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Title: Trouble Having You Near
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Hannibal stood at his bedroom window and watched as the tail lights of Will's car turned a corner, only letting the curtain fall and turning away when they had disappeared for good. Will was on his way back to Wolf Trap for the evening, and that was as it should be.

But he wanted to call Will back. Oh, how he wanted to.

He had truly appreciated Will's little surprise -- more than he'd thought he would. When he had opened his eyes, he had felt an odd kind of pleasure seep through him.

So, Will had taken the hint that the picture had been intended to give him, and he'd run with it. That proved that the two of them were connected on some primal level, that he could manage to communicate his thoughts and desires to Will without the aid of words.

That was as it should be. A good submissive should be sensitive to his dominant's desires; he should be able to know what was wanted without benefit of being told outright.

He hadn't thought that Will would catch on to his meaning so quickly.

He'd told himself over and over that he was being too subtle, that it would take more than a painting for Will to understand what he was meant to do. Hannibal had thought that he would have to throw out a few hints, but no, Will had grasped his meaning clearly.

Did WIll realize that was what the painting had meant to convey, that he was supposed to follow the line of Hannibal's fantasy back to where it began? If he did, then all well and good. If he didn't, then that really wasn't a problem. He would understand that, in time.

It had been so hard to send Will home; even now, the young man's taste was still in his mouth, and he found himself craving more, as though he would never be sated.

But tonight wasn't the night for that. He'd already had a tantalizing taste of what it would be like to lick that delectable young body with nothing to get in his way; he looked forward to doing just that tomorrow night, to taking Will up to heights that he'd never before experienced.

Knowing that it wasn't the right time didn't stop him from wanting.

And he wasn't the type of man to deny himself whatever he desired.

But tonight, he would -- for the good of his plans for the future. He had so much that he intended to teach Will; he was going to groom this beautiful boy to be exactly what Hannibal wanted of him before he gave Will the most beautiful, glorious death he could contrive to give.

That was far, far into the future, Hannibal assured himself. He had no wish to be deprived of Will any time soon, not until he had enjoyed his submissive to the fullest.

Will might not realize yet that he was a submissive, but he would. Even if he wasn't told outright, he was a smart boy. He would figure it out -- and it wouldn't take him long to come to the conclusion that he liked it. If he didn't, then he would have to be helped to that conclusion.

Just the thought of all the things that he would do to Will in the future made Hannibal's body tighten; he wished yet again that he hadn't sent the young man on his way home.

The truth was, he didn't think that he could have Will in the house for one moment longer without taking him up to the bedroom, no matter that he had said he wouldn't.

He had far too much trouble having Will near.

Every time Will was anywhere close to him, he had to force himself not to reach out and touch that glowing skin, run his fingers through those tousled dark curls, caress the softness of Will's cheek with his knuckles. It was getting harder not to touch him each time they met.

When there were other people around, he had to curb those desires. Now he was forcing himself to do so when they were alone, and he didn't like that fact.

The more he was near Will, the harder it was to hold himself back. He had never been a man who acted on impulse; he always thought things through very carefully, and acted accordingly. He was always aware of his surroundings, and his own safety.

That was why he'd never been caught.

With Will, he threw that caution to the winds. There had been a few times, when they had been here in his office with other people, that he'd wanted to pull Will into his arms and kiss him, simply to show everyone that Will was his, that he would tolerate no interference.

He had managed to stop himself in time, but it hadn't been easy. And he knew that whenever they were near each other, his gaze followed Will like a hawk. He couldn't help it.

That was dangerous. He couldn't risk letting anyone know just how much Will meant to him.

Will Graham was turning his world upside down, in too many ways for him to count. He didn't like that. He didn't want that orderly existence disturbed. He knew what his eventual goal was, and he wanted to work towards it, quietly, calmly, with as few distractions as possible.

Will was most definitely a distraction.

Yet he couldn't simply brush Will aside, turn off that physical need for him as though it didn't exist, no matter how much he wanted to. It had gone too far.

He had so much trouble having Will near that the young man was a constant distraction, not only when they were close to each other, but when they were far apart. Even now, his body and mind burned for Will; he couldn't stop thinking about him.

Hannibal closed his eyes, bringing a picture of Will into his mind; Will standing here in front of him, his body completely smooth, looking more desirable than Hannibal had ever seen him. Will in his bed, those intense blue eyes gazing up at him in the dim light.

Those images stayed with him, refused to leave his mind. He tossed and turned at night, unable to stop his body from burning for Will, needing to feel that slim body next to his.

He shouldn't have sent Will home tonight. That much was obvious.

Just thinking about Will now was making him hard; the remembrance of how he had looked, standing here stark naked in this room, was circling through Hannibal's mind, making him feel reckless. He wanted to throw caution to the winds, to go after Will and bring him back.

But no. That wasn't what he needed to do, not tonight. He need to hold himself back, to make himself wait. He needed to be patient.

Will would come to him. It would take a bit of time, but it would happen. He was already well on the way to completely subjugating Will; he had no doubt that the young man needed and wanted him just as much. He didn't doubt that Will was thinking about him now.

Will would burn for him tonight, just as he burned for Will. There would be no sleep for him, and if there was, his restless dreams of what they would do tomorrow night would waken him, drenched in the sweat of desire, counting the hours until they were alone again.

Yes, Will would burn for him. And tomorrow night, he would intensify that burning.

He would sate himself with Will's body tomorrow night, but he would make sure that Will left here still wanting more. It wouldn't do to let his prey be sated so quickly.

Will was already caught in a spider's web, the sticky threads binding him so tightly that there would be no escape for him. He would keep coming back for more, willingly, until he was so dependent on Hannibal that he had nowhere else to turn for what he needed.

And Hannibal had every intention of giving him what he needed -- but only a little at a time, to ensure that his dependency only grew.

Will would experience trouble having him near, as well.

The thought made Hannibal smile as he turned towards his bed, starting to unbutton his shirt. Turnabout was fair play, after all -- and that bit of revenge would certainly taste sweet.