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Title: Some Kind of Bliss
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: NC-17
Table: writers_choice
Prompt: #150, Bliss
Author's Note: Sequel to "Dance Around the Subject."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


This was all that he had ever wanted.

All that he'd ever needed, all that he'd ever dreamed of. Being here in Hannibal's bed, in Hannibal's arms, with his lover thrusting deep inside him, his legs wrapped around Hannibal's waist, their bodies joined in the most primal of ways.

This was all he wanted, all he needed, all that it took to make him happy and fulfilled. Will wanted this to last for the rest of his life, to hold this moment in his hands forever.

But that couldn't happen, and he knew it. The bliss that he felt now would fade; he would have to come back down to earth, go back to the life he lived on a daily basis and keep these moments in his memory, to hope that they would be repeated over again.

He would hold on to this for as long as he could, let the feelings seep into him and permeate his soul, and then he would carry them with him until the next time.

Will moaned Hannibal's name as another thrust lifted him higher, closer to the stars. He would never have believed that making love could feel like this until he'd actually experienced it. It didn't seem possible that anything could be so perfect.

The bliss he found in Hannibal's arms was unlike anything he'd ever known.

Could he have felt this way with anyone else? Will didn't think so. It was only Hannibal who could take him to these heights, only Hannibal who knew him so well.

No one else could make him feel like this. No one else could set his body and soul free. He wouldn't trust another person to touch him so intimately; he would never have let anyone get close enough to even think of this, much less actually do it.

The kind of trust he gave Hannibal was something that he could never extend to anyone else. Holding out his heart wasn't something he could do for just anyone.

Yet he'd done it for Hannibal, and there were those who would say that he knew Hannibal far less than he did some of the other people in his life. Yet there was a bond between them that Will couldn't deny, a bond that he had never found with another person.

Was it lust, or love? Will didn't know, and he didn't care to know. At the moment, the only thing mattered was the utter bliss that he felt.

Maybe it was a combination of both.

That was fine with him. This didn't have to be a declaration of love; it was enough that Hannibal wanted to be with him, enough that the man he loved was making love to him.

It didn't have to be some kind of true love that would last for eternity. That would be nice, but he didn't need such a declaration. All he needed was to have Hannibal here with him, on top of him, inside him, to know that for the moment, they were together.

Maybe it would only be for the moment. Maybe they wouldn't last. But he wasn't going to think that now. Not now, not when they were locked in passion.

All he wanted to concentrate on now was how Hannibal made him feel; the movement of those hands over his nude body, the feeling of Hannibal deep inside him, filling him, taking him.

Had anything ever felt so good, so ultimately right? Will didn't think so. This was the kind of bliss he'd never thought that he would experience, a bliss that he had always felt was reserved for other people, one that he would never know.

At least, he'd thought that before he had met Hannibal. When the two of them had connected, his world had become very, very different.

Hannibal had exploded into his life with the force of a cannonball.

The bliss that Hannibal made him feel was completely unexpected; it still amazed him that Hannibal could want him as much as he obviously did.

Every time they made love was better than the last. True, it hadn't happened all that often yet, but Will was convinced that each time would only keep getting better. Though it seemed impossible that anything could ever be better than what he was feeling now.

His slim thighs squeezed Hannibal's sides, his nails scratching down the other man's back. He moaned his lover's name again, his head falling back against the pillows.

This was as it should be; the kind of bliss he was feeling could only be generated by the two of them. Will knew that he was right where he belonged, in the arms of the one person he would ever love, the one person who could take him to the heavens with just one touch.

This was all he'd ever wanted, all that he lived for. These moments with Hannibal when he could feel this bliss and lose himself within it.

Nothing else mattered; only the two of them existed.

As long as he had this in his life, he needed nothing else. He didn't have to think about his job, being in the minds of killers, or pleasing his boss. All he had to concentrate on was how he felt, on the sensations that Hannibal sent coursing through his body.

This kind of bliss was something he hadn't reached for, hadn't dared to think could be his. But now that it was, he never intended to let it go.

It wouldn't last forever, at least not what he was experiencing now. But this bliss would come again, the next time he and Hannibal made love, and Will was sure that it would keep getting better as the two of them grew to know each other's bodies more intimately.

They were only at the beginning, and nothing was going to stop them from moving forward. They would both discover new needs and desires, and fulfill them within each other.

He didn't doubt that for a moment. The two of them would always be together, and this bliss would come to them again and again. He would never have to fear losing it; there would always be more around the next corner, more to look forward to.

The thought brought a moan to his lips and a sent another rush of desire through his body.

Oh, yes, this was some kind of bliss. One that he hadn't thought he would find, one that he hadn't asked for, but one that he would always treasure. A bliss that had been completely unexpected and unbidden, but one that he would never turn away from.

As Hannibal pushed into him again, the bliss rose even higher, sweeping him away.