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Title: Touching Heaven
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: NC-17
Table: writers_choice
Prompt: #11, On the floor
Author's Note: Sequel to "Heart on His Sleeve."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Will's legs were shaking as he followed Hannibal up the front steps.

He shouldn't be this nervous, Will told himself sharply. He and Hannibal had made love before. Dozens of times, maybe even hundreds. But somehow, this felt different.

This was the first time they would make love as an engaged couple. It somehow felt as though they were sealing their relationship, making that proposal secure.

There was no reason to do that, really. He knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Hannibal -- and that his lover wouldn't have proposed if he didn't want the same thing. But this felt like a special occasion, as though they were confirming their intentions.

Will heard the key scrape in the lock as Hannibal unlocked the door; it swung open to reveal the polished floor of the foyer, the shadowy rooms beyond, and the stairs leading upwards.

It was as though he was seeing every little detail, down to the fine-grained wood of the floor and the banister of the staircase. His senses seemed more attuned than they'd ever been.

He felt as though every nerve ending was on fire.

Will stood still, waiting for Hannibal to close the door and flip on the light switch, to flood the foyer with light. That light would dispel all the shadows, take away some of his nervousness.

But Hannibal didn't reach for the light switch when he closed the door. Instead, he shot the bolt, then turned to Will, his breath sounding harsh and ragged.

There were no words spoken between them. There didn't need to be. Will could sense that Hannibal wanted him, just as badly as he himself wanted the other man. The sexual tension between them had almost been palpable in the car; it was much more so now.

He reached for Hannibal in the darkness, letting the sound of his lover's breathing be his guide. He could feel those strong arms wrapping around his waist, pulling him close.

He was pressed against Hannibal's lean body, molded to the other man's muscular frame; his knees felt weak, almost as though he could no longer hold himself up.

But he didn't need to hold himself up; Hannibal was holding him.

When their lips met, it was as though his lover was breathing life into him; desire flowed through his veins, so intense and acute he could almost taste it.

Or perhaps it was just Hannibal's kiss he could taste, the kiss that seemed to be taking him over, making his head spin and his senses reel from the pleasure he felt.

Hannibal's hands were on the buttons of his shirt, deftly undoing them; Will hadn't even realized that his coat had been pushed off his shoulders and had fallen to the floor. His own hands were feverishly working at the buttons of Hannibal's immaculate white shirt, moving as quickly as they could.

He just wanted them to be naked, wanted their clothes to magically vanish so that their bodies could join and meld. That was all he'd wanted for this entire night.

His shirt was pushed over his shoulders; he let it fall on top of his coat, his hands pushing Hannibal's shirt away and then moving down to his lover's trousers.

Within seconds, they were both naked, their hands moving over bare flesh. And Will knew with absolute certainty that there was no way they were going to make it all the way upstairs to the bedroom. At best, they might be able to tumble onto a couch in the next room, but he doubted that.

They would make love right here on the floor in the foyer. He would feel the cold wood against his knees; he somehow knew that Hannibal would choose to take him from behind.

He didn't mind not being face to face, not in this situation; it felt as though that would make everything more exciting, would add to the passion that now flared between the two of them.

Will sank to his knees, sure that it was what Hannibal wanted of him.

Moments later, he could feel Hannibal behind him, feel warm breath on the back of his neck; then slickly lubed fingers sliding inside him, opening him, preparing him.

He was already nearly panting with desire; within just a few moments, Will was pushing his hips back against those fingers, almost moaning, wanting more, wanting all that his lover could give.

When Hannibal slid inside him, he let himself lean back against the other man; Hannibal's arms went around him, those long, slender fingers wrapping around his cock to stroke him in rhythm with Hannibal's thrusts, each movement taking him higher, guiding him towards the stars.

Will's eyes were used to the darkness now; there was a slight illumination from the one window in the room, but that light seemed far above them from their position on the floor.

He could hear Hannibal's ragged breaths, feel the other man's heart beating against his back, feel his own heart rate speeding up to what seemed like an impossible rhythm.

Each thrust lifted him higher, until he was sure he was touching heaven.

When his orgasm took him over, Will felt Hannibal's arms tighten around him only seconds before he also felt his lover's release, heard Hannibal's soft cry of his name.

He slumped against the man who held him, his head falling back against Hannibal's shoulder, eyes closed, mouth open. He was spent, sated, drained, unable to move.

All he could do was rest here in his lover's arms, rocking his hips back slightly, then sighing when Hannibal slipped out of him. He had wanted that to last much longer than it had, hadn't wanted it to ever end, had wanted to keep touching the stars in the arms of the man he loved.

Will felt Hannibal's hand on his cheek; he opened his eyes to see his lover smiling at him, what he knew was the light of love glowing in those dark, fathomless eyes.

He knew that love was reflected in his own gaze. All he felt at the moment was bliss, satisfaction; the man he loved had given him that, had made this night one of the most memorable of his life.

"Th-that was amazing," he managed to whisper, his voice soft and husky.

"It was indeed," Hannibal murmured in answer, his lips on Will's cheek. "I would say that was a proper way to celebrate our engagement, wouldn't you?"

"I definitely would," Will agreed with a soft smile. He wasn't sure that he could move; he felt boneless and comfortable here on the floor, in Hannibal's arms.

But this couldn't be a comfortable position for Hannibal, so he knew that he had to make himself get to his feet and move up the stairs to their bedroom. When they were there, then they could get comfortable -- and he could fall asleep with a smile on his face, safe in his lover's embrace.

Slowly, Will got to his feet, as did Hannibal. Neither of them bothered to pick up their clothes; they simply linked hands and moved towards the stairs, Will following Hannibal upwards.

"If that's what happens after every time you take me out dancing, I'd say we need to do that a lot more often," Will said as they walked into the bedroom.

Hannibal's smile told him that his lover was in complete agreement.