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Title: Untamed Spirit
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: PG-13
Table: writers_choice
Prompt: #53, Wildlife
Author's Note: Sequel to "Walking in His Sleep."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Hannibal stood on the front porch of Will's house, looking around him as he sipped his cup of coffee. He hadn't expected to be here again so soon, but he'd been in DC, and it hadn't seemed much further to drive to Will's home in Wolf Trap from there.

Truth be told, he had really just wanted to see Will, to be close to him. He hadn't seen the young man for two days, since their last sessions, and he couldn't help but wonder if Will was somehow slipping away from him. He didn't think so, but he wanted to make sure.

He'd been surprised, and more than a little worried, to find that Will ahd walked in his sleep again last night -- in the pouring rain. He had insisted that Will take the day off, stay home, and get some much-needed rest, and he wouldn't take no for an answer.

Now, as he stood here on the porch and looked around the area where Will lived, he had to admit that it was quiet and peaceful here. He couldn't see anything even vaguely threatening, even though Will's house was tucked into what felt like a very remote area.

This was a place that he could get used to spending time in, even if it was a bit of distance from the nearest town, Hannibal mused. It was quiet, peaceful, and he could see why Will enjoyed living here. It was a far cry from the rush and noise of being in the city.

He might just spend more time here himself.

Of course, Will would have to invite him to do so, but he didn't doubt that the invitation was coming. With this last sleepwalking episode, Will seemed to be less composed, far more on edge than usual. Hannibal had to admit that it worried him.

Yes, he wanted Will to be kept a bit off-balance within their relationship, but he didn't want the young man panicked and unstable. He wanted to keep Will more grounded, to make sure that he was able to maintain a relationship. He didn't want Will skittish and nervous.

He couldn't help but wonder if this place was good for Will, in the long run. Maybe the young man would be better off living in the city.

But as soon as that thought coalesced into his mind, he pushed it away. Will living in the city? Just as well to try and cage a wild tiger, or a sleek black panther. Will didn't belong within the confines of the city. No, Wolf Trap was his place. It suited him.

Will was part of this place, part of the woods that surrounded it, part of the wildlife that inhabited it. He had no problem seeing Will as one of those wild animals that were probably rampant in the woods. He seemed to fit in with them perfectly.

The young man he knew as Will Graham was an untamed spirit, no matter how much he tried to put on the veneer of society. When that veneer was stripped away, he was wild and free, no matter who might try to collar and tame him.

Hannibal didn't want to tame that spirit. Not at all.

At one time, he had wanted to break Will, to bring the young man under his yoke. He still wanted to have Will for his own, and he was sure that he was drawing nearer to that goal with every day that passed. But ownership wasn't his ultimate goal.

No, he didn't want to break Will. He simply wanted Will to submit to him, to admit that he was his. He didn't want to destroy that beautiful spirit that dwelt with the wildlife surrounding his home; he wanted that spirit to kneel to him, to submit itself.

When he had achieved that goal, then he would be satisfied. He would be happy when he knew that Will was utterly and completely his, yet still retained that wildness, that spirit that set him apart from everyone else and had drawn Hannibal to him in the first place.

If Will lost that, if he became nothing more than just another automaton willing to kneel at Hannibal's feet, then he would lose a large part of what made him intrinsically Will. And Hannibal was sure that if it happened, he would quickly lost interest in the young man.

That was the last thing he wanted.

If Will's spirit was broken, he would be a completely different person. Hannibal didn't want him to turn into someone else; he wanted the Will he knew and desired. He wanted the wild, free Will -- but he also wanted that unbroken spirit to surrender to him.

He didn't doubt that it would happen; Will had already more or less capitulated to him in his heart and soul, though his body hadn't followed suit yet. But it would, Hannibal thought with a smile. Will would submit to him, and what was more, he would enjoy doing so.

Will was already his, even if the young man didn't realize that fact yet. He had already given himself over; it was just a matter of time until he realized where he belonged, and who he belonged to. When he did, then he would be completely Hannibal's.

He could wait for that day, Hannibal told himself. He could be patient. That was all it would take, patience. And he had plenty of that to go around.

But he had to admit that these sleepwalking episodes bothered him. Was this a way for Will's wild, untamed spirit to set itself free, to defy the fact that Will belonged to him? In some ways, it seemed that was the case, and he was worried by it.

He would have to bring that spirit under control carefully, without breaking it. He would have to do so gently and carefully, so make sure that he didn't harm that beautiful spirit while bringing it completely under his domination, making sure that he was the victor.

It wouldn't be an easy thing to accomplish, but he could do it.

Especially if they stayed here, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Hannibal could feel a smile begin to tug at his lips at the thought. Yes, he and Will would stay here for a while, and he would take some time away from his practice.

He could afford to do so. His patients might not be pleased, but Bedelia had told him in their last couple of sessions that she thought he needed some time off. And what better place to take a little vacation time than here with Will, in the peaceful atmosphere of Wolf Trap?

Yes, it was a plan that would work out well, to his way of thinking. Will would still be in his home, where he felt most comfortable, with the wildlife all around him and his spirit allowed to run free. He would be brought under control slowly, without realizing what was happening.

Bringing Will to his side without destroying that wild, free spirit within him might take some maneuvering, but Hannibal was confident in his abilities. He had already won the first few battles; Will was already getting closer to him with each passing day.

Yes, he would control that spirit without breaking it, he thought, draining the last of his coffee and taking one last look around before turning to go back into the house. It would be a challenge -- and it was one that he was more than ready to take on.