Title: Where He Belongs
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Will Graham/Sherlock Holmes
Fandoms: Hannibal/Sherlock
Rating: PG-13
Table: 1drabble
Prompt: 40, Alternate Universe
Author's Note: Sequel to "A Cherished Dream."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Will Graham or Sherlock Holmes, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Sometimes he felt that he was living in a whole new world.

Being here in London was something of an alternate universe, Will through as he watched Winston sniff at a bush that had been planted at the corner of Baker Street.

It felt a little strange to only have two dogs now, Winston and Buster, but then, a lot had changed since he had moved here with Sherlock. The other dogs had good homes back in Wolf Trap, of course, but a part of him would always miss the rest of them.

And a part of him still missed the isolation and privacy that he'd had when he had lived in Wolf Trap, off the beaten path, hidden from most of the world.

There hadn't been many people who knew where to find his house.

He'd liked it that way, at least for a while, Will thought with a sigh. But Jack had been right. He'd said that Will couldn't keep living in that kind of isolation.

Jack had pointed out that his empathy wasn't a curse, and that it wasn't a reason to hide himself from society and act as though he'd been intended to be a hermit. And it was Jack who had pushed him towards Sherlock, first working with him, and then becoming involved with him.

Still, sometimes it felt as though he was living in an alternate universe, being here in the middle of London, in such a crowded city that he didn't know well.

But he'd get used to it, he told himself firmly. He could get used to anything, really. He was adaptable, and this was where Sherlock lived and worked.

Not coming to London would have been to lose Sherlock. He was certain that they would never have been able to maintain a long-distance relationship, not living and working in different countries. And it had been time for him to make a drastic change in his life.

He had needed to get away from Wolf Trap, to put that life behind him. It had been surreal, and possibly even detrimental to him. It was a closed chapter.

Will's blue eyes widened as a thought came to him.

Maybe Wolf Trap had been the alternate universe, and he had finally broken out of it and into the real world. His life here in London was where he'd always been meant to be.

Buster whined scratching at the pavement, and Will knelt to pet the little dog, stroking a hand over his soft fur. The two dogs had to get used to a whole new life, too, but they'd adjust to it, just like he would. This would be a good life for them all. It wold just be a different one.

Which wasn't a bad thing at all. This wasn't the alternate universe. This was the life he'd always been intended to have, and he was finally living it.

Standing up, he took a deep breath. He was where he belonged.