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Title: Force of Habit
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: PG-13
Table: writers_choice
Prompt: #509, Bad habits
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Hannibal stood staring after Will for several long moments after the young man had left the room, mulling over the plans he had for the evening.

Maybe this wasn't the right time to assert his mastery over Will. He had intended to start that tonight, but now, he wasn't so sure that he wanted to continue along that path. It might be better to save that for later, when Will had learned to trust him more.

Was he moving too quickly? Should he abandon tonight's plans?

For a moment, he was almost tempted to do so, to simply leave a note for Will and walk out of the house. But that wasn't what he wanted to do; he wanted to go upstairs to Will's bedroom and further his plans, to take Will into an erotic world that he'd never seen before.

He had no intention of taking Will tonight; he didn't even intend to remove any of his own clothes. But there were a great many things he could do to Will's lovely body that didn't require penetration, things that would have the young man writhing and screaming his name.

He intended to do at least a few of them tonight, to move Will further along the path of trust. And as an added bonus, he would enjoy himself greatly.

Hannibal stood there, contemplating his plans for the evening as he reached into his pocket and fingered the silk scarves he'd brought with him. He had intended to use them for a very specific purpose, but now, he had to wonder if he would need them.

It might be better to proceed more slowly.

He could be a patient man when he needed to be, but his patience was being sorely tested. He wanted Will Graham more than he had thought possible; it was hard to hold himself back. He wasn't ready for the final denouement yet; this was something different.

He wasn't in a rush to make Will a victim. That wasn't it at all. No, he was in a hurry to bring WIll closer to him, to enjoy breaking him and then putting him back together. He'd never really tried anything this elaborate before, and he was eager to see how it would work.

But then, he had never been as mesmerized by anyone before. He had never wanted anyone like this, with a raw desire that was almost painful.

Will was turning all of his plans upside down, and for some reason, that fact didn't anger him.

Usually, he would push those thoughts aside, and go ahead with his plans. He might even decide that this wasn't worth pursuing, and Will would be dead tonight. But there was something about this young man that gave him pause, something that he couldn't quite put his finger on.

It was his habit not to question himself, but Will made those questions stand out foremost in his mind. Maybe it was simply because they were so much alike.

He'd never met anyone like Will Graham; not only did this young man make him feel a desire unlike any he'd ever known, but he thought that for the first time in his life, he had met someone who could understand him, someone who could accept him.

Ah, the things they could do together ....

No, that wasn't entirely true. He was focused on the things he could do to Will; he had no intention of letting the other man have the upper hand. He was the one in control; Will would simply have to accept that if this relationship was to go on.

Perhaps it was a bad habit to always want that control, Hannibal thought with a wry smile. But it was a habit that he wasn't going to renounce.

He had never let anyone else take control of him, and no one ever would. He had learned the hard way how to stay in control, and he had no intention of giving it up. If Will tried to reach for that control, he would quickly discover that it was out of his reach.

Hannibal frowned at that thought, knowing that if Will tried to take control in any way, then he would have to be punished for the attempt.

He really didn't want to do that. He had no wish to damage Will.

Maybe it would be a good idea to use those scarves tonight, to show Will that he was in no way going to be permitted to have any control in this relationship. If he knew that right from the start, it would keep him from reaching for any sort of control later on.

Was it only force of habit that kept him from letting anyone else have any sort of control, or was it something of a necessity? Hannibal couldn't decide.

He wanted to believe that it was the latter, of course. But there was something seductive about the idea of giving Will at least a bit of control, something that he found oddly appealing. It might happen sometime in the future, but he wasn't sure of that.

He would simply have to see how things went tonight, and in their next few encounters. Maybe he could afford to give Will some measure of control, just to let the young man have a taste of it, to feel that he was an equal in their strange relationship.

Of course, he would never be an equal partner. He couldn't be.

In the long run, Will would be a victim. Hannibal had been sure of that from the first moment they'd met, from the first stirrings of desire that he'd felt for Will. It didn't matter what transpired between them until then; Will was meant to be his victim.

Still, it would be interesting to see what he would do with a bit of control. Perhaps he even though that he retained some of that control already.

Hannibal smiled at that thought, shaking his head. Will had no control in this relationship, no matter what he might think. If he deluded himself in that respect, then he could keep doing so -- but it wold be a very rude awakening for him when he discovered otherwise.

Let Will think that, if he wanted to. It was another bad habit of his, Hannibal mused. He had always let his victims feel as though they retained some semblance of control over their destinies. And of course, they had always been wrong -- just as Will would be.

Will Graham would discover that, in the end, he'd never had any control in their relationship. And that was exactly how Hannibal wanted him to feel.

He reached into his coat pocket, pulling out the silken scarves, weighing them in his hands. Yes, he would use these tonight. He knew just what to do with them.

And Will would enjoy everything he did -- whether he wanted to or not.

Will was addicted to him already; he was positive of that. Will needed him much more than he needed Will -- he had become a bad habit for Will, one that the young man kept coming back to over and over again, against his better judgement. And that pleased him.

Maybe at some point, it would only be force of habit that kept Will coming back to him. But he would come back. It would be an impossible habit to break.

He would start ingraining that habit within Will tonight.

Hannibal smiled as he moved towards the bouquets of flowers, picking and choosing from them until he had a small handful. He knew just what he intended to do with these lovely blooms -- though even their beauty didn't compare to the young man who was waiting for him upstairs.

He couldn't hold back a smile of pleasure as he headed for the stairs, the scarves in one hand, flowers in the other. He knew exactly what to do with both of them.