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Title: Intrusion
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Will gasped as Hannibal slid two fingers inside him; this was already something new. Before, Hannibal had been more careful with him, only inserting one finger at a time. This time, he was rough, using his fingers to stretch Will before he was ready.

He buried his face in the pillow, determined not to cry out. If Hannibal knew that he was already having doubts about this, he'd probably turn away in disgust, and their relationship would be over.

No matter how much this might hurt at first, he had to work through the pain. It had hurt the first time he and Hannibal had sex, too, but he'd learned that the pain could quickly turn to pleasure. This would as well, if he could just grit his teeth through the more painful part.

A third finger joined the others, and Will winced as he was stretched. He hadn't expected that, but Hannibal obviously wanted to make sure he was well-prepared for whatever he intended to do. Though if it was sex, this seemed like overkill.

Maybe it wasn't sex. Maybe it was something that would really hurt.

For just a moment, Will felt panic sweep over him. Had he completely misjudged Hannibal? Did this man mean to do him some kind of harm? Would he actually walk out of here and go to work today, just like any other day -- or would he never see the outside world again?

Don't be ridiculous, he told himself firmly. He's not going to kill me. He's making sure this isn't going to hurt too badly. I can't fault him for that.

Still, he couldn't help being apprehensive about just what it was that Hannibal planned to do to him. But he knew better than to ask questions; Hannibal might encourage that in their psychiatric sessions, but that definitely wasn't something to do in the bedroom.

Hannibal's fingers pulled out of him just as abruptly as they'd entered; Will almost gasped again at the sudden emptiness he felt. He wanted to turn his head to see what Hannibal would do next, but he knew that would only annoy his lover.

"Close your eyes and take a deep breath, Will," Hannibal instructed him, his tone clipped.

Will did as he was told, trying to control the trembling that wanted to take him over. He didn't know what his lover had planned, but whatever it was, he would have to put himself into Hannibal's hands and trust him. He really didn't have any other choice.

His eyes flew open when he felt something large and blunt pressing against his entrance, something that most definitely was not Hannibal's cock. That was what he'd expected, but this was something far different, something that felt as though it could rip him apart.

He took another deep breath, trying to relax as Hannibal had told him to. Whatever this was, he had to trust that it wouldn't hurt him if Hannibal was doing it.

The object pushed further into him, and he couldn't hold back a soft cry. It was bigger than Hannibal's cock, bigger than anything that had been inside him before. The only thing he had to compare it to was Hannibal's fingers and cock, and it was more painful than either.

"Hannibal, it .... hurts," Will moaned, squeezing his eyes tightly closed. "Stop. Please."

The intrusion wasn't removed from his body, but it stopped pushing into him. Will felt a hand on the small of his back, then Hannibal's fingers were stroking over his skin, soothing him. That hand moved down to the curve of his ass, then moved to rest on his hip.

"Just try to relax your muscles, Will." Hannibal's voice was softer now, more gentle. "It's only an anal plug. It isn't much bigger than I am, and you are certainly used to having me inside you. Just take deep breaths, and concentrate on letting your body relax and accept it."

A plug? He hadn't expected that. He hadn't thought that Hannibal would be the sort of man to be into sex toys, but if this was what he wanted, then Will would try to see it through. He'd often wondered what it would be like to experiment with something like this -- now he was finding out.

He nodded, closing his eyes again and pillowing his head on his arms. The plug pushed deeper inside him, but this time, he managed to hold back his moan.

It didn't really hurt all that badly, not if he kept taking deep breaths. And at some point, his body would get used to the feeling of having something so big inside him -- wouldn't it? He'd gotten used to taking his lover's cock, so this couldn't be much different.

He could get used to anything. He would get used to this.

If only it didn't feel so big inside him, Will thought, gasping as the plug pushed in even more deeply. It wasn't exactly painful, but it was stretching him more than he'd thought it could; he wasn't sure if he'd be able to keep it inside him for long.

But he'd try, since Hannibal wanted him to. Even if he had to grit his teeth and deal with some pain, he would manage to do it to make the other man happy.

He wouldn't have even tried to do this for anyone else -- but then, no one else would have been able to get past his guard to be this intimate with him. If any of the people he'd had those stumbling, fumbling relationships with in the past had even tired, he would have run in the other direction.

