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Title: Intertwined
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: Sequel to "Take A Bite."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Hannibal kept his eyes on Will's face, not wanting to miss a single expression.

He thrust again, almost gasping as the tight vise of Will's body closed around him, welcoming him inside, almost seeming to draw him into that smoldering heat.

He had left marks on Will's body, and now, he was claiming his young lover in another way, in a way that was primal and instinctive. He had been unable to keep from taking Will, unable to stop himself from pulling the young man close and driving inside him.

And Will had wanted this just as much as he had, Hannibal reminded himself. Will's body had opened and welcomed him, rather than pushing him away.

He had worried that this might be too rough, that it might still be too soon for this kind of joining so soon after what had happened to Will, but the young man seemed to have put all that aside and let his desire take over. Hannibal was glad of that.

He wasn't sure that he would have been able to hold himself back from this, even if Will hadn't welcomed his advances with open arms.

There was a distinct possibility that he might have simply taken what he wanted.

No, he would never have done that, Hannibal thought, shocked into immobility for just a moment. Will had been raped by someone else; he wouldn't do that to his lover.

Just the thought that he could hurt Will in that way shocked him to the core; for a few heartbeats, his hips stopped their rhythm, and his body seemed frozen, unable to do anything more than focus on that single horrifying thought.

He would never do anything to hurt Will in that way. In fact, if Will told him to stop what he was doing, he would -- even though it would be difficult.

Will would never suffer in that way at his hands.

No, whenever he and Will joined their bodies, he would strive to make the experience as pleasurable as he possibly could for both of them.

Their lovemaking would only be full of joy, and if there was a little pain at some point in the future, it would quickly be replaced by pleasure.

Will would never know pain from him -- at least, not that sort of pain. He might push Will's barriers at some point, he might break down some boundaries, but he would never do anything to truly harm Will, not in the way that his rapist had harmed him.

He loved Will far too much for that. He accepted that love, accepted that it came with boundaries that he couldn't allow himself to cross.

He would never do anything that he wasn't sure Will wanted, somewhere deep within himself. Even if that meant holding himself back, he would honor Will's wishes.

All of those thoughts went through his mind in only a few seconds, and then disappeared; then he was thrusting his hips forward again, Will's name leaving his lips in an explosion of sound, followed by a soft groan of pure passion.

Nothing had ever felt like this; every time he was inside Will felt more intense than the last. Their couplings only got better with time, their bodies more attuned to each other.

He instinctively knew what Will wanted and needed -- more of him, more of being filled, being taken, being held against Hannibal's heart and physically sated.

It was exactly what he wanted to give Will, in every possible way.

Was this love? Was this feeling of being utterly complete when he was inside Will what those four letters were meant to express?

Hannibal wasn't sure that he had ever known love, but he couldn't doubt that he was feeling it now. Making love to Will was more than the sum of the physical sensations, more than simply wanting. It was knowing that his life would be incomplete without this man.

This feeling of being intertwined, not only their bodies, but their hearts and souls as well, every part of them .... this had to be love.

He loved Will. He loved what they had together, what he could never have with anyone else.

He loved this, he thought as his hips thrust forward again of their own volition. He loved being inside Will, being buried deep within that well of pleasure, joining their bodies.

He'd never felt such passion with anyone else; no one else had ever given hm as much pleasure as Will did. It wasn't only in the joining of their bodies; it was in the knowledge that Will loved him, that Will wanted to be with him, that their lives were joined.

They had been down a long road together, through some very dark hours. And now, they had come out on the other side, slightly singed from their trial by fire, but victorious.

The two of them would always be this way, Hannibal told himself, his gaze fixed on Will's face, watching as a pink flush suffused his lover's cheeks, as Will's passion-swollen lips parted on a whisper of Hannibal's name. They would always be together.

This was only the first time they would make love like this, the first time their voices would cry out in unison as they found ecstasy together.

Will was his, and he was Will's. Forever.

Nothing could part them; nothing could tear them from each other. Each of them was where he belonged, and neither of them would ever be moved.

His climax broke over him in a wave of pleasure, at the same moment that Will found his release; Hannibal wrapped his arms around his young lover, holding Will close against him, feeling as though their bodies were truly as one, melding into each other in every way.

They were intertwined, not just their bodies, but their very souls. The fabric of their lives was woven together in an intricate way that could never be separated.

Finally, at long last, he knew what it felt like to truly belong.