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Title: Insatiable Urges
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: PG-13
Table: Alphabet Challenge, tv_universe
Prompt: U - Urges
Author's Note: Sequel to "A Very High Price."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Hannibal sighed as he looked down at the young man sleeping in his bed; he had insisted that Will spend the night, but he wasn't going to insist on sex. Not in the condition that Will's body was in.

Who had beaten and bruised him? And more to the point, how was Hannibal to find this person to mete out the punishment they so richly deserved for harming Will?

He had no idea where to begin.

This entire incident made him feel helpless, and that was not a feeling he was used to dealing with. He was always in control; he always guided any situation he was in, firmly taking the helm and steering things in any way he chose.

This time, he couldn't do that. He was swept along on tides that had caught him unawares; they had been too strong for him to fight.

And his Will had suffered for that. Hannibal felt his breath catch in his throat; he could swear that his heart skipped a beat. When he had he come to care so deeply for Will? Why did it matter so much that someone else had touched the man he regarded as his?

Will was more than just a lover to him. This young man had stolen his heart.

Hannibal had never expected that. His feelings for Will had blindsided him; he was still assimilating them, finding out just where they fit into his life.

He loved Will. He accepted that fact. But if he loved so deeply, then why did he have the insatiable urge to pull the covers back and fall on the sleeping man, to add to those bruises on his body with a few more that were made by his own hand?

The realization that he could easily do so stunned him. He had always thought of himself as a man who valued control above all things; he would never have thought himself capable of losing control in such a way, of letting go to the point of incoherency.

But that was just what a part of him wanted to do.

No, Hannibal told himself firmly. No. He could never harm Will. He would never consider doing such a thing. Yes, he had put bruises on that beautiful body before, but never like this. His bruising had been a component of pleasure, not brutality.

This had been an act of rage, of an anger that Hannibal could hardly fathom. He didn't understand how anyone could harbor such anger against Will, of all people.

It was bothersome -- and worrying. He didn't want to think that someone out there could have some sort of vendetta against his young lover, but it seemed that could be the case here.

And if it was, then he would have to do his best to protect Will.

The problem with that was that Will wouldn't want to be protected. He would balk at the idea; even though they shared their lives with each other, Will had insisted on keeping his own home in Wolf Trap, and he spent just as many nights there as he did in Baltimore.

Will was essentially alone in Wolf Trap, and Hannibal didn't like that idea at all. Will needed someone there to watch over him, to make sure this didn't happen again.

Hannibal didn't want to think that Will could be even more brutalized if this happened a second time, but he feared that was exactly what would happen.

He wouldn't allow it to happen.

The mere thought of someone else touching Will, leaving bruises on his body, made Hannibal's fists clench at his sides and a growl rise in his throat. He had never been so angry, never wanted to kill as much as he did at this moment.

The insatiable urge to go out and find the person who had terrorized Will grew within him, so strong that he almost wanted to howl in frustration.

He couldn't hunt them down. That would have to wait until he knew that Will was safely ensconced in some place where he would be protected -- and Hannibal could search out the person who had done this and make them pay dearly for it.

And he would do so. It had become a mission, a purpose.

No one would touch Will again. Not like this. He would never allow it to happen, not as long as Will was with him. And Will would always be with him.

Will was his. No one else had the right to lay a finger on him. He would hunt down the one who had, and they would beg for death by the time he was done with them.

Perhaps they had only been following their own urges, but his were far stronger.