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Title: Love and Hope
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: PG-13
Table: 8, 50ficlets
Prompt: 31, Moonlight
Author's Note: This is a 50-ficlet AU series for Will/Hannibal. In this universe, the two of them are deeply in love with each other, though neither knows quite how to bring that love out into the open.
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Hannibal turned over onto his back with a sigh, glancing towards the window. The moonlight poured through into his bedroom, turning the room almost as bright as day and illuminating the sleeping face of the young man in bed beside him.

He propped himself up on one elbow and gazed at Will, reaching out to trace the curve of his cheekbone, and as always marveling that he was here.

How had he gotten so lucky as to have an angel like Will Graham thrown into his lap? It was as though, after a lifetime of deprivation in the romantic arena, he had finally come into his own, and everything he'd ever wished for was being granted to him.

Though Will was more than he could have ever hoped for.

Will was the culmination of every dream he'd ever had. Will was all that he had ever wanted or needed, all rolled into one delectable package.

Saying that he was a lucky man didn't begin to describe how he felt. Luck hadn't brought Will to him; it had been some kind of fate, or kismet, or whatever one wanted to call it. He and Will had been meant to be; they were written in the stars.

When had this happened? When had he fallen in love with Will? When had he allowed himself to take the risk of losing his heart?

Hannibal couldn't pinpoint the exact moment when he had fallen for Will, but that didn't matter. The most important thing was that he had fallen head over heels, and that he never wanted to get up again. He was perfectly happy to be exactly where he was.

He'd never thought that this would happen to him, never thought that he would fall so desperately in love. He had long since resigned himself to a life of loneliness.

Will had saved him from that. Will was his angel.

He had an entirely new lease on life, thanks to the beautiful young man who was lying here sleeping in his arms. So many doors had suddenly opened up for him.

Life had looked dull and dark before the advent of Will Graham in his life; now, everything looked bright and sparkling and hopeful, for the first time in more years than he cared to remember. For the first time, he was optimistic about his future.

And he had Will to thank for that. Will had not only given him love, but hope -- and that meant just as much to him as the love in their hearts did.

The moonlight seemed to grow brighter as he gazed down at Will; liming his handsome features with silver. He looked so beautiful that the sight brought tears to Hannibal's eyes.

The fact that such beauty was his made his heart swell with love and longing. WIll had put himself in his hands, turned over his heart. How could he not have done the same? How could he not have let himself love in return, responding to the love in Will's eyes?

There was no way he could have held himself back. Knowing that he was loved made all the difference; he had to respond to that love in kind.

He'd taken the risk of reaching out, and he would never regret doing so.

There was no reason to regret. Reaching out to Will had yielded more than he'd ever dreamed it could. It had given him a new love, and a new life.

No, he had no regrets about being with Will. Will was the love of his life, the owner of his heart. There was nothing to regret; there was nothing in this relationship but love and hope. Hope that he'd never thought he could have, hope that he would hold on to.

He and Will might not always be perfect. They might have their problems along the way. But Hannibal was sure that any problems they might encounter could be overcome.

After all, they had love on their side -- a love such as the world had never seen. He had no doubt that Will loved him just as much as he loved Will; he could feel that love in Will's touch, in his kiss, see it in those beautiful, incredible blue eyes.

Any problems they might have could be dealt with and swept away. There was nothing to hold them back, nothing to stand in their way.

If anyone tried to stand in their way, Hannibal would eliminate them.

It was as simple as that. Will would never approve of that thought, of course, but Will would never know. There were some secrets that had to be kept, some things that Will could never be told. What he didn't know wasn't going to hurt him.

He moved closer to Will under the covers, sliding his arms around his young lover's waist and pulling him closer, then raising one hand to stroke Will's hair.

No, there were no regrets. And there never would be -- hopefully, not for either of them. Hannibal smiled softly at the sight of Will sleeping in his arms, then lay down against the cool pillow, closing his eyes and letting himself drift off to join Will in peaceful slumber.