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Title: Lodestar
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Hannibal paused outside the bedroom door, wondering why Will had felt the need to close it. It wasn't as though he hadn't already seen the younger man in the altogether; he hadn't thought that Will would be so shy about revealing the beauty of his body at this point.

There was obviously still much more that he had to learn about Will Graham.

It was time for Will to discover something about him. Namely, that he didn't take well to other people attempting to claim that which belonged to him.

He was going to show Will just where he belonged -- and who he belonged to. He had no intention of being kind, or gentle. He wasn't going to hurt Will -- that would more than likely only send him fleeing in the opposite direction -- but he was going to be firm.

He hadn't thought this lesson would come this soon in their relationship, but after Will had shown him that card, he'd known that something had to be done. He couldn't allow Will to wander in another direction, to lose sight of what the two of them were building.

Of course, Will didn't know just what their relationship was. He was confused. But he would soon realize that he had no choice but to be here.

Opening the door, he strode into the room, pleased to see that Will was naked and already lying on the bed. Those blue eyes met his own, their intensity almost startling him for a moment. Sometimes he forgot just how mesmerizing Will's eyes could be.

Those eyes were his lodestar, leading him on and drawing him closer.

But he didn't intend to look into Will's eyes tonight. No, that would inspire softer feelings, take his mind away from the lesson he wanted to teach his boy.

There would be no gentleness between them tonight. They would be pupil and teacher -- and this might be a hard lesson for Will to learn. But learn it he would; he had to be taught in no uncertain terms that he belonged to Hannibal, and to no one else.

There was no room for another person in their equation, and Will had to realize that. He wouldn't be allowed to even consider that he could be desired by anyone else.

Will had to belong to him completely, body and soul. Tonight would be a huge step towards that objective.

The look in those eyes was apprehensive; that was good. He wanted Will to be on the edge of his nerves tonight; it would be yet another way to begin breaking him down, to make him realize that his will was subject to the man who commanded him.

Will was not free, and he couldn't be allowed to think that he was. He hadn't been free since the day that they had first met, and Hannibal had looked into the intensity of those deep sapphire eyes for the first time. It was then that he had decided Will would be his.

Will was his. He always would be.

"Turn over," Hannibal told Will tersely, his voice clipped. He wasn't going to look into those eyes, not tonight. He was going to take Will, to take his own pleasure. He was going to show Will that he was the stronger one, the dominant one, and that he must be obeyed.

Will stared up at him, those blue eyes wide, before hesitantly obeying his command. Hannibal couldn't hold back a smile of satisfaction; Will was already learning that he wasn't to be denied.

It remained to be seen just what else he would have to teach Will; there were some thing that the young man seemed to know instinctively. Maybe they really had been made for each other, Hannibal thought as he reached for one of Will's thin wrists.

He could feel the shock go through Will's body when he clicked the handcuff on one bedpost around his wrist; Will obviously hadn't taken the time to look around and see those cuffs. Nor did he know that they were new additions to the décor, put there specifically for him.

Hannibal cuffed his other wrist, then sat back on his heels.

Will was stretched out before him, tugging slightly at the cuffs, even though he had to know that he couldn't escape. Hannibal trailed his fingertips down the younger man's back, admiring the smooth line of his body. He had to resist the urge to dig his nails into flesh; this wasn't the time.

"Spread your legs, Will," he murmured, keeping his voice low-pitched. He didn't want to frighten Will, didn't want him to feel that he had to struggle. This would be a lesson, but he didn't want it to be a particularly painful one. That would be detrimental to his purpose.

"Hannibal, don't," Will begged, trying to turn his head to look at the man behind him. "Don't make me hate you. Don't do this in anger."

Hannibal didn't answer; he simply reached for the tube of lubricant he'd readied on the small table by his bed. He didn't speak as he popped the cap and lubed his fingers, then leaned forward and slipped one finger, then a second, inside Will, spreading and scissoring them.

Within seconds, Will was moaning and squirming under him, muscles bunching and then releasing. He could watch this all night, Hannibal thought to himself, but it was time for him to take his own pleasure, to let Will know who was in control here.

