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Title: Shades of Desire
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Hannibal looked across his desk at Will with raised brows, studying the young man intently. "Why the sudden need to see me? You've skipped one appointment without a word, Will. I thought you were pulling away from me after what happened between us."

His voice was exactly right, striking a point between hurt and curiosity. Just the way he wanted it to sound, the way that would bring out Will's feelings.

Just as he expected, Will blushed and didn't look up at him. He was slouched in one of the chairs in front of Hannibal's desk; even though it was after ten o'clock at night, he hadn't taken the opportunity to lie down and stretch out on the comfortable couch.

But he would. Hannibal would make sure of that.

"Would you like a drink?" he asked, the question rhetorical. He intended to give Will a drink whether he said yes or not -- and that would set his plan for the evening into motion, though Will would be unaware of it. As well he should be. Will didn't need to know everything.

In fact, he knew very little about what Hannibal had planned for him. He might be unnerved when he saw the first unveiling of that plan, but he would come to accept it. After all, it was his destiny, whether he knew that yet or not -- and whether or not he wanted it to be.

Will started to shake his head, then nodded, giving Hannibal a tired smile. "Yeah, I guess so," he murmured, sighing softly. "It's been a long day. I could use a drink."

Hannibal nodded, getting up from his chair and going to the bar. He deliberately kept his back turned to Will, surreptitiously sliding the twp sleeping pills out of the front pocket of his button-down shirt and dropping them into Will's drink, where they dissolved as though they'd never existed.

Phase one of his plan was completed, he thought with a slight smile.

Phast two would be a little more tricky, but he was sure that those pills would keep Will asleep for the entire night. That was what he planned, anyway -- and he was rarely ever wrong when it came to these sorts of things. He knew just how much of a dosage to give.

Will took the drink from him, drinking half of it in one gulp. Hannibal had to hide his satisfied smile behind his own drink; it would only take a few moments for Will to fall asleep, and then he could proceed with his plan. It would be even easier to implement than he had thought.

All he would need was a few hours, if he worked quickly. And this would have an added bonus -- it would give Will a night of restful sleep, which he obviously needed, and make him even more grateful to Hannibal for letting him rest here.

He hadn't thought of that beforehand, but now that he did, it was brilliant.

Will probably wouldn't be pleased with what he saw when he first woke up and did a bit of investigating, but he would eventually come to realize that the surprise Hannibal would have for him was meant to be a compliment, regardless of the way in which it had been presented.

If he didn't, well, then he would have to be brought to see reason. That shouldn't be too hard, but Hannibal had the feeling that he wouldn't have to do so.

No, he was sure that Will would overcome his feelings of trepidation once his sensual side took over. It had happened once, and Hannibal had promised him a repeat performance. It wouldn't happen tonight, but anything could happen in the future. There were all sorts of possibilities.

Will didn't even realize that he was being manipulated, gently herded towards the place Hannibal wanted him to be in. It might take a while for him to be in the perfect position for what Hannibal had planned next, but he would get there. It would simply take a bit of finesse.

Hannibal couldn't help but smile again at the thought. Poor innocent Will, not knowing what was in store for him. This was going to be a pleasurable game indeed.

He glanced at Will again; the young man already seemed on the verge of passing out.

"I have a few things to get done before we can start our session," Hannibal told him, putting his own glass of wine down on the desk. "It should only take twenty minutes or so. Why don't you lie down and wait while I take care of it? I shouldn't be too long."

Will nodded, standing up slowly and making his way to the couch. Hannibal didn't look back as he left the room, sure that when he returned only a few moments later, Will would be sleeping, just as he should be. He had no doubt that the drug would do its job.

When he returned within the next ten minutes, he was carrying an easel and canvas, which he set down only a few away from where Will slept. He couldn't hold back a smile as he saw that the young man's face was turned to the side, towards where he stood.

Even in his sleep, Will was instinctively drawn to him.

That wasn't a bad thing at all, Hannibal told himself as he spread the palette of paints out on the desk beside him, contemplating just where to start. It had been a while since he had given himself the task of finishing a painting in a single night, but he could do it.

Especially when he had this lovely of a subject to drawn inspiration from.

He worked quickly, the painting springing to life under his capable hands. He assiduously mixed the paints, all of them nothing more to him than the varying shades of desire that he felt for Will.

Hannibal had no idea how much time passed; time ceased to exist for him as he watched Will sleep and the painting took shape under his hands. He was surprised when he glanced towards the windows and saw the grey light of early dawn beginning to touch the sky.

So, he had worked all night, and he would feel tired later today. But that didn't matter. He had created this masterpiece, this second step along the road to Will Graham's seduction and subjugation. It would be only the first of many, if he had his way.

Somehow, all of those shades of desire has managed to coalesce into one coherent whole in the course of one evening. Hannibal couldn't help but be pleased with the result; it was far beyond what even he had been expecting. He had a right to be proud.

Stepping back, he contemplated the painting from different angles, tilting his head this way and that before finally looking towards Will's sleeping form again.

How would he see this? Would be be repulsed? Or intrigued?

It hardly mattered what Will thought, really. No matter what his feelings were when he first saw this painting, he would be brought around to the correct way of thinking -- the way that Hannibal wanted him to think. That was only one part of the plan.

He would simply let Will sleep until he awakened, and maybe he would be able to sleep for a couple of hours himself. He badly needed it; he felt rumpled and a bit out of sorts, which wasn't the way that he wanted to greet Will when the young man finally woke up.

He had to be wide awake, and ready to deal with whatever Will might think, when they spoke again. He had to be here just moments after Will saw this painting for the first time.

Sleep was required. But only enough to hone his sense to a keen, sharp knife edge.

With one more look at the painting, and a last lingering look at Will, he strode out of the office, determined to be back within no more than a few moments after Will had awakened.