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Title: What We Both Want
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: Sequel to "Slave To Love."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


As they ascended the stairs, Hannibal could hear the slight swish of the silk stockings against Will's thighs; the sound only made him more hungry for the young man who followed him so closely. He could hardly wait to get to the bedroom.

Even then, he wasn't going to remove those stockings from Will's legs. No, he had other plans; he intended to enjoy his boy this way for a while longer.

Actually, he intended to enjoy Will for the entire night; the two of them would only rest when he dawn broke and the sun was rising. It was the weekend; neither of them had anywhere else to be, and their time was their own. There were no other responsibilities.

And if there were, they could go to the devil.

A smile settled on Hannibal's features as they entered the bedroom; he knew exactly where he wanted Will. He could already envision his young lover stretched out on his bed, the position he would be in; he could already hear the sounds coming from Will's throat.

Oh, this was going to be heavenly. He had no doubt of that. He was going to enjoy himself thoroughly, in every way -- and so was Will.

After all, this was what Will wanted. He had made himself a slave to Hannibal; he wanted to be taken, to be treated as a slave as well as a lover. He had made himself subservient to Hannibal's will for a reason. Will needed this, even more than he did.

He would give Will what he wanted, what he needed. What they both wanted, he amended as he closed the door and turned to look at his lover. "William, lie down on the bed. Face down," he instructed, watching as Will moved to the bed.

His body tightened at the sight of Will lying on the bed, spread out before him. But no, this wasn't quite right. Will needed to be in a different position.

Ah, well, he could take care of that easily enough. Slowly, carefully, Hannibal began to remove his clothes, folding them and placing them on a chair as he undressed. He approached the bed naked, his gaze moving over Will's nearly nude body.

Those stockings made all the difference.

Will was incredibly sensual when he was naked and needy; it was one thing that Hannibal loved about him. But this way ....ah, he was sublime.

Climbing onto the bed behind Will, he slid his arms under the young man's body, lifting his ass until Will was on his knees. "Yes, perfect, my sweet," Hannibal breathed, moving his hands to the soft, firm curves of Will's bottom and closing his eyes.

Will was absolute perfection. No other body had ever enticed him in the way that Will's did; he had never wanted anyone this badly, and never would.

It still amazed him that Will had come to him as a virgin, that no one else had ever taken him. But then, given Will's intimacy issues, perhaps it wasn't so surprising.

But that didn't matter. What mattered was that Will was his, that he was the only man who had ever touched Will, or ever would. They belonged together; Will was meant to be his slave, his mate, his lover. They had been born for each other.

Hannibal could feel Will's slim body trembling under his hands; he had no need to tremble, at least not with fear. He hoped that shaking was more attributable to lust.

It had to be. He knew that Will wanted him. Wanted this.

He would give Will what he wanted -- what they both wanted. Starting now. Gently, slowly, his hands moved down Will's bottom, spreading him, arousing him. By the time his fingers brushed over the tender, puckered hole, Will was already moaning.

Oh yes, his lovely boy definitely wanted this. He knew what was coming, but he wasn't going to beg for it, no matter how hot and high his desire ran.

No, Will would make him wait for those moan, for that neediness. For a moment, just a moment, he wanted to make Will wait, as well. But he wouldn't do that. He wouldn't be so cruel to his mate. He would give Will what he wanted, and take his own pleasure from the giving.

Closing his eyes, he bent his head, licking over Will's entrance. Finally, he had the reward of the moan that he'd been waiting for; the sound sent a thrill down his spine. He loved hearing Will moan, even when the sound was simply guttural desire with no words.

Hearing Will moan like this only made his own desire rise. And made him more sure of what he wanted to do to make that moan rise in intensity.

His tongue pushed inside Will, shallowly at first before pulling out. Will's hips pushed back, as though he was chasing his need; Hannibal couldn't help but smile at the sight. Yes, Will wanted this. And his lover would get exactly what he wanted, and more.

He pushed his tongue in again, this time deeper.

Once he'd begun, he couldn't stop. The sound of Will's soft moans becoming cries of pleasure, the feel of the tightness that his tongue pressed into, he heat, the softness -- all of them combined to send Hannibal's own desire spiraling to the skies.

But he wouldn't let himself feel the ultimate pleasure yet. No, that would only come after he had pleasured Will, when his lover's body was sated and relaxed.

Then he would take his own pleasure, delving into Will's body with a fierceness that couldn't be denied. He would satisfy himself, and along the way, he knew that Will would be pleasured again. But for now, this came first. This would ignite his own desires.

He could feel Will's muscles tightening every time his tongue delved deeper; only seconds now before his boy would find his release, his body spinning out of control.

His calculations were right; within a few seconds, he could feel Will's muscles tightening one final time, feel his lover's release, then the relaxing of his body. He withdrew and sat up, pressing Will down against the cool sheets, letting his tremors subside.

"Relax, Will," he whispered. "I will return shortly."

It would only take a few moments for him to brush his teeth and ready himself for the next phase of their lovemaking. Will would understand why he was leaving the room for just a few minutes; it would give his young lover time to gather himself, to catch his breath.

Will would need a great deal of stamina to get through the rest of this night, Hannibal thought with a smile. But then again, so would he.

He planned to roll those stockings off Will's smooth, long legs slowly -- and then, he would take Will and let out all of the desire that was seething within him. He had waited long enough. It was time to join their bodies again, and to take his pleasure as he wished.