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Title: Powerful Attraction
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: PG-13
Table: writers_choice
Prompt: #368, Magnet
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


He was drawn to Hannibal like a magnet to steel.

Will didn't know just what it was that drew him to his lover; he only knew that he had to be with Hannibal, had to be near him, or he would start to unravel. There were times when the days at work seemed so long without Hannibal by his side that he was sure he'd break down.

So far, he'd managed to hide that dependence on Hannibal quite well. But he couldn't help wonder if others could see it, or if they guessed.

He'd seen Jack giving him odd looks whenever Hannibal's name was mentioned; it was possible that Jack knew about the two of them. If he did, Will really didn't care.

His personal life was none of Jack's business. If he wanted to have a lover, Jack had no right to tell him that it wasn't allowed to be Hannibal. He was a grown man; no one could tell him who to sleep with. If people didn't like their relationship, that was too bad.

He wasn't going to give Hannibal up. He couldn't.

There was no reason for him to. He wasn't going to let Jack Crawford, or anyone else, tell him how to run his life, who he could and couldn't be involved with.

It infuriated him that anyone else would think that their opinion on his relationship mattered to him. If people didn't like the idea that he was seeing Hannibal, well then, those people didn't need to be in his life. They weren't that important to him.

Hannibal, however, was. And he wasn't going to let a little thing like some negative opinions affect the relationship they were building.

Some people would say that he was too dependent, that Hannibal was coming to mean too much to him, to be too important in his life. What did they know? Of course his lover was going to loom large in his life and in his heart. Anyone would feel that way.

Just because he hadn't had a lot of relationships in the past didn't mean that he had no clue as to what they were like, and to what he was feeling.

He wasn't some kind of idiot who lived under a rock, after all.

Well, to some people, maybe he was, Will thought wryly. And maybe that was how he appeared to his lover, as well. He'd been very quick to get involved with Hannibal once their mutual attraction had been admitted to; he must have seemed almost .... desperate.

No, Hannibal wouldn't think of him in that way. He would consider it rude. And one thing Hannibal would never be was rude. Especially not to him.

But yet, he had been drawn like a moth to Hannibal's flame; it had been like a magnet clamping onto steel and not wanting to let go.

Was that what he was like? Was he too clingy? Did he need too much from the man he loved? He couldn't stop thinking along those lines, couldn't stop feeling that he was far too needy and that Hannibal would get tired of trying to fulfill that need.

No, Hannibal wouldn't get tired of him. He'd already said as much.

He had to stop worrying so much, Will told himself firmly. He and Hannibal had a good relationship, and they were building on it and making it stronger every day.

They were like two magnets that had an irresistible attraction to each other; the pull was undeniable, and it was something that neither of them could fight against. There was no use in fighting; they simply had to give in, and go where they were drawn.

That wasn't such a bad thing, Will reflected as he leaned back in his chair. In fact, it was a great thing. He had found love, when he'd never expected to.

Maybe Hannibal didn't feel the same way about him. Maybe this was just a game to him, and he would eventually tire of it and find someone else. But for the moment, what they had seemed strong and enduring, and Will wasn't backing away from it.

He couldn't have done that, even if he'd wanted to. The attraction was too strong; he was stuck to Hannibal like those magnets on the door of his refrigerator.

And he didn't want to let go. Not ever.

He wasn't going to. He didn't care what anyone else thought about their relationship, if anyone thought that it was dangerous, or damaging, or unhealthy, or whatever. None of them knew Hannibal the way that he did. And none of them were in this relationship.

Nobody could tell him what to do, or who to love. He was his own man, his own person, and he wasn't going to be told that he couldn't follow his own heart.

That heart drew him to Hannibal like a magnet, and he didn't want to deny that attraction, or pull away from it. He wanted to give in to it, to follow it to the end.

And he would. there was no reason for him not to. As he'd told himself, he was a grown man, and he could make his own decisions. Though this decision already seemed to have been made for him; the powerful attraction that drew him to Hannibal like a magnet was leading him on.

He intended to follow that attraction to wherever it might lead him.