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Title: Hopes, Dreams and Desires
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Will Graham/Sherlock Holmes
Fandom: Hannibal/Sherlock
Rating: PG-13
Table: writers_choice
Prompt: #27, Hopes, dreams, desires
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


The plan was circling. It would land soon, Sherlock knew, smiling as he peered out of the window. Ah, but it was good to be back in London, good to be on his on ground again. Well, it would be when they touched the ground and the plane had safely landed.

He looked over at the man beside him, smiling as he did so. He was returning to London with so much more in his life than he'd left with. He hadn't gone to America expecting to find love, but he had, and he was eternally grateful for it.

He and Will would make a new start here, building a life together. Before he'd met this man, he had begun to think that he was destined to be alone, that he would spend the rest of his life living for his work and nothing else, that it would have to enough.

Now, he had so much more. He had a man he loved, a person who wanted to spend their life with him. All of his dreams were starting to come true, dreams that he hadn't dared to admit to himself he'd had. Dreams that he had always tried to push away from him.

But now, instead of pushing his dreams away, he could embrace them. He could lose that feeling of being some kind of freak, of always being different from everyone else. He wasn't so different, not really. People just thought he was.

He wanted the same things that everyone else wanted -- well, at least some of them. He wanted someone to love, someone who would love him back. He wanted a partner, someone he could trust. He wanted safety and security for his heart.

That was what everyone wanted, and he was no different from anyone else in that respect. He had always hidden those needs well -- sometimes even from himself. He'd sublimated them until he had managed to almost convince himself that they didn't exist.

But they did. And now, miraculously, he'd managed to fulfill them, in a way that he'd never thought possible. He hadn't even dared to dream that there was someone like Will in the world, someone who seemed to fulfill all of his hopes and dreams and desires.

Will was .... everything. He was the most amazing man Sherlock had ever known.

Will was all that he wanted, all that he could have ever dreamed of. It still amazed him that Will felt the same way about him, that his feelings were returned. He really hadn't expected that. He had thought that he would come home alone, and yearn for Will from afar.

Fortunately, that wasn't the case. Will had known as well as Sherlock did that his life in Wolf Trap was over, that he had to pull up stakes and start elsewhere. Sherlock knew that it had been a traumatic experience for Will, but it had been for the best.

He would start over here, and he wouldn't be alone any more. That had been one of the worst things about what had happened to Will, and it had torn at Sherlock's heart. To know that Will had been through so much on his own, completely alone and defenseless.

Oh, people had said that they were his friends, of course. But that hadn't been strictly true, had it? Those friends had been fairweather, at best. None of them had worked to try to prove Will's innocence, only to make it seem that he was guilty.

Some of them might truly have believed in his innocence. Some of them might have wanted to help him. But in the end, they hadn't. They had knuckled under to Lecter and Crawford's wishes, and they had helped to railroad Will into a nightmare.

Sherlock had no respect for any of them. If they had truly been Will's friends, truly cared about him, then they would have worked tirelessly to prove his innocence. They wouldn't have simply gone along with Lecter and Crawford. They would have worked for Will, not against him.

It was just as well that Will was away from them now.

Will deserved better than that, Sherlock thought, shaking his head. He deserved friends who would be loyal to him, who would be there for him. He deserved people by his side who wouldn't turn around and walk away, people who truly cared about him.

Well, he had that now, Sherlock told himself firmly. He might only have two of those friends, himself and Mrs. Hudson, but they would hold firm. They would always be there for Will, whenever he needed them, through thick and thin.

And in Sherlock, he had more than a friend. He had a lover, a partner, someone who would always hold him close to his heart and keep him safe.

Was that what Will wanted? Sherlock asked himself, looking over at the handsome man sleeping beside him. Did Will want that partnership? It seemed that he did; Will had given every indication that he was just as committed to this new relationship was Sherlock was.

Sherlock believed that he was. Will wasn't the sort of person to say that he was interested and then change his mind. Once he made a commitment, he would stick to it. He was a man of honor, one of the few who Sherlock had ever met.

Will was one in a million. No, Sherlock corrected himself, he was completely unique. There wasn't another person quite like Will Graham in all of the universe.

And this wonderful, beautiful man was his. His to love and cherish, his to hold, his to kiss, his to be with for the rest of their lives. Just the thought made hope rise within him, a hope for the future that he'd long since given up on ever feeling.

He and Will were going to make a go of this. They were going to have a good relationship, one that might be filled with trial and error, as they were both so new at it, but one that would also be filled with laughter and love. He didn't doubt that for one moment.

It might not always be easy, but they would make it work.

Now that Will was in his life, Sherlock couldn't imagine a life without him. How long would it take for him to forget the life he'd lived in the past, the loneliness that had always seemed to be his due? He hoped that the memories of that life wouldn't linger for long.

He didn't want to remember the loneliness he'd always lived with. Even when he'd had a flatmate, who he had considered a good friend -- his only friend, really -- he had always been lonely. There had never been anyone special in his life.

There had been moments of attraction -- but those hadn't lasted long. Either the object of that attraction had let him down in some way, or they'd turned out to be incredibly bring, and not the person he thought they were. He had always been disappointed in the end.

With Will, he knew that he wouldn't be. Will would never let him down, or bore him, or make him feel that he had made a mistake in judging character. Sherlock was confident that their relationship would be one for the ages, one of the great loves of all time.

Was he being ridiculously romantic? Maybe, he admitted to himself. But he had so many hopes and dreams for his future with Will, hopes and dreams that he was sure would come true. He had taken a leap of faith, and he was sure to be rewarded for that.

So many hopes, dreams, and desires, all of which he was sure would be fulfilled. This was going to be a new chapter in his own life, as well as in Will's. The two of them would meld together in a way that would never be broken, never fade away or wilt on the vine.

They would only grow stronger with time. He truly believed that.

Will was all that he'd ever dreamed of, all that he'd ever hoped for. He had never really let himself dare to hope that he would be involved with someone like Will; it had seemed like an impossible dream, one that would never have a chance of coming true.

And now, somehow, miraculously, that dream had come to pass. Will Graham was his; Will was here with him, and he hadn't had to be coerced into it. He was here of his own free will, not simply because he hadn't had any other choice but to be here.

He was here because he wanted to be. Because he loved Sherlock, and because he, too, believed in their future together. Will also had hopes and dreams and desires that he wanted fulfilled. And Sherlock was going to do his best to see that they were.

He wanted to make Will happy, each and every day of their lives. He wanted to wake in the morning with a smile on his face, just knowing that Will was here with him, a part of his life, loving him and choosing to be with him. Knowing that Will had given him his heart.

And his heart belonged to Will, he thought with a smile. For now, and for always. He couldn't imagine caring for another person in this way. Now that he had finally found love, after thinking that it would never come to him, he knew that he would never give it up.

All of his hopes, dreams, and desires seemed to have been answered in one person, and he'd never thought that could be possible. Finding one man who could mean everything to him was quite a coup, Sherlock said to himself. It was probably a chance in a million.

Or had it been fate, and not chance? He and Will had discussed that possibility, and he had to wonder if it was true. Normally, he would eschew the existence of fate, and scoff at it. But more and more, he thought that fate was indeed taking a hand in his life.

It didn't matter if it was destiny, fate, or anything else, Sherlock told himself as he put his seat belt on and leaned back, preparing for the plane to land. Will was in his life, and all of his hopes and dreams were coming true. That was the only thing he really needed to know.