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Title: Thinking Positively
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Will Graham/Lee Fallon
Fandom: Hannibal/The Big C
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Will Graham or Lee Fallon, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


They had set the date. They knew when they were going to be married.

June nineteenth. Will rolled the words around on his tongue, smiling. In just a little over a month, his life as a married man would begin, and he couldn't wait for it to happen.

Married. He and Lee were going to get married. Lee's cancer treatments would work this time, and the two of them would have a long and happy life together.

Will closed his eyes as doubts tried to assail his mind, pushing them away firmly. Was he a fool to believe that they could have their happy ever after, the one that they both wanted so badly? Was he only kidding himself to think that this new trial would work, and that Lee could live?

He didn't want to be pessimistic. He didn't want to hold on to negative thoughts. He knew that Lee needed to think positively, and he tried to do the same himself.

But it was hard not to be frightened of the future. It was hard to believe that they could achieve the happiness that was so close within their grasp.

He knew how easily happiness could turn to dust.

It had happened to him in the past -- not in a relationship, but in other ways. He didn't want the happiness that he'd found with Lee to crumble into nothingness.

He didn't want to imagine a life without Lee. That life, for him, wouldn't be worth living. Now that he had found someone to love, he couldn't bear to lose that feeling.

All of his life he had longed for someone who would love and accept him, understand him. Lee was the only person who had ever given him what he needed in that respect -- and Will was sure that Lee was the one person in the world who had been intended for him.

They seemed to fit together like hand in glove. He couldn't even contemplate going back to the sterile, lonely life he'd led before he and Lee had met.

He had tried to tell himself that he was satisfied with that life, that he could be content. But he had been lying to himself. He knew that now.

But that wasn't something he wanted -- or needed -- to think about now, Will told himself firmly. He needed to think about their wedding. They had already decided on the flowers and the music, and they had booked a wedding chapel. They only had to get their suits, and send out the invitations.

A wedding. Their wedding. Just the thought of being married to the man he loved gave him a warm glow; the idea of being Lee's husband filled him with joy.

He wasn't going to let anything get in the way of that joy. He was going to think positively; there was no reason for him not to. Lee's doctors seemed to be hopeful about the new trial.

He had to keep his mind away from depressing thoughts.

After all, there was no sense in him being depressed, not now. He was getting married! And he was sure that being married was going to be bliss.

How could it not be? Will thought with a soft smile. He was marrying Lee Fallon, the man he loved with all of his heart and soul. The man who was everything to him.

Their wedding day was going to be the most wonderful day of their lives, and he would do all that he could to make it that way. There would be no sadness, and no tears unless they were tears of joy. There would be no dark thoughts, no depression, only happiness and hope for the future.

Will was sure that Lee felt the same way. Now that they had set the date and started making some of the arrangements, everything seemed that much closer to taking place.

In just over the space of a month, they would be married. He would be able to call himself Will Graham-Fallon -- and there was no other name that he wanted to have.

That what what he needed to focus on right now.

And that was what he would focus on, Will thought determinedly as he reached for his cell phone. He was going to call a couple of places where he knew they could get their suits fitted.

This wedding day was going to be perfect for both of them, he told himself as he picked up the phone book. He would make sure of that, no matter what he had to do.