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Title: Sleeping With Angels
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Will Graham/Sherlock Holmes
Fandom: Hannibal/Sherlock
Rating: PG-13
Table: 50ficlets
Prompt: 20, Angel
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


It was hard to believe that he and Will had made love.

It had been the most wonderful experience of his entire life, Sherlock thought with a smile as he carefully pulled Will closer against the warmth of his own body.

He wrapped his arms around the other man, smiling softly when Will murmrued in his sleep and snuggled against him. It was so perfect to wake up like this.

Of course, they had been sharing a bed for a while now, and they had touched each other's bodies. They had done so many things that had been considered sex, but they hadn't made love until these past few hours. They hadn't shared their bodies in the most intimate of ways.

Now that they had, he couldn't help wondering why they had waited so long, but at the same time, he understood just why they had held back.

Somehow, they had both needed Hannibal's death to bring them together in such a way. They had wanted to wait for that final commitment until they knew that they were safe.

Now that they were, there would be no more holding back.

They had nothing to be afraid of any more. There was no reason for them to look over their shoulders and wonder when Hannibal might decide to strike.

That fear had been removed last night at the waterfall. It still seemed incredible to him that Hannibal could no longer bother them, that his malevolence was gone from their lives.

But it was, and he would be forever grateful for that fact. Nothing threatened Will any longer; they would be safe from now on. Sherlock almost chuckled at the thought; given what they both did for a living, of course they wouldn't be safe. They would always have enemies.

Though their greatest enemy was now gone.

Perhaps it would seem more real after it had been a fact for a while, he mused. But at the moment, it still all seemed a bit like a dream, not something that he'd lived through.

Sherlock held Will more closely against him, looking down at the man sleeping in his arms. There was a slight curve to Will's lips, as though he was smiling in his sleep.

He must be having a pleasant dream, which was a good thing.

Will looked an angel, sleeping so peacefully in his arms. Sherlock was just glad that he wasn't plagued by a nightmare of what had happened earlier; the last thing that he wanted was for Will to be haunted by what had taken place at the waterfall. He wanted his love to put that out of his mind.

Of course, neither of them would ever be able to do that. Not completely. There would always be a memory of that night in their minds, a memory that would never fully disappear.

He wasn't going to think about that now, Sherlock told himself firmly. He was simply going to lie here and think about what was a head of them, their future as a couple.

It was going to be a wonderful future. Of that he was sure.

The angel sleeping in his arms was now a part of his life for good. Of course, Will had been a part of his life before -- but now, they had an undisturbed future ahead of them.

He'd never thought that he would be sleeping with angels before he'd met Will, Sherlock told himself with a smile as he reached out to brush a stray curl from Will's forehead.

But he had never known anyone like Will Graham before. This man was an angel fallen to the earth, a bastion of good in a world that contained far too much evil. Will was a bright shining light in a darkness that had surrounded him for far too long; Will was not only his love, but his salvation.

He had found a happiness that he'd never thought possible for himself, and he was going to keep that happiness. He would do anything for this man, anything at all.

After so many years of wondering what it would be like to fall in love, to give his heart completely, he finally knew. It was a wonderful feeling, one that he fully embraced.

It was a feeling that had been well worth waiting for.

Will was an angel, he told himself, bowing his head to press a gentle kiss to the sleeping man's forehead. And he was the one who was lucky enough to be with him.

Sherlock didn't know why fate had decided to smile on him in such a way, but he was glad that it had. He felt as peace, as though he had finally found where he belonged.

He had never experienced this sense of belonging before -- he had always been on the outside looking in, ever since he was a child. He knew that Will had felt that way, as well. So now, the two of them had each other to cling to. Neither of them ever had to feel alone again.

They were no longer outsiders in a world that shut them out. They had their own little world, a world of their own making, one that they could be comfortable in.

It was a world where he could sleep with an angel and feel that he was exactly where he should be. A world that he had waited for all of his life.

Sherlock closed his eyes, a small smile on his lips.

The angel in his arms sighed softly, moving closer to him. That movement only made him hold Will more tightly, the other man's heart beating in rhythm with his own.

With a smile on his lips that matched Will's, Sherlock drifted off to sleep with his lover in his arms, his own dreams pleasant and undisturbed by any bad memories.