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Title: My Wish Came True
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Will Graham/Lee Fallon
Fandom: Hannibal/The Big C
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Will Graham or Lee Fallon, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


"I can't believe our wedding is in just three weeks," Will said sleepily, resting his head on Lee's shoulder. "It doesn't seem possible that I'm getting married."

Lee laughed softly, raising a hand to run his fingers through Will's dark, tousled curls. "I never thought I'd get married. But then, I never thought that I'd fall in love, either."

He smiled softly, punctuating his words with a gentle kiss.

No, he'd never thought that he would fall in love. He had never thought that he'd meet the right man, the man who made his heart beat faster, the man who would capture that heart.

He'd often wished that he could meet that man, but he hadn't truly thought that it would happen. No man could live up to the person he had a mental picture of. Nobody could be the man of his dreams. That was what he'd thought, until the moment that he'd met Will.

He had known from the first time their gazes had met that this was the one. There had been something in WIll's eyes that had captivated him from the beginning.

And miracle of miracles, Will felt the same way about him.

He would never have expected that in a million years. He had thought, even when they had first met, that Will couldn't possibly share his own feelings.

And yet, he had, Lee thought with another smile. His wish had come true, the wish that he'd held close to his heart for so long. He'd finally found the man he could fall in love with.

How was it possible to love so deeply? He would never have believed that he held this kind of love within himself; he had always known that his emotions ran deeply, but he had never realized just how much feeling he was capable of. He had never let all of those emotions out before Will had come into his life.

He'd always been afraid to, really. Everyone he'd known in his life had always left him, turning away from him at some point. By the time he'd met Will, he'd been afraid to reach out.

Maybe it was his disease that had made him do so. Maybe he was braver about taking chances now. But this was one chance that he would be forever grateful to have taken.

Taking those chances was scary, but some of them were worthwhile.

He'd taken a chance on coming here for the drug trial, hadn't he? And look how far that had gotten him. The last trial might not have worked, but the new one was hopeful.

His entire outlook was hopeful at the moment. Not only was the new drug trial that he was getting into looking up, but he was getting married in just three weeks. It would be the happiest day of his life; he and Will were going to have a future together, a long and happy marriage.

He had to believe that. He couldn't let himself give up that hope; if he did, then he would be lost. He had to hold on to that hope with everything that he had.

This trial would be successful, and the cancer would be eradicated. It worked for other people; it could work for him, too. He had to be optimistic.

Before he'd met Will, optimism had been something that he'd given up on; he had spent far too much time believing that he was just going through the motions by getting into one trial after another. He hadn't really believed that he was going to make it. He'd just been drifting wherever life had taken him.

But now, he had a reason to live, a reason to want to beat this disease. Will had given him all the hope in the world, and that hope was sweeter than he'd known it could be.

He wanted to live. For Will. For himself. For their future.

He had wished with all of his heart that coming here would herald a new phase in his life, that this time, things would be different. And that wish had come true.

Everything in his life was different now than it had been when he'd first come to DC. He had found love, and had a whole new direction in his life. Everything had changed.

He hadn't wished for love, but he had found it. Maybe somewhere deep in his heart, he had wanted to find love; maybe a part of him had known that meeting the right man and falling in love would give him the strength that he needed to forge ahead. Maybe this had been his wish all along.

"I've always wanted to have a small, intimate wedding with just my closest friends there," Will murmured, sounding sleepy and sated. "Not that I have so many friends, but you know what I mean."

"Yes, I do," Lee said with another soft smile, brushing a gentle kiss across Will's forehead. "I've never wanted some big huge wedding. Just something quiet, to share our joy with our friends."

Will nodded, smiling. "Exactly. And my wish is coming true."

"My wish came true the moment I met you," Lee whispered, gazing into Will's impossibly blue eyes. "I met the love of my life, the man I want to spend eternity with."

He placed a hand on Will's heart, feeling the strong, steady beat under his palm. That heart beat for him, just as his own heart was beating for Will. Their hearts beat in sync, in time with each other; those hearts were entwined forever, the love that they held as strong and steady as their rhythm.

This man made his every wish come true. Being with Will made life worth living; being in love gave him something to fight for, something that made every day an adventure.

He wouldn't give this up. He would fight for their future, for their life together.

"I love you," he whispered, knowing that Will would return the sentiment. When he didn't, Lee looked down at him in question, them smiled and laughed softly.

Will was asleep in his arms, his breathing slow and even.

All of his wishes were coming true. He had found love, and at the moment, his future looked hopeful. He just hoped that it would stay that way. If they were lucky, it would.

He wanted a future where even more of their wishes would be made reality.