It would be pleasurable for both of them, of course. He would see to that.

He replaced the lube on the table, then leaned forward and grasped Will's shoulders. The young man stilled under him; Hannibal could almost feel the electricity in the air, as though a storm was about to break. They were both waiting for what would come next.

He closed his eyes, thrusting his hips forward, almost gasping as he was enveloped in the tight heat of Will's body. It was like being enclosed in a velvet vise.

How was it possible for Will to still be this tight? He would have thought that Will's body would have learned to relax by now; the two of them had been intimate more than once. But perhaps Will's body was as reluctant as his mind was to accept anyone into his life.

Hannibal knew that feeling all too well -- but he had brought Will into his life, so it was only right that he be accepted into Will's life just as he was into his body.

His hands moved up Will's arms to grasp his hands, twining their fingers together as he continued to thrust. He didn't want to make a sound, but he couldn't hold back the small moans of pleasure that escaped his lips. Nothing had ever felt this .... this good.

Even killing, with the rush of power and control it gave him, couldn't equal the pleasure that he felt when he was deep inside Will Graham's body. This was where he belonged; being inside Will was like coming home, to the place where he was meant to be.

They belonged together. Will was his lodestar, drawing him in.

Just as this beautiful body that he was now thrusting into drew him in, intoxicated him, made him want Will more each time they coupled. He could spend all of his life with this beautiful boy -- that is, until it was time for Will to die, which was their inevitable end.

But he would give Will a glorious, beautiful death, one that would go down in history. That was a promise that he had silently made to them both, and one that he would keep.

Hannibal could feel his orgasm starting to uncoil within him, stronger than he could ever remember any other climax being. One more thrust .... then another ... and he couldn't hold back the soft cry that fell from his lips, not realizing that it was Will's name he cried out.

Will had cried out as well, but unlike Hannibal's, his cry was wordless, as though he was incapable of making any words formulate in his mind. His body tightened one last time around Hannibal's cock, then he relaxed, going limp and boneless.

Hannibal almost wanted to slide his arms around Will, to tell him that everything would be all right.

But no, he couldn't do that. This was a lesson for Will to learn, something that he had to be taught. He had to know that he had no choices in this relationship, that he had no control. And if being a bit rough with him was the way to impart that lesson, then so be it.

Hannibal slowly pulled out of Will, sitting up and gazing down at the young man in front of him. He didn't want to look into Will's eyes yet, to see what might be reflected there.

Will looked inexpressibly beautiful, lying there bound and helpless. A part of him wanted to lean down and press a kiss to the vulnerable nape of his neck; another part wanted to take him again, as soon as possible, only more roughly the second time.

No, he wouldn't do that. But he would savor the fact that he could if he chose to.

"I think that's enough for tonight," he said softly, reaching for the key to the handcuffs and releasing Will's right wrist, then his left. "But remember this, Will. You belong to me."

Will nodded as he sat up slowly, chafing his wrists and not looking up at Hannibal. It was as though he didn't want their eyes to met, as though he was ashamed that they would reflect the pleasure he'd felt. That wasn't entirely satisfactory, but it would do for now.

Hannibal stood and reached for his robe, shrugging into it and pulling it around his nudity. He was done with Will for the night. It was time to put some distance between them.

"Go home, Will," he said, his voice more gentle than he'd intended for it to be. "There'll be no session tonight. We can talk tomorrow night. I think we both need a bit of time apart for the moment."

With those words, he turned and walked out of the room.

He hadn't expected to see that flash of hurt in Will's gaze as the young man had looked up at him. He hadn't meant to glance back just before he closed the door. But he had, and there was a part of him that felt a small stirring of regret at what he'd done tonight.

He shouldn't have looked back. Because those sapphire eyes still drew him in, made him want to take Will in his arms and somehow comfort him.

No matter how much he tried to distance himself, Will would always be his lodestar. He might as well accept that fact, Hannibal thought with a sigh as he made his way to the kitchen. He should pull back. He shouldn't let himself move any closer to Will.

But he was caught. There was no escape for him, either.

Somehow, the thought didn't seem as unsettling as it probably should be.