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Title: Satisfying Intermission
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: NC-17
Table: 3, narrative_x_10
Prompt: Story 06
Author's Note: Sequel to "No Shame."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


"Remove your trousers, Will," Hannibal said, turning to face his young lover in the dimness of the box. He moved to the front, pulling the curtains again and making sure that they were closed well so that no one could see into the confines of their hideaway.

Will did as he was told, silently removing his pants and folding them carefully. He laid them on a chair, then moved towards the front of the box, assuming that Hannibal wanted him to bend over and rest his elbows on the ledge again.

"No, not there," Hannibal told him. "Wait just a moment, Will. I need to remove some of my clothing, as well. Please be patient."

Will raised an eyebrow, but complied, watching Hannibal.

It only took the older man a few moments to remove his own pants; he folded them neatly, laying them next to Will's discarded clothing, then reached into his pocket to bring out a small bottle of lubricant. "Now you may face the stage, Will." His voice was quiet, yet commanding.

There was no way for Will to argue with the tone of Hannibal's voice. He turned around, facing the closed curtains, swallowing hard.

He knew what was going to happen; he knew that Hannibal was going to fuck him. There was no doubt about that, given the fact that his lover was half-naked. He had no problem with that, as long as no one could see what was going on in here.

But they would guess, wouldn't they? He'd already spent the intermission ignoring the smirks and knowing glances that had come their way; he hadn't been able to hide the fact that he was aroused, and he knew that people had noticed it.

They'd know that he had been fucked, too. It would be obvious.

He wasn't embarrassed that Hannibal was his lover, not in the slightest. In fact, he was proud of that fact. But he didn't want to be seen as nothing more than Hannibal's boy toy, his plaything. And he was sure that was how the people here tonight would view him.

But did that really matter? he asked himself. Yes, he might see these people again, but he didn't have to deal with them on a everyday basis.And he was the one who was involved with Hannibal, while they only wished that they could be.

He was the one Hannibal wanted. Nothing would change that. And even if what was happening now was more than a little unorthodox, he should be proud that he was the person who Hannibal had chosen to take part in this bit of naughtiness.

Will turned towards the closed curtains, leaning forward and placing his hands on the ledge. If Hannibal wanted him in another position, then he would be instructed to move.

He was already trembling with anticipation -- and desire.

As forbidden as this was, it was the most exciting thing he had ever done. It didn't really matter whether or not anyone knew what was happening here; he didn't care. Hannibal was going to have him, here in a public place, and he couldn't wait to be taken.

Hannibal had to know that he was on the edge; Will was sure that his desire was practically rolling off him in waves. If Hannibal couldn't feel it, then he would have to be much less perceptive than he was -- and he had never known Hannibal not to notice everything around him.

He couldn't help gasping when he felt Hannibal's hands on his bottom; he arched his back slightly as the plug was pulled out of him, sighing with relief.

The sigh turned into another gasp when he felt Hannibal's cock pressing at his entrance. His eyes widened; he gripped the ledge so hard his knuckles whitened, waiting for the inevitable thrust that would fill him and send his senses soaring to the heavens.

He didn't have long to wait.

Hannibal's arms slid around his waist at the same time that he slid inside Will; he could feel his lover's breath warm against the back of his neck, feel Hannibal's lips on his throat a moment later. He pushed back into the thrust, mewling softly, all sense of propriety gone.

He didn't care who might see or hear. He was too far gone to give a damn where they were; he could only focus on the pleasure he was feeling.

That pleasure coursed through his veins, building quickly; within seconds, Hannibal was thrusting into him steadily, and his own body was rocking back to meet those thrusts. Will wanted this to go on forever, wanted the pleasure to keep escalating.

That couldn't happen, of course; sooner or later, this had to stop, and he had to leave the clouds that he was floating amongst and come back down to earth. But for now, he could stay here, let the pleasure flow over him, taking him towards the stars.

Nothing mattered but this. The rest of the world had no meaning.

Everything else around him seemed very far away and inconsequential; the only thing that felt real was the steady thrusting, the feel of Hannibal inside him, those arms around him, those lips on his skin. Nothing else registered, only sensation.

The pleasure was uncoiling inside him, unfolding like a flower opening its petals to the first rays of the sun. Only a few more moments, and it would burst into bloom.

One more thrust, then another -- and then he was flying through the stars, colors bursting all around him. Hannibal's hand was over his mouth to keep him from crying out; he could dimly hear the other man's soft exhalation of breath as Hannibal released inside him.

Will went limp in his lover's arms; he leaned back against Hannibal, breathing hard, closing his eyes and trying to regain his equilibrium. Of all the times they had made love, somehow this one seemed to be the most intense.

Possibly because there had been so much risk.

What would have happened if they'd been caught? Obviously, they would have been asked to leave -- but Will didn't think they would have been banned from the opera house. Not with the kind of clout Hannibal had in certain societal circles.

No, Hannibal wouldn't be kicked out of here for good. He might be cautioned, even warned that a second offense would result in him not being allowed inside the door again. But he would still be respected. Will didn't doubt that for a moment.

Hannibal's lips were on his throat again, moving up, sharp teeth nibbling at his earlobe. "I would say that was a quite satisfying intermission, wouldn't you, my sweet?"

Will couldn't help but laugh at those words, so softly spoken, so innocuous. Hannibal might have been talking about a glass of wine, or a stimulating conversation with someone of his acquaintance, not about furtive sex in a curtained opera box.

It had been one of the most exciting things Will had ever done.

"It was satisfying, all right," he murmured, feeling a little bereft when Hannibal slid out of him and moved away. He didn't turn around as his lover pulled on his pants, then handed Will his own. He carefully pulled them up and zipped them, feeling a little disconcerted.

This had been so easy for Hannibal. It was as though he'd done it before, and Will couldn't help wondering if that was so. He wanted to ask his lover if this was the first time he'd thought of something like this, but the words stuck in his throat.

He couldn't be jealous, could he? After all, if Hannibal had done this with someone else, then that must have happened long ago. It didn't affect them.

But somehow, it did. He hated to think of Hannibal sharing something like this with anyone else. He didn't want to think that his lover had done this at another time, with someone else he'd trusted enough to follow his lead and engage in the forbidden along with him.

They'd have a talk about this later, when they got home.

Will sighed softly as he sat back down and watched Hannibal open the curtains of the box; they were just in time for the second act. Hannibal sat back down next to him, taking Will's hand and raising it to his lips -- making sure that everyone could see the courtly gesture.

With that one movement, Hannibal had shown what esteem he held Will in -- and shown it to the world. He couldn't have any doubts about his lover, not after that.

Hannibal kept Will's hand in his, and Will couldn't help but smile as he saw heads turn towards them. He settled back into his seat, keeping his eyes on the stage, pretending to watch the opera. Yes, they would talk later. But for now, he intended to enjoy the rest of the evening.