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Title: Hidden Reasons
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Will Graham/Everett Hobbs (Original Character)
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: Everett's face is Benedict Cumberbatch.
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Will Graham or Lee Fallon, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


He couldn't stop thinking about his lawyer.

Will sat in his cell, head down, hands clasped in his lap. He was usually quiet, but today, he was lost in his own thoughts, and wasn't making the slightest sound.

Chilton was probably watching him on his monitor, wondering what he was thinking about. Well, let him, Will thought, not raising his head. Chilton couldn't know what was in his kind; that was the one thing that he could manage to keep secret from those prying eyes.

What would his jailer think if he knew that Will was thinking about his attorney? He had to smile at the image of Chilton's face when he digested that knowledge.

Chilton would never expect him to feel an attraction to a man. Hell, he hadn't expected it himself, though he had never discounted the idea that he could be. He'd always thought of himself as being bisexual; he could fall for either sex.

But he'd never told anyone that, and he was sure that it would shock Chilton -- and anyone else -- to know that he had stirrings of desire for his attorney.

God, Everett was handsome.

Will felt a pull towards the other man unlike anything he'd ever felt before. He hadn't expected that, and he'd wanted to fight against the feeling at first.

But now that they had talked a few times, he was no longer resisting the attraction; rather, he was letting himself enjoy it, to sink into it. He couldn't stop that spark from being there, so he might as well accept it, give in to it, and let the feeling overtake him.

What exactly drew him to Everett? He couldn't really say, but it wasn't just that the other man was one of the most attractive people he'd ever seen. It was something more.

There was such an .... intensity about him.

Whenever he thought of Everett, pictured the other man in his mind, there was tightening in his gut, a tingle in his belly -- and in lower parts of his anatomy, as well.

He wanted Everett. That seemed amazing, but it was true. He actually wanted the other man in a sensual way, a way that he'd never wanted anyone before. He'd been attracted to other people before, but never with this kind of burning desire.

What was it about Everett that brought out such a desire in him? Was it the combination of the good looks and the intensity, or was there still more to it?

Whatever it was, Will wanted to explore the attraction more deeply.

But that was impossible when he was stuck in here. He wanted to rage against the fate that had brought Everett into his life when he was in such an awkward position.

If he was a free man, then they could enjoy the courtship rituals -- going out to dinner, having drinks, their first kiss. But when he was in prison, it was impossible to get any privacy to even talk about how he felt, or to ascertain whether Everett might be attracted to him.

Will was sure that Everett did feel an attraction. He could read it in those pale eyes, see it in the way that Everett looked at him.

Everett wanted him. Will could read the desire in his gaze, more plainly than if the words had been spoken aloud for the world to hear.

And he felt the same. He wanted Everett. He might never have been with anyone before, but he knew desire when he felt it -- and this could be nothing but desire. Good old-fashioned lust, that had taken hold of his mind and body.

But was it simply lust -- or something more? He didn't want to think that it was just desire, something that would burn out as quickly as it had sparked to life.

No, it wasn't just lust. There was more to it than that, much more.

He felt some kind of kinship with Everett, as though the two of them had been forged from the same steel. There was something about the man that felt .... safe.

And it wasn't just because Everett was obviously so eager to help him. No, it was the undeniable feeling that he and Everett shared something, that they were brought together by fate. He couldn't shake that feeling; it was burrowed deep within him.

What was it about Everett that drew him so inexorably? What was it that they could possibly share, other than an obvious hatred of Hannibal Lecter?

Everett had to have some kind of association with Hannibal, even though he hadn't admitted to it. Will had to find out just what that association was, or he would never feel completely at ease with Everett. He wanted complete transparency between them.

He sighed softly, fixing an image of Everett's face in his mind. Would it be probing too deeply to simply ask Everett just what his past with Hannibal was about?

It somehow seemed like a violation of privacy, but he had to know.

He didn't doubt that there was some hidden reason that Everett had taken his case pro bono. Some reason for him to want Hannibal behind bars.

Could he have possibly lost a friend to Hannibal's machinations? A client? Someone he'd cared for? That had to be it; there wouldn't be such fire in his eyes when he spoke of Hannibal being here behind bars rather than Will if he hadn't suffered some personal loss.

Whatever that loss had been, Will felt for him, and he respected his lawyer's feelings. But he felt as though he needed to know everything that was involved in this situation.

Whether Everett would tell hm was another matter entirely.

The intensity that burned in those eyes excited him, made him want to know Everett better. Intimately. It made him think of what it would be like to be .... sexual with Everett.

What would it be like if they could manage to be together, physically, here in this place? What would it feel like to be pushed up against one of these stone walls, taken, pulled out of himself by his desire for another man, even a man who he barely knew?

Will shivered at the thought; he couldn't keep the images out of his mind of the two of them together, in this hopeless place, bringing a spark of hope and life into it.

That was what he needed to hold on to, he told himself firmly -- the hope that he and Everett might have a future together once he got out of here. He didn't doubt that he would get out -- he had confidence in Everett, belief that the other man would find a way to free him.

If anyone could find proof that he didn't belong here, it was Everett. The determination in those eyes told Will that he had the right person on his side.

He would be a free man again. Everett would see to that.

He had complete faith in the man who was now his attorney. Everett had proven to him that he could do the job, and that he was on Will's side.

Together, they would find a way to get him out of here, and then they would work towards making sure that the right person was jailed for the crimes that he was accused of committing. They would put that Lecter snake away for good.

Will didn't know how that would happen, but he was sure that it would. He had the feeling that together, he and Everett would be an unbeatable team.

But first, he had to be taken into Everett's confidence about his past.

Will didn't know what might lurk in that past, but he was sure that it had something to do with Hannibal, and with his predilection for killing. Whatever it was, he knew that it had affected Everett terribly, and that he had a need for revenge.

A need that probably matched Will's own.

He didn't want to smile at that thought. He didn't want to feel that something as terrible as a deep personal loss could have brought the two of them together.

But it seemed that might be the case, and if it was, then he would accept that. Whatever was in Everett's past, whatever his connection was with Hannibal, Will wanted to know about it, and he wanted the two of them to make amends for that past.

Once that had happened, then they could start exploring this attraction to the full. Will had no doubt that they would act on it -- and for him, the sooner, the better.

The very thought made his heart race with anticipation.