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Title: Desire in His Eyes
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: PG-13
Table: writers_choice
Prompt: #237, Eyes
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Will's eyes were mesmerizing.

Hannibal couldn't get those bright blue eyes out of his mind; it was as though Will's face had become imprinted on his mind's eyes, as though those eyes were always following him, watching him, seeing right through him, even when Will was nowhere near.

That clear, bright sapphire seemed to color his world; every time he closed his eyes, he saw Will's gaze upon him, a gaze that was filled with so much potential.

Those eyes were incredible. He had never seen anyone who had such a piercing gaze; there were times when he almost couldn't look Will directly in the eyes, because he didn't want the boy to see the desire reflected in his own gaze, a desire he couldn't hold back.

He wanted Will. He wanted Will more than he had ever wanted anything. He wanted Will with a desire that only grew stronger with each passing day.

He could have Will Graham if that desire grew too strong for him to keep fighting it. Hannibal was sure of that. The desire in Will's eyes, the way those eyes followed him every movement when Will thought he wasn't looking, told the real story.

Will wanted him, too. Hannibal didn't doubt it.

But Will was an innocent when it came to physical relationships between men. Will was an innocent when it came to the physical side of human nature, in every way. Hannibal had only recently gotten him to admit that he was still a virgin.

He wasn't really surprised; after all, Will had never seemed like the sort of person who was comfortable with any kind of carnality. Hannibal had thought from the first time they had met that the boy must still be virginal. It was just an .... aura he had.

He could relieve Will of the burden of his virginity, and he would enjoy every moment of it. He would make sure that Will enjoyed it, too.

Actually, he'd been thinking quite a lot about that lately. Why not take Will's virginity? He would be the first person that Will had ever given himself to -- and that would give him carte blanche to mold and shape Will into anything Hannibal chose for him to be.

He would be the Svengali, the puppet master. And Will would be his creation.

It was a dizzying thought; the sense of power that he would derive from taking Will in hand and shaping the boy into his own image would be heady. Will would be Galatea to his Pygmalion -- and Hannibal didn't doubt that the young man would fit the role perfectly.

Will was, at the moment, shapeless clay that could be molded into any image that Hannibal saw fit. Will was just unsure enough of himself, of his identity in this world, to need someone to shape him into what he could become, someone to guide him along the path of his destiny.

There was already a bit of hero worship in the gaze that Will turned upon him -- what would it be like to have that kind of worship multiplied? It would be even more intoxicating to know that Will would be bound to him in a way that no one else had ever been.

He had taken others into his bed before, but never anyone who had the potential to become what Will could be -- a reflection of himself.

Oh, he didn't think that he could make Will over into something that he wasn't. But the boy definitely had a dark side to him, and Hannibal was more than willing to exploit that. He wanted to bring that dark side to the forefront, and to make Will acknowledge it.

Will might never follow that darkness, but he had to know that it was there.

Hannibal was sure that Will knew of his capacity for darkness. The young man struggled against it every day; he didn't doubt that. But he could upset the balance of the scales that ruled Will's life; he could make them tip towards that darkness.

It would be terribly unethical to do so, of course. And it would be worse than unethical to sleep with a patient, much less contemplate what he was thinking of doing with Will.

But then again, ethics had never bothered him very much. He didn't consider himself amoral; he was merely doing what it was in his nature to do. And it was in his nature to toy with others, to make them his playthings. Will was the most tempting toy he'd ever had within his grasp.

It had never been his nature to deny himself anything he wanted. And as badly as he wanted Will, he knew that he would give in to that desire sooner or later. It might as well be sooner; there was no need in denying himself what he would inevitably possess.

Especially not when Will wanted it, too.

What would be the point in holding himself back? He would only be prolonging an agony that grew worse by the day; he had already spent several sleepless nights thinking of Will naked, writhing under him, begging for more and, in turn, begging him to stop ....

Hannibal shook his head, trying to clear those thoughts out of his mind. This was another example of how Will Graham mesmerized him, not only with those incredible blue eyes, but with the rest of his body as well. He couldn't stop thinking about the boy.

More to the point, he couldn't stop thinking about having Will in his bed. That was what he wanted, and that was what he would have, no matter how he might have to persuade Will to be there. Hannibal was a man who always got whatever he wanted.

But this wasn't the time to think about bedding Will. Not now. He had other things to deal with, such as the patient who would be here in less than ten minutes.

Still, it was much more pleasant to contemplate his future with Will, to remember the desire that smoldered in his eyes, than to think about a boring patient who he didn't much care for. But he had to concentrate on the here and now -- it was, after all, his way of making a living.

He couldn't let his thoughts of Will make his mind wander too much.

Even when Will wasn't here, those eyes seemed to be watching him. It was as if Will had somehow imprinted himself on this room; he had spent so much time here, spilling his secrets to Hannibal, that something of him remained, even without his physical presence.

Hannibal wondered if his bedroom would be the same once he'd had Will there, if the boy's presence would linger even on the nights when he wasn't lying beside Hannibal or writhing under him. Would Will affect his life in more ways than he'd thought?

Only time would tell if that were to be true. But somehow, he thought that he wouldn't mind if it was. He might even welcome what could be seen as an intrusion into his life.

No, Will would never be an intrusion. Rather, he would be a welcome part of Hannibal's life. He had been alone for far too long, with no one to satisfy his darker, more physical needs. Will would be the perfect choice to unleash those needs on.

In fact, Will was perfect for everything that he wanted to do.

He would groom Will, train him to be just what he wanted. And he didn't doubt that Will would accept that; the boy had already indicated that he was more than willing to let Hannibal take him over. It would be a delightful game of cat and mouse, with the cat eventually winning.

As it should be, Hannibal thought, a contented smile curving his lips. He never lost at these kinds of games. And Will was an inexperienced player.

He would enjoy seeing those beautiful blue eyes watching him with a mixture of desire and trepidation. He would doubly enjoy seeing the submission in those eyes, the knowledge that Will Graham belonged to him and only to him.

Will would be here this evening, for one of their impromptu psychiatric sessions. Tonight, Hannibal would put his plans for the boy into motion. A slow seduction, followed by a night that neither he nor Will would soon forget. A night of passion -- and discovery.

He would teach Will so much about pleasure, about what he could enjoy. He would strip away that uncertainty that Will seemed to have about himself, and make him realize just how desirable he was. He would transform Will, and make him see the two of them in an entirely new light.

Tomorrow morning, those eyes would look at him as a lover.