No, Hannibal was the only person he would ever trust with something like this. And even now, he wasn't sure that he could give Hannibal his complete trust. There were still unanswered questions lurking in dark corners of his mind, questions that needed answers.

Finally, after what seemed like far too long, the inexorable pushing stopped; he could feel Hannibal sitting back on his heels, feel the other man's gaze on him. That cool hand moved up his back and then down again to rest on his ass, just above where the plug entered him.

"You don't know how lovely you look," Hannibal murmured, his voice soft.

Lovely? That wasn't the way he would describe himself, but if Hannibal wanted to see him in that way, then he would accept the compliment. Will didn't know what to say, so he remained silent, forcing himself tie still, even though he wanted to squirm with discomfort.

"It shouldn't take your body long to adjust to being filled," Hannibal told him, his tone firm. "You'll have a long day ahead of you, so I'll give you time to become accustomed to it."

"Wh-what?" Will wasn't sure that he'd heard correctly. Hannibal expected him to have this thing inside him all day? While he was working? He couldn't do that. It would be far too much of a distraction; he'd have to struggle to keep his mind on what he was doing.

"You've got to be kidding me," he added as he felt the other man shift his position, then move off the bed to stand up. He slowly rolled over, wincing at the feeling of the plug inside him. Will gasped as his movement made it brush against his prostate, his eyes widening.

There was no way he could deal with this all day. It would drive him crazy -- and he'd probably have to find a private place to ease the tension more than once.

Hannibal couldn't be serious. This was going too far.

"Of course I'm not." Hannibal shook his head, crossing his arms over his chest and looking down at Will with a frown on his face. "You will wear that plug today. And any other day that I say you will. You need to learn obedience, William. As well as leaning who you belong to."

Will wanted to answer that assertion with angry words, to tell Hannibal that he didn't belong to anyone -- but those words stuck in his throat. He did belong to Hannibal. He had surrendered himself to this man, body and soul; there was no sense in denying that fact.

"B-but .... it's going to be way too much of a distraction when I'm working," he said, searching for some way to convince Hannibal that he couldn't do this. It was too much.

"Nevertheless, you will do it," Hannibal snapped, his tone becoming angry. "Do not think to defy me, Will. Not if you want the relationship we have to continue. I will not deal with defiance. It's your choice as to whether you want us to continue, or end here and now."

Will closed his eyes, swallowing hard. Of course he didn't want them to end, and Hannibal knew it. His lover literally had him by the balls; there was no way that he could walk away from what he and Hannibal shared, and the other man damn well knew it.

"O-okay," he agreed, his voice trembling. "I'll try."

Hannibal's lips curved into a smile; his lover leaned over him, raising a hand to stroke Will's cheek. "Good boy. I think this may work to bring us even closer together, Will."

How in the hell was this going to bring them closer? He doubted the veracity of Hannibal's words, but he nodded again, gingerly sitting up and gasping again as the plug pushed deeper inside him. Clearly, this was going to take some getting used to.

Will only hoped that he would be able to control his reactions to the stimulation while he was working. He didn't want anyone else to guess what was going on; if they did, then he'd have to make up some explanation that was sure to sound lame -- and wouldn't be believed.

"You still have a while to get dressed," Hannibal told him, glancing at the clock on the wall. "That should give you enough time to get used to the sensation. Come downstairs when you're ready, so I can feed you breakfast before you go to work. You must be hungry."

Will could only nod as he watched his lover walk out of the room. He got to his feet, gasping again as more pressure was applied to his prostate. At this rate, he was going to have a long day ahead of him -- a day that would probably be filled with surprises.

He wasn't ready to deal with this, but apparently, he didn't have a choice.

What did Hannibal think he was going to accomplish with this? Obviously, he wanted to be obeyed; Will had no problem with giving him obedience, if the circumstances demanded it. But Hannibal apparently wanted him to be an obedient partner even when they weren't together.

Well, if that was that Hannibal wanted, that was what he would get. Will knew that if he balked at this, he'd be thrown away as though their intimacy had never happened.

He couldn't deal with that, so he would play along, no matter how difficult that might prove to be. Slowly, he moved across the room to where his overnight bag was, knowing that he had to get dressed and get down to the kitchen before Hannibal came looking for him.