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Title: Flames To Ashes
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: Sequel to "Love Me Madly."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Will cried out when Hannibal thrust into him, his body arching off the bed.

His fingers dug into Hannibal's shoulders; he knew that his nails were scoring the other man's skin, but he didn't care if they left marks. That would only mark Hannibal as his own.

He wanted to leave his mark on Hannibal, just as this man would leave an irrevocable mark on him when this was over. He wanted them to belong to each other.

He'd expected this to hurt, but strangely, it didn't. It was a feeling unlike any he'd ever experienced before, a feeling of fullness, of being opened, but there was no pain. Will realized that Hannibal was poised above him, not moving, gazing down at him as though he was waiting for something.

Hannibal was going out of his way to take his time, to make sure that this wasn't painful. He was waiting for Will to give him some kind of sign that he could keep going, keep moving.

For a moment, Will could feel his heart swell with .... what? Gratitude? Certainly not love. He hadn't expected to feel love. This was just the resolution of the desire they both felt, that was all.

He wasn't looking for love. That wasn't what this game was bout.

Neither of them wanted love, did they? They were looking for a way to assuage the frustrated desire they'd felt ever since they had met. There was nothing more to this night than that plain fact.

There was nothing more to this than good old-fashioned lust. He was losing his virginity to a man he desired; he wasn't in love. Hannibal might be called his lover, but this wasn't about love.

He didn't want this to be about love. He wanted them to stick to the physical side of what they were doing, not become emotionally entangled. That wasn't safe. That wasn't what either of them were doing this for. Neither of them felt anything other than the aforementioned desire.

The next thrust took Will's mind away from his thoughts and into the present; his blue eyes widened, a gasp coming from his throat at the sensations that were coursing through his body.

He had never felt anything like this. It felt as though he was melting from the inside out, as though there was a fire that had been lit deep within him, raging uncontrollably.

Those flames would reduced him to nothing more than a pile of ashes.

But that was what he wanted. That was what he had been waiting for all of his life, to feel this kind of physical passion, this overwhelming desire for another person.

He'd never felt that until he had met Hannibal. From the first time he'd looked into this man's eyes, he had wanted them to be together, wanted to be overtaken by his own physicality.

Hannibal took his breath away every time their eyes met. There was nothing physically prepossessing about him; Will didn't even think he was a singularly attractive man. No, it was his presence that drew Will irrevocably towards him; it was that intelligence, that perception that only Hannibal possessed.

This man was the only person who had ever understood him, the only one who had ever cared enough to try. He was the only person Will had ever trusted enough to open himself up to.

In more ways than one, he told himself as Hannibal thrust into him again and sent his senses spiraling, his thoughts fracturing into splinters that he couldn't gather together again.

Will wrapped his arms around Hannibal's shoulders, holding on tightly to the other man as he was lifted ever closer to the heavens on a tide of purely physical sensation. He could swear that he saw brightly colored stars swirling around him, heard rockets exploding somewhere in the background.

He had known that their coupling would be glorious; Hannibal wouldn't settle for anything less. But he had never expected something like this, something that took his breath away, that he had no words for.

This was more than he had ever imagined, more than he could have dreamed of. He'd never felt so close to anyone -- and he never wanted this to end.

The flames were roaring ever higher, threatening to extinguish him.

He could no longer think, could barely even breathe. Will held on to Hannibal as though the other man was the only thing that could keep him from being reduced to a heap of smoldering ashes.

His thighs were squeezing Hannibal's sides, his arms clutching at his lover; his breath was hitching in his throat, as if he could barely draw enough air into his lungs.

When Will was thrown from the precipice of the abyss that he felt he'd been standing on, it was almost a shock. He felt as though he was soaring through space, spiraling upwards into a heaven that consisted of nothing but the most amazing pleasure he'd ever felt, then plummeting towards the earth again.

Before he could hit bottom, it was as though he was scooped up into Hannibal's arms, held there safety and securely, and then gently set upright on his feet, still in the circle of those strong arms.

Cautiously, he opened his eyes, taking a shaky breath as he gazed into Hannibal's dark eyes. What did he read there? Was it just desire .... or was there something more?

He didn't want more. Not now. At the moment, he just wanted to feel.

He felt like the proverbial phoenix that had just risen from the ashes, reborn through pleasure into a life that he hadn't expected. It was unlike anything he'd ever known in his life.

Hannibal reached out, tracing a fingertip over the bow-shaped outline of his upper lip, then cupping Will's face in his palm, his smile one of ultimate satisfaction. "How do you feel, Will?"

How did he answer that question? Will wasn't sure exactly how he felt; it wasn't something that he could easily put into words. He only knew that he felt somewhat weakened, and yet strong at the same time; he felt that he had just been through a trial by fire, one that he had enjoyed immensely.

This man had given him an experience that he would never forget, taken him to the stars and back. And, much to his astonishment, he realized that he wanted it to happen again. As soon as possible.

The flames had consumed him, turned him to ashes, and he had become all the stronger for that experience. Hannibal had helped him leap over an abyss that he'd been afraid of for far too long.

Hannibal had helped him to embrace that fear, and to overcome it.

There was something odd about the way Hannibal was smiling at him. There was something almost .... predatory about that smile, as though Hannibal saw him as .... as a victim.

Will pushed that thought away, struggling to find words that would answer Hannibal's simple question. The words had to be there somewhere, he was just too stunned at the moment to articulate them properly.

"I-I'm feeling ...." He couldn't think of words to describe everything he felt at the moment, so Will had to make do with a shrug. "That was the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me in my whole life," he added, not wanting Hannibal to think that he hadn't enjoyed it. "I don't have the right words for it."

"Perhaps you'll find words after it's happened a few more times," Hannibal told him, his voice very soft. He reached out to wind a bit of Will's damp hair around his fingers, the dark curl seeming to cling to his skin.

Of course this was going to happen again, Will told himself even as amazement rushed through him. He hadn't thought that they'd sleep together once and go their separate ways, had he?

For some reason, the idea of this happening again unsettled him more than it should.