Title: Aftermath
By: Bad Faery
Disclaimer: I'm not sure who owns Blackadder but I know it isn't me. No copyright infringement is intended, as I'm making no money off of this.

Name- Baldrick, S. Rank- Private. Status- Dead.

Melchett stared at the report in front of him.

Name- Blackadder, Edmund. Rank- Captain. Status- Dead.

He couldn't believe it.

Name- Cartwright, Peter. Rank- Corporal. Status- Dead.

Blackadder was dead. And Baldrick. They weren't supposed to die, none of them were. A few losses, maybe. Some nameless Tommies who didn't know what they were doing.

Not this.

Name- Darling, Kevin. Rank- Captain. Status- Dead.

This was supposed to have ended it. One last, glorious sweep and the Germans would be out of their way forever.

They told him it would work.

Name- Martin, Francis. Rank- Private. Status- Dead.

They were to be heroes, all of them. Celebrated throughout England.

Name- Petheridge, Andrew. Rank- Private. Status- Dead.

He was going to join them in Germany for the celebration. His men and their leader, victorious at last.

It was supposed to work.

Name- St. Barleigh, George. Rank- Lieutenant. Status- Dead.

Oh God.

And when it was all over, he was going to tell him. They'd both be free then. They could be together.

He examined his service revolver. Useless for a desk-bound general, but it too had its purpose.

Name- Melchett, Anthony. Rank- General. Status- Dead.

They told him it would work.