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Title: Link
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: PG-13
Table: writers_choice
Prompt: #129, Linked
Author's Note: Sequel to "Caught in A Web."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


He was going to see Hannibal tonight.

Will looked at the clock on his office wall again, sighing in frustration. No matter how many times he looked up, it never seemed to move fast enough.

He was supposed to be grading papers, but he couldn't concentrate on what he was reading. Each time he bent his head over the students' work, all he could see was Hannibal; all he could think of was his boyfriend, and the knowledge that they'd be together tonight.

Finally, Will pushed the papers aside, giving up on the work he was doing. He wasn't giving them his complete concentration, and that wasn't fair to his students.

But he couldn't keep his mind off Hannibal, and what they would probably be doing after dinner tonight. He had no doubt that Hannibal would take him to his bed; it had been over a week since they had last made love, and he knew that Hannibal would want him.

And he'd want Hannibal just as much, Will told himself. In fact, he already did. His body was burning, aching, longing for Hannibal's touch.

He and Hannibal were inextricably linked.

He wouldn't long for his lover's touch in the way that he did if they weren't, Will thought with a sigh. And he wouldn't love Hannibal as much as he did, either.

The question was, did Hannibal feel the same way about him? Did he feel a link between them, one that pulled them inexorably towards each other? Or was Will simply a pastime for him, one that he would tire of eventually and walk away from?

Will didn't want to think like that. He wanted to believe that he and Hannibal would grow closer, and that they would spend their lives together.

But Hannibal was so inscrutable; he wore his emotions so well, not letting them show in his face or in his voice. Will could never tell just how he felt; he played everything to close to the vest that it was impossible to know just what he was thinking or feeling at any given time.

It was frustrating beyond belief, Will thought to himself. And it wasn't as though he could simply come out and ask Hannibal what he was feeling.

Well, he could, but something always held him back.

For some reason, he didn't feel comfortable talking to Hannibal about his emotions. He didn't know why; he simply always felt that it was a closed door.

Hannibal had never said that he loved Will, not even when they were making love. If he had said those three little words that Will wanted so much to hear, then Will couldn't remember them. He had been too wrapped up in the throes of passion at the time.

He searched his memory, looking for a time when Hannibal had said those words. He couldn't remember one. Not one single utterance.

But even though he'd never heard those words -- and wondered if he ever would -- from Hannibal, Will still felt that they were linked, bonded to each other.

He didn't know just why he felt that way, but he couldn't deny that he did. He felt a closeness to Hannibal that he'd never felt for anyone else; he couldn't put his finger on exactly why, but he knew that the bond was there, an unbreakable bond.

It wasn't simply because he and Hannibal were lovers in the physical sense; it actually had more to do with his emotions than with his body.

Will wished he knew why that bond existed, and how it had come to be.

Why were he and Hannibal so linked to each other? What was it about the other man that he found utterly irresistible, and why?

It wasn't his looks, that was for sure. Hannibal had squinty eyes and thin, almost nonexistent lips. His looks were nothing special; in fact, he wasn't a physically attractive man at all. But his mind .... ah, that was a different story. His mind was fascinating.

That was the attraction, and had been from the first. Hannibal's mind drew him inexorably closer, like the proverbial moth to a flame. He couldn't resist that brilliant mind.

Hannibal was a worthy match for him in the mental arena, and he'd never met anyone else who was. This man would be a worthy opponent if they ever went up against each other in any way; Will already knew that from playing chess with his lover.

The two of them were evenly matched mentally. Will just couldn't help wondering if there would ever come a day when one of them would get the better of the other.

He hoped not; he didn't want to be on the losing end.

But that link, whatever it was and whyever it existed between them, would keep them together. The two of them would always be bound by that strange attraction.

Will couldn't keep from wondering just why that link had formed when it had -- and why it had led to them becoming physical lovers. He'd never have expected that to happen, but somehow, it had. And he wasn't the least bit ashamed of that fact.

If only he knew just how Hannibal felt about him! Will sighed, looking at the clock again. Somehow, it had miraculously managed to move forward.

He sighed with relief, standing up and shuffling the papers together before putting them away neatly in his briefcase. He would return to his work tomorrow; the papers didn't need to be graded before Monday, and he could get them done over the weekend.

But for now, it was Friday night, and he was going to spend the evening with his boyfriend, and explore the link between them in both the mental and physical sense.

He was looking forward to every second of this weekend.