Body Double by Thesseli
SUMMARY: Lister has too much time on his hands after he and Rimmer switch bodies.

Hard Light by Thesseli
SUMMARY: Rimmer's new hard light drive is tested in a rather unusual way.

Back in the Red, Part 3.5 by Thesseli
SUMMARY: Lister considers the possibilities after the ship and crew are resurrected.

Red Dawn by Thesseli
SUMMARY: Sequal to "Back in the Red, Part 3.5".

Red Heat by Thesseli
SUMMARY: Rimmer finally gets an answer to the question he asked in 'Red Dawn'. (The sequel to 'Red Dawn', which is the sequel to 'Back in the Red Part 3.5'.)

Substitute by Thesseli
SUMMARY: The things we do for love.

Life is Sweet by Thesseli
SUMMARY: I once swore I would never do a songfic.

Hearts in Jail by Elvichar
SUMMARY: Set during series VII. Lister gets to know the new Rimmer better.

Who's Bad? by Elvichar
SUMMARY: After the episode Demons and Angels.

Smeggin' Christmas by Chris
PAIRING: Dave Lister/Arnold Rimmer, Lister/Kochanski/Ace Rimmer
SUMMARY: Fantasies come true when the Red Dwarf gang passes through a strange cloud.

The Day After by Chris
PAIRING: Lister/Rimmer
SERIES: 1) The Day After
SUMMARY: A joke backfires on Lister.

Ace in the Hole by Thesseli
SUMMARY: Ace trains his replacement during 'Stoke Me a Clipper', but not in the usual way.