thought with a frown. But he had made his young lover promise to accompany him tonight. That was part of his plan.

He was going to transform Will tonight.

Everyone was used to seeing Will as a scruffy, badly-dressed young man who wore thick glasses and was never looked at twice. Tonight, Will was going to be shown off as the beauty that he was. Everyone would be looking at him -- and envying Hannibal.

He had every intention of turning his lover from the proverbial ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Of course, Will was far from ugly; he had always been beautiful, and Hannibal had seen that potential from the first time he'd laid eyes on the boy.

It was a good thing that no one else had really bothered to take a closer look at Will, he told himself as he waited patiently for the young man to come into the room. That would make this much easier; Will would have no idea just how good he could look.

Or maybe he did, Hannibal mused. Maybe he knew that he was beautiful, and simply didn't want too many peopel to look at him too closely.

After all, Will was a man who valued his privacy and isolation. He clung to them as though they were a barrier between himself and the rest of the world.

But tonight, he would be drawn out of that isolation, whether he wanted to be or not.

Tonight, Will Graham would become the butterfly emerging from the protective chrysalis. Everyone around him would see him for the beauty that he was. Hannibal wanted Will to be admired, wanted his full potential to be seen, recognized and appreciated.

Will walked into the bedroom wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his slender waist, and Hannibal could feel his mouth go dry. The boy was absolutely gorgeous.

Why hadn't anyone taken note of his looks before? Will had a beautiful body, though he wore clothes that seemed to deliberately play down the fact that he was beautifully proportioned -- slender waist, curving hips, long legs, muscular biceps.

Not too muscular, though. He was slender and fragile, with the kind of body that Hannibal liked. There wasn't much about Will that he didn't like.

He had a face that could launch many more than a thousand ships.

Will had such wonderful bone structure, Hannibal mused as he studied the young man. High cheekbones, an angular jawline, a heart-shaped face. How was it that no one had ever seemed to notice the beauty of those big blue eyes and those perfectly shaped lips?

Well, apparently, no one had. And it was up to him to see that Will was transformed from the shell he hid himself away in to the stunning bird of paradise that he was capable of being.

He gestured towards the tuxedo lying on the bed, ready for Will to put it on. "We have to get ready, Will," he told the young man, barely restraining his impatience to see Will in that tux. "It would be terribly rude for us to show up late -- and we won't be allowed in once it starts."

"Okay, okay." Was it his imagination, or did Will sound as though he was grumbling a bit? Hannibal couldn't keep from frowing at the petulance in Will's voice. It was obvious that this wasn't his idea of a good time, but Hannibal was going to be insistent.

He didn't particularly care if Will didn't want to go to the opera. He was going to be there, and Hannibal was going to show him off. That was all there was to it.

If Will didn't like it, that was just too bad. He would have to deal with an evening of culture.

"I've wanted to dress you up for a while now, and get you out of those terrible clothes you always wear," he said softly, in an attempt to restore Will's good humor. You really are extensively easy on the eyes, Will. I would like for more people to be able to appreciate that fact."

Will sighed softly, moving to the bed and letting the towel fall to the floor. "I know you would, Hannibal. And I do appreciate the thought. I'm just not comfortable with dressing up."

Hannibal's breath caught in his throat at the sight of that gorgeous body bared to his gaze. He couldn't keep his eyes off Will; he let his hungry gaze roam from the sloping shoulders, to the small waist, to the luscious curves of Will's bottom.

A bottom that he desperately wanted to touch. To feel. To be inside.

No, that would have to wait until later, he told himself sternly. He had made plans for this evening, and one moment of lust couldn't be allowed to turn him aside from them. Tonight, the world would see Will Graham transformed, and they would not forget the sight.

He wanted everyone around them, everyone Will knew, to envy Hannibal for what he had. Will belonged to him; that would be obvious from the pride he would take in showing the young man off to the world. And everyone would know that this boy was his possession.

Still, it was hard to keep his thoughts from turning towards the erotic, especially when Will was standing there naked, pulling on his boxers before getting into the tuxedo.

It was hard to make himself turn away from the sight of that beautiful bare body; he almost sighed in regret when Will shrugged into the white shirt and pulled on the black pants. He hated to see such beauty covered, but he would uncover it later tonight.

He wouldn't forget how Will had looked, either. And that memory would only fuel his desire.

Will turned towards him, tucking the bottom of his shirt into the black pants, then smoothing the waistline. "You're going to have to tie the tie for me," he said with a laugh. "I suck at that."

"I don't mind helping out a bit," Hannibal said with a smile, stepping forward to work at the tie. He breathed in deeply, gratified that Will had worn the aftershave he'd recommended. It showed that the boy was starting to defer to him, which was a good thing.

"I'm guessing you like that better than the stuff that smells like it has a ship on the bottle," Will said, raising his brows, laughter lurking in his tone. "I think I like it better, too. So you've talked me into wearing a higher class of cologne. But you won't get me to dress up all the time."

"As long as I can dress you up on some special occasions, then I will be satisfied," Hannibal answered, adjusting Will's tie and stepping back. "There. That should do."

"Thanks." Will's glance went to the mirror, his eyes widening in surprise.

Did he really not realize how beautiful he was? Hannibal could hardly believe that, but he supposed ti was true. Will wasn't the kind of man who spent time looking in mirrors unless he had to; he wasn't vain in the slightest. It was one of the things Hannibal liked most about him.

Will didn't seem to have much of an ego, and he liked that. It made him that much less sure of himself, that much easier to manipulate and control. As long as he remained that way, then Hannibal would be happy. If he began to pull back, then he would have to be taught a lesson.

"You look stunning, Will," he said, keeping his voice as soft as a caress. "I will be proud to escort you to the opera tonight. Everyone there will envy me."

He had to hold back a smile when Will blushed and looked down.

"I think that might be the other way around," he answered, his voice soft and a little breathless. "I've seen you in a tux before, but I don't think I appreciated just how good you looked all dressed up." He lifted his head, his eyes meeting Hannibal's, his voice almost a challenge. "But I prefer you naked."

"I prefer you unclothed as well," Hannibal answered, trying to ignore the heat that was gathering in his loins. This wasn't the time to think about sex. "But that will have to wait for another time."

"Let's hope this evening won't last too long, then," Will said, heaving a resigned sigh. "Because right now, I just want to get back here and strip out of this monkey suit."

"You make a very attractive monkey," Hannibal said with a soft laugh. If that was how Will wished to think of himself, then so be it. But he looked wonderful; Hannibal was glad he'd thought of doing this. All eyes would be on Will tonight -- just the way he wanted it.

His own eyes would never stray far from the young man at his side.

He had plans for what would happen at the opera tonight. They had a private box, one that he was sure would give them all the screening that he would need. Will wouldn't be focusing on the opera once Hannibal put that plan into motion -- and he could hardly wait for the lights to go down.

Hannibal led the way down the stairs to the foyer, turning to watch Will descend the last few steps after him. In the tuxedo, the white shirt gleaming against the black coat, with the thick glasses gone and his dark curls brushed back, Will looked unbelievably handsome.

Oh yes, he was very glad that he had decided to dress Will up tonight. This would be an evening that they wold both remember for a long time -- and perhaps it would be repeated in the future. Opening the door, he held out a hand to Will, ready for the night to begin.