Title - My Lover's Embrace
Author - Chance
Fandom - Blackadder Goes Forth
Pairing - Blackadder/Darling
Archive - CKoS, anyone else please ask first
Email - chance.michael@gmail.com
Feedback - Would be nice, of course
Note - the "poem" at the end is in fact a very mangled version of 2 lines from the Split Ends song "Message to My Girl".
Summery - A possible reason for a B/D relationship.

They hid their desire for each other behind arguments and cutting words. Unable to voice their true feelings at times they knew other people could be or were around. This was most of the time, with the severe restrictions the army place on their freedom. But they had more than enough cunning to be able to arrange time alone. Sometimes they even managed luxuries like a real bed, with real cotton sheets and a soft mattress when the General was away.

It was more than just the sexual relationship, due to the long nights they had been forced into working together on one of the General's early schemes. Hours had been spent sitting in the cold and dark, hiding from both sides, while falsifying the data they had been sent out to collect.

After the first four nights, Blackadder had come up with a system that allowed them to write that night's report in less than half an hour. Letting them spend the rest of the night talking and huddling together for warmth in the safest place they could find. Which managed to earn each enough respect for the other and a understanding that beneath their differences the simple truth was neither of them wanted to die.

Despite this, their relationship was strange even to them. Darling rationalized it to himself by saying it was due to the horrors of war, summed up by a snippet of a poem he stilled remembered from his school days -

"Even though I wake up in this place, I'm still warm because of my lover's embrace."