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Title: Easy on the Eyes
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: PG-13
Table: Big Bang Inspirations, tv_universe
Prompt: Easy on the Eyes
Author's Note: Sequel to Dress You Up.
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Hannibal couldn't help watching Will as the two of them entered the opera house; it was hard not to feast his eyes on such beauty. He knew that everyone else would shortly be watching Will, as well, and he intended to discover just who looked the hardest.

He wanted people to see the beautiful man he was with and envy him, but he didn't want anyone to get any ideas about having Will for their own.

Will Graham belonged to him. No one else would touch his boy; if they so much as looked at him the wrong way, they could very well find themselves being part of the contents of Hannibal's freezer. And they would richly deserve that fate.

Anyone who coveted what Hannibal had didn't deserve to live.

No one would ever have Will, he told himself, placing a possessive hand at the small of the other man's back as they paused near the front doors. They could look, but they would never possess. Will was his. No one else would ever touch him.

He could already see the appreciative looks being thrown their way; he really wasn't surprised at that. Will was a lovely man, even in his disguise of glasses, razor stubble, and ill-fitting clothes. Now that he had cleaned up a bit, he was beyond attractive. He was stunning.

Will wasn't really reacting to the way that people were looking at him, but maybe he hadn't realized yet that he was being stared at. Hannibal glanced at him -- and realized that Will's cheeks were pink, suffused with a blush of embarrassment.

Interesting. He hadn't expected Will to be embarrassed by the attention. He had thought that the young man would simply ignore it.

Instead, Will was acting as though no one had ever looked at him before.

"Hannibal, everybody's staring at me," Will whispered, his tone conveying the embarrassment he obviously felt. "What's wrong with me? Is my hair all messed up? Do I have something on my face?" He almost sounded frantic, as if he was worried about what others thought of him.

Hannibal shook his head, the pressure of his hand at the small of Will's back increasing. "No, there's nothing wrong," he said, keeping his tone soothing. "They're merely admiring you, Will. You are a beautiful man, you know. Even if you don't often let it show."

"Me? Beautiful?" Will laughed, shaking his head. "I think you must be thinking about the wrong guy. I'm not ugly, but I'm a far cry from beautiful. I wouldn't even say I'm all that attractive. I"m just .... okay. I kind of tend to melt into the background."

"You could never do that," Hannibal said softly, "even in your horrible clothes, unshaven, and wearing those glasses. People notice you, Will. They simply don't remember you, because you deliberately try to make yourself unmemorable."

"Yeah, I guess I do," Will admitted, looking somewhat shamefaced. "But it's because I don't like people to get too close to me. I don't want them to remember me."

Hannibal laughed softly, shaking his head as he faced Will.

"Tonight, that is going to change," he said, his voice still very soft. "After this evening, everyone who sees you will remember you, Will. And the people who already knew you will wonder why they didn't remember you before. They're finally seeing you as you truly are."

"How can you be so sure that you know who I am?" Will countered, raising his brows and crossing his arms over his chest. "You know me better than anybody else does, Hannibal, but you don't know everything about me. Not even close."

"I realize that," Hannibal admitted, even though he didn't like saying the words. "But as you said, I know you better than anyone else does. "And I believe that I've started to discover what makes you tick. I am still pulling back layers, but I will eventually find the core of you."

He could see from the expression on Will's face that his words had hit home, and that the young man in front of him knew that he was speaking the truth.

"You are extensively easy on the eyes, Will, whether you are in glasses and horrible clothes, or in a tuxedo," he murmured, not taking his gaze from the other man's face. "And tonight, everyone around us will realize that fact. It's past time that they did so."

Will looked around a little furtively, his blush intensifying.

"Aren't you afraid that somebody's going to try to flirt with me?" he asked, his voice very soft. "I doubt you'd like that. And honestly, I wouldn't either. I don't want people to notice me, Hannibal. It's why I always try to look .... innocuous. To blend in."

"You are far too striking a person to simply 'blend in' all the time," Hannibal said, his voice a little sharp. "This is the night for you to shine, Will," he continued, his tone softening. "I want you to do that. I want people to realize what a lovely man you are."

Will nodded, though he still didn't seem convinced. Hannibal supposed that it was hard for him to simply cast off the image that he had of himself in so short a time.

But he would make sure that Will managed to do it; he wasn't going to have the man who was his lover seeing himself in an unattractive light. After all, Hannibal would only have the best in his bed -- and how could someone who thought of himself as unattractive be considered the best?

Yes, he had to change the way that Will saw himself. But he was walking a fine line with that -- he didn't want Will to suddenly decide that he was too good for the relationship they had, and pull away from him. That wouldn't do at all.

Somehow, he had to make Will realize that he was beautiful, without giving him too much confidence.

That might not be easy to do, but Hannibal was sure that he was up to the challenge. After all, Will was already in thrall to him, under the spell of his charm. And he was completely under the influence of the sexual satisfaction that only Hannibal could give him.

It would be an intricate balancing act, giving Will enough confidence to realize his own beauty, but not enough to make him want to take the reins of control in their relationship.

He would enjoy this challenge, Hannibal told himself, suppressing a smile. If Will misbehaved, all he had to do was threaten to walk away -- and the young man would be on his knees, begging for what he knew he needed, but couldn't ask for outside of the confines of a darkened bedroom.

He would break Will's spirit, but only enough to turn the young man into exactly what Hannibal wanted him to be. He didn't want to break Will completely. That would take the fun out of the their relationship, and besides, he didn't want Will to be an automaton.

People were already watching Will, covertly, out of the corners of their eyes. The opera house was abuzz with gossip, and Hannibal didn't doubt that most of it was about this beautiful, desirable young man who was on the arm of Hannibal Lecter.

That brought a certain glow of satisfaction.

But the night was far from over, and his plans had to move to the next step. Gesturing towards the stairs that led to the private boxes, he moved his hand from Will's back to his arm, guiding his lover to the foot of the steps as several pairs of eyes followed them.

Oh yes, Will was most definitely easy on the eyes. He had known that from the moment they had met; the rest of the world was only just discovering that fact.

He could feel Will beside him as he ascended the steps; he didn't have to look to know that his boy was right by his side. Oh, this was going to be an interesting evening, one that they would both remember for a long time. He could hardly wait to put the next phase of his plans into motion.