Title: First Awakening
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Will Graham/Sherlock Holmes
Fandoms: Hannibal/Sherlock
Rating: NC-17
Table: 9, 50ficlets
Prompt: 8, Awakening
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Will Graham or Sherlock Holmes, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


This was unlike anything he'd ever felt before.

Will had known that he would want Sherlock's touch more than he'd ever wanted anything, but the ferocity of his physical reactions took him by surprise.

He was sure that if Sherlock kept touching him, he was going to explode in an orgasm so strong that he wouldn't be able to recover from it for the next few hours.

Somehow, he had to hold himself back, had to make sure that he didn't disgrace himself by coming as soon as his lover's hand was on his cock again. The last thing he wanted to do was to have this end before it had to; he wanted to make it last for as long as possible.

If he could feel like this when Sherlock was simply touching and kissing him, how would he feel when they finally made love? That would be the most intense sensation he could possibly feel.

But for the moment, he didn't want to think about making love. He didn't want to think about anything but the awakening of his own body under Sherlock's hands and mouth.

Every inch of his skin seemed to tingle where Sherlock touched him. His body almost ached for that touch; he was arching upwards into it, begging for more.

His own hands were rushing over his lover's body, touching and feeling.

How could anyone have such soft skin? His fingers moved down Sherlock's sides, finally resting on his hips, almost afraid to move to the juncture between his legs.

When he finally did, the physical sensation of wrapping his fingers around Sherlock's rigid cock seemed to make his own harden even more. Slowly, gently, he clasped the other man's flesh, moving his fingers up and down the shaft, gradually working up to a faster rhythm.

Was Sherlock's body feeling as alive and awakened as his own was? Was this how it was supposed to feel? Did all people feel this overwhelmed by sensation the first time they touched their lovers?

He was not only touching, but being touched.

Sherlock's hand was doing the same to him as his own was doing to his lover. Will's breath came faster, in ragged gasps, his heart speeding up to an impossible rate.

It hardly seemed possible that the two of them had finally broken down the barriers between them and were allowing themselves to touch each other like this.

Being touched by Sherlock was even more sensual than Will had thought it would be. He could feel every caress, every movement, and he was sure that each thing his boyfriend did to him would be etched crystal-clear on his memory, that he would never forget a single moment of this wondrous night.

His own hands were moving over Sherlock's body again; he wanted to savor every touch, every sensation, to know all of the man who was lying beside him.

But it didn't take long for one hand to find its way to Sherlock's cock again; to stroke him until he could feel the other man writhing in pleasure, Will's name on his lips.

Hearing Sherlock moaning his name, combined with those soft hands on his body and then on his cock again, to send Will careening over the edge of that precipice of pleasure he was so precariously balanced on. It took an effort to hold himself back, to remind himself that he wanted this to last.

How could it possibly last, when all he wanted to do was abandon himself to these incredible sensations, let himself sink into them and never come up for air?

Will's hand moved up again to tangle in Sherlock's hair; he pulled his boyfriend to him for a kiss that felt as though it seared him to the depths of his soul.

Kissing, touching, feeling. His body had never been so alive.

His senses had never been this receptive to anything before; he was a live wire, a stick of dynamite just waiting to have a spark touched to him for his body to explode.

Will could picture that happening; he could see himself and Sherlock as a shower of sparks flying through the air, the both of them zooming towards the heavens, touching the moon and stars before slowly floating back down to earth, sated and spent, locked in each other's arms.

And if it was like this when they were only touching each other, then making love with this man was going to be the most stupendous experience of his entire life.

Sherlock's hand moved on his cock -- and Will finally let himself go.

His orgasm was even more incredible than Will had thought it would be, taking him to the stars and beyond, Sherlock clasped in his arms as he flew.

He was holding his love against him, feeling Sherlock's heart beat next to his own. They flew together, ever upwards, to touch the stars.

He didn't even hear himself crying out his boyfriend's name, didn't realize that Sherlock had reached the peak as well. The sensations took him over completely.

Nothing had ever felt so intense; he had never dreamed that any physical sensation could so take over his body and mind. All he could do was lie there in Sherlock's arms, gasping, his head reeling, almost afraid to open his eyes to know that he had come back from the clouds.

When he finally opened his eyes to look at Sherlock, his lover was smiling at him with a light in his pale eyes that Will could only describe as a look of pure love.

And when their lips met, it was with a promise of more to come, a promise for a future that had begun here, tonight, with this initial first awakening of their bodies to each other.

It was a promise between them that Will knew would always be kept.