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Title: The Car
By: nancy
Pairing: Tony/Gibbs
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: R
Warnings: public sex, rough sex
Summary: Tony takes control in the car for a change.


Jethro could feel Tony staring at him as they walked from the elevator towards his car. When they got there, he demanded, "DiNozzo, what the hell are you lookin' at?"

Utterly unconcerned, and when had that happened? When had his glare stopped working on the other agent? Tony answered, "Just admiring the view, Boss."

Eyes rolling, Jethro said, "Keep your eyes in your head."

Tony crowded him against the car, using his height to unfair advantage, and whispered hot in his ear, "As long as I can keep my hands on you, it's a deal."

Steeling himself from the urge to give in to those hot words, Jethro ground out, "Not at work, remember?"

"Stupid rule," Tony countered, sliding a leg between Jethro's and pressing in tight. "You park in the blind spot for a reason, Boss, even if you didn't realize it."

Cock filling rapidly at the rough massage from Tony's thigh, Jethro forced himself to reply, "It's not a stupid rule, now back off."

Tony sucked on the sensitive skin below Jethro's ear and muttered, "Can't, Boss, gotta have you now. Need to be in that tight ass of yours. Need to come inside you so bad."

Shuddering at the words, Jethro cursed the moment he'd a) admitted that dirty talk turned him on and b) let Tony know how much he loved to get fucked. Both were being used against him in a way he hadn't foreseen. Public sex wasn't his thing, even hidden from sight as they were. Keeping that thought firmly in mind, he managed, "Anyone could walk by, Tony, I won't let you do this."

Tony argued the best way he kissing him hard and aggressive, just the way Jethro loved it. He responded instantly, pushing back against the mouth on his, tongue thrusting inside Tony's mouth to dance with its mate. He wasn't so involved with the kiss, as hot and wet as it was, that he didn't notice Tony's hands making short work of his belt and then button and then zipper. He wasn't so involved in the constant pressure of leg to cock that he didn't hear the same being done to Tony's pants.

He just no longer cared.

Tony pulled away to lean over and open the door to the back seat of the car. He held Jethro's gaze for a long moment before a slow, wicked smile surfaced and he turned Jethro before pushing him gently inside.

This is insane, this is completely nuts, Jethro thought, even as he moaned when Tony covered him with his long, lanky body.

They were both almost still fully dressed, only Jethro's bare ass and Tony's cock meeting skin to skin as Tony lightly humped him from behind. Thankful that he had a sedan and not some smaller sports model, Jethro bit back a moan as Tony's cock invaded him. The burn and stretch hurt so fucking good that he had to push back for the rest of it in one fast drive.

Tony gasped and cursed, "That's it, oh fuck yeah, that's it! You can take it all, can't you, take it all hard and fast, anywhere and any time."

Actions were swiftly suited to words and Tony pumped in and out of Jethro's body. Jethro's mouth was open in a silent, appreciative scream of pleasure, the noise he couldn't let escape because of their location. Tony's arms were around his waist, holding him in place as they fucked in the back seat of his car.

His own cock was rock hard and aching, ready to shoot at any moment, long-time discipline overwhelmed by the dirty words that continued to assault his ears in the best of ways. Two tight, almost painful, strokes of his cock by Tony's hand were enough to send him over the edge, muffling his cry of release into the leather seat. His ass clamped down on the shaft digging into him and Tony spurted into Jethro's body, his hips jerking a few more times to push his come in deeper.

Panting and shaky from the force of his orgasm, thinking vaguely that maybe semi-public sex was his thing after all, Jethro sank down onto the seat.

With a deep, contented sigh, Tony nuzzled the back of his neck and murmured, "Wow."

Jethro chuckled, enjoying his weight for a short time, then ordered, "Off, Tony. Time to go."

Tony sighed again, clearly in regret, and slowly pulled free. They spent a few minutes cleaning up, then getting dressed, and were in the front not too long a time later.

"Kate's going to beat us to the interview," Tony observed as Jethro started the car.

Jethro offered a smirk and said, "Not if I take a shortcut."

"Oh God, Boss, please not one of your shortcuts!"

Jethro merely grinned to himself, enjoying the pleasant ache in his ass as he put the car in reverse and then peeled out of the garage.