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Title: Walk on the Wild Side
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: Sequel to "The Thrill of Desire."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


"Do you wish to take a walk on the wild side, Will? Hmmm?"

Will wasn't sure of just what he should answer. Should he say yes, or would that give Hannibal ideas that he wasn't ready to deal with yet?

He didn't know what Hannibal meant by the words "wild side." It sounded a little frightening to him; he wasn't sure that he wanted things to get too wild. After all, this was his first time, and he wasn't prepared for anything that went beyond the pale.

But he really didn't have a choice, did he? Not with Hannibal. This man would do what he wanted, no matter what Will might say about it.

Would Hannibal be that selfish? Part of Will thought that he would; Hannibal was used to getting his way and doing anything he wanted. If his desire took over, he probably wouldn't listen to Will and would proceed in any way that he chose to.

But part of him wanted to believe that Hannibal would be gentle and loving with him. It was his first time, and Hannibal would probably act accordingly.

All he could do was turn himself over and hope for the best.

Hannibal's hands were moving down his sides, molding his body, touching him as though he couldn't get enough. Will moaned softly as those soft fingertips brushed over his hips; another few moments, and those strong, sure hands would be right he wanted them to be.

Ah, that was it. He gasped aloud when Hannibal's hand closed around the length of his cock; he was hard already, aching for this man.

He'd never wanted anything as much as he wanted Hannibal to make love to him. He wanted to dispense with his virginity for good, to make it a thing of the past, something that he never had to think about again. He wanted to give himself over completely to Hannibal.

If he was honest with himself, he'd already done that. He was willing to let Hannibal have his way -- he just hoped that it would be all that he wanted it to be.

Will moaned softly as Hannibal's hand continued to stroke him, his hips rising and falling with each sinuous movement. At this rate, he was going to come long before Hannibal was inside him; he hadn't thought that the other man would want that to happen.

But whatever Hannibal wanted, Will would give him, and gladly.

He resisted at first when Hannibal turned him over onto his stomach; he wanted to look into his lover's eyes as he was taken, to see Hannibal's expression.

But he wasn't going to ask Hannibal turn him back over so they could look at each other. Hannibal knew what he wanted, and probably knew how to make this as comfortable as possible for Will. He wasn't going to question anything that his lover did.

But he had to admit that it felt .... well, strange.

He felt as though he should be looking at Hannibal, that they should be facing each other, to see the love and desire written in each other's eyes. He didn't want to be lying on his stomach, facing away from the man who was taking him.

Or was this what his lover head meant when he'd asked if Will was ready to walk on the wild side? Was this something that would make the encounter even more exciting?

Will took a deep breath, closing his eyes and resting his forehead on the pillow. He wasn't going to put up an argument. He just wanted Hannibal to love him.

To take him, to make him his. That was all he'd wanted from the first moment he had realized that Hannibal wanted him, too. He'd wanted this man to take control, to have his way, to do what he wanted, and to sweep Will along in his wake.

Will gasped as a finger entered him; it felt larger than he'd expected.

But he knew that he needed to be prepared, so he wasn't going to protest that he hadn't been ready. After a few moments, a second finger joined the first; the feeling of fullness made Will squirm slightly, but it wasn't uncomfortable. It even felt .... good.

This wouldn't be as difficult as he'd feared, Will told himself, letting his body relax slightly -- and then nearly jumping out of his skin when Hannibal's fingers brushed against his prostate.

He hadn't expected this to feel quite that good.

Will couldn't stop himself from writhing with pleasure as those fingers massaged his prostate -- then having to suppress a groan of protest when they slipped out of him.

This was it, then. He could feel Hannibal's thick cock pressing against his entrance, and again, he felt a little panicked. This wasn't what he wanted, not for his first time. He wanted to be facing Hannibal, to look into those eyes, to see him as he was being made love to.

But apparently that wasn't what Hannibal wanted; he kept Will firmly pressed down on his stomach, and didn't give him the chance to turn around.

Will had to bite down on his lower lip as Hannibal pushed inside him; he had known that it wouldn't be the easiest thing he'd ever done, that it would be somewhat uncomfortable because he was so tight, but the pain wasn't as quicksilver as he'd imagined it would be.

It hurt. But he wasn't going to make a sound, or let Hannibal know that he was in pain. He didn't want this to stop, not now that it had begun.

The pain would stop. It would turn into pleasure. He knew it would.

Within moments, Hannibal had worked up a steady rhythm, and Will could say with honesty that he was enjoying it. The sensations building up within him were exquisite; there was no vestige of pain left, only an inexorable pleasure that was consuming him.

He could feel his orgasm uncoiling within him; he knew that he was going to come within moments, that this pleasure couldn't go on indefinitely. It had to stop somewhere.

Will didn't expect it when Hannibal hauled him onto his knees, pressing his back against the other man's chest. Hannibal's arms were around him, his hand on Will's cock once more, stroking him in rhythm with his hard thrusts, bringing him closer to the edge.

He cried out when Hannibal spilled into him; his own orgasm followed only seconds later as he released over Hannibal's hand with another soft moan of pleasure.

Had that really just happened? Will asked himself, slumping back against Hannibal. His lover was still inside him; it didn't seem as though Hannibal had any plans to pull out any time soon. He was holding Will close, his breath harsh and rasping in the younger man's ear.

Well, now he had definitely walked on the wild side, Will told himself.

He'd made love with Hannibal Lecter. Or rather, Hannibal had made love to him. Somehow, it didn't seem possible. It felt like a dream.

"Did you enjoy your walk on the wild side, Will?" Hannibal's voice was a mere murmur in his ear; it took him a moment to realize that his lover had actually spoken to him. After several long moments, he nodded, trying to catch his breath to say more.

But he couldn't. All he could do was nod again, and draw in a gasping breath of air, then another. But no words were needed.

He was sure that Hannibal knew he'd enjoyed himself thoroughly. Well, there was one detail that he wished had been different. He desperately wanted to see Hannibal when they had made love. He'd wanted to gaze into those eyes, to see love there.

It was disappointing that he hadn't. But there would be other times. He knew that now. He would be able to look into those eyes and read Hannibal's feelings for him.

He hoped that time was going to come very soon.