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Title: Behind the Lens
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Will got out of his car and looked at his watch with a frown. He'd been at his office longer than he'd planned; he hadn't intended to work late today, but he hadn't had much of a choice. Everything had been piling up on him, and he'd lad a lot to do.

He hated knowing that when he didn't stay at work, he felt that he was neglecting what he'd been meant to do. If only he didn't feel such a responsibility to Jack Crawford .... He sighed softly, shaking his head and rubbing his eyes. At least he was home now.

But not for long. He'd be leaving shortly to make his way to Hannibal's house.

Just the thought of being with Hannibal tonight made his heart race. Hannibal had said that they wouldn't be having a session -- and he knew what that meant.

He would be spending the night with Hannibal tonight. He didn't think that his lover would take him to bed, and then expect him to leave after they'd been intimate to spend the night alone in his own bed, so far away. No, they would share a bed tonight.

Just the thought made his heart thump almost painfully in his chest. This was what he wanted, what he'd wanted for what felt like forever. And it was finally going to happen. He was finally going to have Hannibal in the way that he'd dreamed of for so long.

Still, it was a little scary; this was a big step he was taking. This would put whatever it was they had squarely into the category of "relationship."

Would Hannibal feel the same way? He wasn't sure about that.

He had no idea exactly how Hannibal felt about him, or how the other man looked at what they shared. Maybe it was only physical to him; maybe he didn't have any growing feelings for Will other than the obvious lust. He hadn't said anything to make Will believe otherwise.

Maybe tonight would be the night that Hannibal would finally tell Will how he felt.

A shiver went through Will's body at the thought; he wanted to believe that he and Hannibal shared something other than simple lust, something that could last. It wasn't easy for him to admit that he wanted something more, but he was coming closer to it every day.

The problem was not knowing how Hannibal felt. He didn't want to let his feelings become so intense that he couldn't pull back if Hannibal didn't feel the same way.

He had to protect himself, after all. He couldn't let his emotions run away with him; that was only going to lead to a lot of pain that he didn't want to deal with. No, it would be a lot easier to hold back and let Hannibal lead the way before he jumped in head first.

Wasn't he already in too deep? he asked himself. His emotions were already involved, whether he wanted to admit that fact or not. He had already fallen.

But not so far that he couldn't get back up again if he had to.

He wasn't going to let himself fall any further, no matter how intimate he and Hannibal became. He would keep things at the level they were now, and not let his emotions become any more entangled. Yes, that was the safe thing to do. He'd keep those walls up, not let them crumble too soon.

Will took a deep breath, glad that he'd made that decision. Now all he had to do was make sure that he held to it, and everything would be fine.

He frowned as he bounded up the few steps to the front porch, spotting the bouquet of flowers that lay on the chair near the doorway. He'd been sent flowers again -- and this time, he was fairly certain that they weren't from Hannibal, as the other man hadn't mentioned them.

It must be his "admirer" again. He didn't want to think that someone was watching him, but if they were, there was no way he could stop them from doing so.

He hadn't told Jack Crawford about this new development. He hadn't wanted Jack to think that he was rattled by the thought of someone watching him, that it would keep him from doing his job. Jack already thought he was unstable; this would only make things worse.

It was his problem, and he could handle it.

Cautiously, Will picked up the envelope that was lying under the flowers, opening it and reading the words on the page. He read through them once, then again, forcing himself not to look around in a panic as what was written there in black and white sank into his mind.

"I appreciate your new look, sweet William. I'm sure that your lover does, too. I wonder which one of us will get to enjoy it first?"

That was a threat, Most definitely a threat. This person knew about his relationship with Hannibal; they even knew that he'd had his body waxed. They seemed to know everything about him, everything that he did. They were obviously watching him more closely than he'd realized.

Slowly, Will turned around, scanning the area around his home. He didn't feel safe here any longer; suddenly, it seemed far too isolated, too lonely. It would be easy for anyone to find him here, catch him unawares, attack him before he could defend himself.

Take it easy, he told himself, trying to calm down. There's nobody here but you and the dogs in the house. You're safe.

But was he really safe? Even now, was there someone out there watching him, hiding behind the lens of a camera, or using binoculars to detect his every move? Where were they? Were they hidden in the woods, or were they somewhere much nearer?

Could they even have been inside his home?

No, that wasn't possible. The dogs would be barking their heads off if there was anyone in the house; they'd have set up some kind of alarm when they heard the car outside.

Still, it was obvious that someone had been watching him, and that was more than a little creepy. Maybe he should go to Jack about this, ask for some kind of protective detail. If he was being stalked, then the situation was only going to escalate.

Or maybe he should simply stay with Hannibal until this person was caught.

Will gasped at the thought, his eyes widening. He wanted an excuse to be with Hannibal more, to spend nights with him -- well, here it was, on a silver platter.

Here was the perfect reason for him to spend his nights at Hannibal's house -- and hopefully in Hannibal's bed. He was sure that Hannibal wouldn't turn him away, not when it seemed as though he could be in danger from this person who was watching him.

It felt almost dishonest to ask to stay with Hannibal for this kind of reason, but he really didn't feel safe at home any more. And Hannibal couldn't stay here; it wasn't the kind of place that he was used to. One night, yes; longer than that, no.

It would be absurd to expect Hannibal to stay here, even though Will wanted him to. No, he would have to go to Hannibal, not the other way around.

He was already going there tonight. Asking to stay for a while would be a logical step.

It wasn't as though he was asking just because he wanted to be there, Will reasoned as he unlocked the door and went into the house. He was asking because he could possibly be in danger if he stayed in his own home alone. It would be safer for him to be at Hannibal's.

Hannibal would see it that way, he was sure. Jack probably wouldn't, but then, Jack didn't like Hannibal much. He'd object to anyone staying there for any length of time.

Will didn't really give a damn what Jack thought. Yes, he would have to ask Jack for help, but he had that right. Jack's personal feelings about Hannibal Lecter didn't come into the picture. Will was a grown man; he didn't have to ask permission to stay with a friend.

Friend? Yes, he told himself firmly. He wasn't about to tell Jack that Hannibal was his lover. It was really none of Jack's business what he did in his personal life.

Though it might not be possible to keep his personal life under wraps for much longer.

Sighing, Will pushed those thoughts aside, going about the things he had to do before the left the house. It only took a few minutes to feed the dogs and pack a bag, then he was back in the car and heading towards Hannibal's house, wondering what the night had in store for him.