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Title: The Day Time Stood Still
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Will Graham/Lee Fallon
Fandom: Hannibal/The Big C
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Will Graham or Lee Fallon, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


This was his wedding day.

Will looked into the mirror, adjusting his tie, swallowing hard. He had to constantly fight to keep tears back, but they weren't tears of sadness.

No, not at all. They were tears of happiness, tears of joy. He could hardly believe that today, he was going to marry the man he loved more than life itself.

He and Lee would be joined in holy matrimony in less than three hours. The chapel was filled with candles and flowers, and they had both invited people -- even though, truth be told, they didn't know that many people who they wanted at their wedding. So it would be a small congregation.

But that was fine with him. This day, this ceremony, wasn't for the people who would be watching and hearing them say their vows. It was for the two of them.

It was a day that time would stand still as he looked into his lover's eyes and made vows to him, vows that he intended to keep for all of his life and beyond.

He couldn't wait to say those vows.

Those words that he would speak were going to bind him to Lee, make them a married couple, their hearts and souls entwined, not just in this life, but for all of eternity.

That was what he wanted, more than anything in the world. He already belonged to Lee in his heart, but he wanted to make it official in the eyes of the world.

This wedding was going to be the best day of his life. The only other day that could compare with it was the day that he had first met Lee, the day that he had looked into those incredibly blue eyes and felt something in his heart reach out towards the other man.

That day had been great, too, in its own way. It had been the beginning of the two of them, even though he hadn't known yet that he had fallen in love at first sight.

Though he'd figured it out quickly, Will thought with a soft smile.

It hadn't taken him long at all to realize just how he felt about Lee, that this man held the key to his heart, and that he wanted to spend all of eternity with him. And wonder of wonders, somehow Lee felt the same way about him, and had fallen just as hard and as deeply.

Loving Lee was the greatest thing he had ever done in his life. And this wedding was just sealing the deal between them, making their love known to the rest of the world.

His happiness was almost a tangible thing. He could feel it in the air all around him, as though it was a palpable being that he could reach out and touch.

Will knew that he couldn't do that, of course. Happiness was a feeling, not something that he could actually put his hands on. But he could still feel it, enclosing him in a warm, comforting cocoon. That happiness wasn't going to dissipate. He would always be happy in being married to the man he loved.

Nothing could mar the happiness he felt today.

Even thinking about Lee's illness couldn't get him down, not today of all days. Not on his wedding day. Besides, they had gotten encouraging news lately.

Lee's prognosis was good. Will was convinced that the man he loved would defeat the illness that had been diagnosed as terminal for so long, and that they would be able to build a happy life for themselves. Surely Lee couldn't be taken from him too soon after they'd found each other.

They would all die, in time, Will told himself firmly. That was inevitable. But he was sure that fate wouldn't be so cruel as to take Lee away from him far too soon.

No, the cancer would be beaten back, and even if Lee wouldn't have as long a life span as some people did, he would still live for a good long while.

He believed that. He had to believe it.

Will pushed that thought determinedly out of his mind. He wasn't going to dwell on it; today, nothing was going to get him down. Not on his wedding day.

This was the day that he would stand in front of an altar with Lee and profess his love and commitment to the man he loved, in front of the few people he cared about.

This was the day that time would stand still as he gazed into Lee's eyes and said those vows that would unite them for all eternity, the day that would be in his heart as the day that he had walked into his future with the man he loved, hand in hand, heart to heart.

He and Lee would say their vows today, and then walk into their future together. They would have the wedding, and then the reception, and the day would radiate happiness.

His own happiness would overflow into the day, Will thought, smiling again. How could it not? This was the day that he was marrying the love of his life.

Nothing could be better than that. Nothing.

Belonging to Lee, becoming his husband .... that was all he wanted out of life, really. Just to be one with the man he loved, to know that he and Lee would always be together.

What could be better than that -- besides having a long and happy life together? That was his only wish now -- that their married life would indeed be a long one, and that they would always be happy and fulfilled in that life. He couldn't really ask for anything more.

He could feel his love for Lee welling up inside him, ready to pour out. He was sure that everyone watching their wedding ceremony would see that love, and feel it.

He hoped they did. He hoped they would catch some of that happiness.

Today, he felt benevolent and loving towards everyone in his life. All the people who mattered the most to him were here -- few in number, but all of them in his heart.

They would all watch him marry the man he loved, and time would stand still for him as he and Lee became one not only in their hearts, but in the eyes of all the world.

He'd never been happier than he was on this day.

And it was nearly time for that day to begin. Checking himself in the mirror one last time, Will turned away, taking a deep breath and preparing to go downstairs.

Lee would be downstairs waiting for him, and they would arrive at the chapel together, hand in hand, just as they were going to go through the rest of their lives. The rest of eternity.

Together forever, through all of time.

That was all he wanted out of life. Nothing could ever be better than that.

With a smile, he headed for the stairs, to be with the man he loved.