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Title: Play
By: nancy
Pairing: Tony/Gibbs
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: R
Warnings: blood play, kink
Summary: Gibbs plays with Tony.


Tony wasn't some shy, fainting virgin. He'd been around the block a few times and had enjoyed the journey along the way. Most of his lovers had been, true enough, women, but many of them had been adventurous and, okay, kinky enough to make Tony feel like he was taking a walk on the wild side. And the couple of guys he'd been with had probably been as vanilla as they could possibly come, but seriously, they were still guys which was a hell of a lot more adventurous than the average 'straight man' ever got.

None of anything that had gone before made a bit of difference now, though.

At the moment, his arms were cuffed in thick, comfortable leather to the headboard. His ankles were cuffed in the same fashion to the baseboard, spread-eagled and exposing him to whatever new torment his lover wanted to visit upon him. His body was sweaty and weak, flushed with need and his muscles trembled with exertion against the restraints.

Straddling his hips, sitting on Tony, Gibbs trailed the blade of an insanely sharp knife over his abdomen. It was ice cold when laid flat on his skin, but warmed quickly until it was again dipped in the ice bucket beside them for another go. Gibbs had an intent, focused expression on his face and even if Tony had been able to talk, which the gag prevented, he doubted that anything he had to say would make it through that haze of concentration.

Nothing had yet, anyhow.

Tony sucked in a nervous breath when the tip of the blade scratched along his ribs, up towards his nipples. It hadn't yet cut the skin, but so easily could. It all came down to whatever whim possessed Gibbs.

"I love you like this," Gibbs murmured, blue eyes like pale fire. "The sweat and solid mass of you all tied up, completely held down, and you can't do a damn thing about it. Can't do more than protest if I...nick you."

Tony gasped through his nose when the blade did just that and nicked a tiny cut below the nipple.

The grin that spread over Gibbs' face could only be described as pure, lusty evil. He bent forward and sucked on the cut, saliva stinging the tiny nick and Tony's nipple hardened further, painfully tight all on its own. Gibbs pulled away, eyes never leaving Tony's body, and the knife began its movement again, leaving a wake of goosebumps in its path.

Gibbs moved backwards and dipped the knife back in the ice bucket for a long moment. Tony followed the blade as it moved towards his straining cock and his eyes widened with shock and just a touch of real fear. Not that Gibbs would ever truly damage him, but any man seeing a knife coming towards his cock would feel fear. One of Gibbs' hands massaged his hip in a soothing manner as the other brought the knife into flat contact with Tony's inner thigh. The cold on such sensitive skin provoked a moan from him, and he shuddered violently.

Bending down again, Gibbs took the leaking shaft in his mouth, sucking down most of it. Tony arched in response, aching to get more into the hot moistness, but Gibbs pulled back when he did. Groaning, Tony sagged back against the bed, knowing that he would get nothing unless Gibbs chose to give it to him.

"Good boy," Gibbs murmured, momentarily taking his mouth from Tony's cock. "So good for me, Tony."

The praise was then accompanied by renewed suction. Tony bit and sucked at the rubber gag in his own mouth, focusing on it instead of the sensations that were driving him crazy. He'd been hard for so long that he could barely remember what it was like not to hang on the edge of orgasm.

A sharp pain along a rib cut through the haze and Tony blinked fuzzily at the knife that had cut into him. Gibbs continued to suck him lazily, licking him in torturous pleasure. When Gibbs pulled off, it was to shift up and lick the flat of his tongue over the slice of blood. Another identical cut was etched into Tony's skin on the opposite rib and he moaned, craving more.

Chuckling, Gibbs observed, "Didn't realize when we started this that you were a pain slut, Tony, and you don't know how much that pleases me. If we didn't have to go through metal detectors so often, I'd pierce your nipples, your belly, and your cock. Maybe I should anyway. How would you like to have a strip search in Dulles security with me looking on impatiently, as if I don't know exactly what's under your clothes? I'd insist on being there, of course, since I'm your supervisor. What do you think the airport security will think, seeing your dick pierced? Maybe they'll think you're someone's slut bitch. Probably would."

Tony gasped and struggled unsuccessfully against his bonds as Gibbs continued to nick him in little, stinging cuts during that long speech. The words conjured up images that conspired to make his balls explode, denied their release.

"And because you'd be known as a slut bitch, I'd suggest we make you prove it. How would you like that, Tony? Bending you over a table while the security personnel fuck you one right after the other and I watched on the side. There would be a line to get at your ass and another for your mouth, because it's a great mouth, Tony. You're a great cock sucker, I'll give you that."

Jerking and shuddering as the images continued to assault him, Tony moaned pathetically in need, desperate to come and certain that he wouldn't be allowed to. He just lay there, waiting for Gibbs to do whatever it was he wanted to do.

"God, Tony, you don't know how beautiful you are like this," Gibbs murmured, kissing the side of his mouth.

The ankle cuffs were released and Tony held his legs up when Gibbs moved them up. Seconds later, he was breached by the thick cock that he'd been craving inside him for what seemed like hours. With his legs over Gibbs' shoulder, Tony was practically bent in half as he was fucked hard and long. It wasn't enough, it was never enough, because if Tony had his way, he'd have Gibbs' cock inside him 24/7.

Then he was soaring into orgasm, the cock ring released, come splattering all over his abs and midriff. Gibbs groaned above him, redoubling the hard thrusts and then spilling inside Tony, digging as deep into his body as he could go. For a several long, perfect moments, Tony could barely feel his body, he was so high. Then a slight cramp in his hip made itself known and he sighed deeply.

Gibbs slowly pulled out and moved back, letting Tony's legs fall limp to either side of him. He straddled Tony again to undo both the gag and the wrist restraints, massaging each wrist and hand, even though there had been no loss of circulation.

Dreamy, Tony smiled at him and said, "Nice."

Gibbs chuckled, fond amusement plain on his face, and observed, "You're high as a kite right now, my own."

"And then some," Tony agreed contentedly. "Thanks."

Making a contented noise of his own, Gibbs took his mouth in a slow, deep kiss and then started cleaning them up. It wasn't too much later that Tony was draped over Gibbs' chest, cuts cleaned and covered in band aids, drowsing under the blankets. Gibbs' fingers combed gently through his hair, leading him into sleep.