Title: Fool For A Night
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: John Reese/Jordan Hester
Fandom: Person of Interest
Rating: NC-17
Table: 1, stories_a_z
Prompt: F
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely John Reese or Jordan Hester, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Jordan opened his eyes, staring up into the face of the man who was leaning over him. For a moment, his heart was in his throat; he couldn't remember who this was in bed with him, and what the two of the might have done the night before.

But within seconds, memory came flooding back, making him relax and reach for the man whose arms were sliding around his waist. How could he have forgotten, even for a second, the night that he'd spent with John? It had been the best night of his life.

When John had shown up at his door last night, he'd been completely shocked; he hadn't expected to see the mysterious man who had helped catch the woman who'd stolen his identity. John had seemed like some kind of avenging angel, one who had vanished into thin air.

He'd thought about John so many times since they'd met; he wished that he could have told John all of the things he'd wanted to say, that they'd been able to sit down and talk, get to know each other, that he'd been able to voice his desires to the other man.

But even if he'd had the chance, would he have had the nerve to say how he'd really felt? Probably not, Jordan told himself wryly. He wasn't the kind of person who could simply come out and tell someone that he wanted them. He didn't have that kind of courage.

He hadn't gotten the sort of vibe from John that would have led him to believe that his desires would be appreciated, anyway. He had been sure that John's interest in him only went as far as helping him with the identity theft, and no further.

So when he had opened his door last night to see John standing there in the flesh, a slight smile curving his lips and the light of desire in his eyes, he'd thrown caution to the winds, even though he'd known that he might regret it the next day.

Here it was -- the next day already. And he felt no regrets, no shame for what had happened between them. In fact, all he wanted was for it to happen again -- as soon as it possibly could. He wanted John to take him again, for their bodies to unite and soar.

Screw whatever responsibilities either of them might have today, he told himself as John's mouth trailed a line of fire down his throat to his bare shoulder. His lashes fluttered, his eyes closing in pleasure, a gasp coming from his throat as John's mouth moved down to his chest.

Nothing mattered other than what John was doing to him; the only important thing in his world was the man who was making love to him, and what he felt for this man. Yesterday, John had been a stranger, nothing more than a dream. Today, he was a lover.

Jordan hadn't thought about what such a rapid turnaround might mean; all he wanted to think of was how glorious it felt to be with John, to have his dream come true. He didn't want to think about whatever the consequences of them being together might be.

Maybe he'd been a fool for a night, allowing himself to believe that there could be anything between them other than the physical pleasure that they'd given each other for one night. If that was the case, then he knew that he'd treasure that night for the rest of his life.

There had to be more in the future for them than this, Jordan thought, even as he returned John's burning kisses and moved his hands down the other man's back. There had to be more than sex, more than just a one-night stand that they would both always remember.

He had to talk to John about this. He had to tell this man that he wasn't going to be satisfied with just one night together -- or even a series of nights. He had to know that this was going somewhere, that there was going to be some kind of permanence to their relationship.

Relationship? What was he thinking? a voice in the back of his head piped up. This was sex, pure and simple. The best sex he'd ever had, true; but he was letting his feelings get way ahead of where the two of them actually were. He was jumping to conclusions.

For all he knew, John only wanted him for this one night -- and what seemed to be turning into the following day. He probably wasn't planning on anything permanent -- at least, not anything that they would be able to acknowledge, even if they kept seeing each other.

Some people might find that exciting, having a lover who only showed up on occasion, never knowing when John would be on his doorstep out of the blue. But that wasn't what he wanted. He needed something more permanent, something with strings attached.

If that wasn't what John wanted, then they wouldn't be able to make it work. But Jordan was sure that he'd seen something beyond desire in John's eyes, felt it in his kiss, his touch. This wasn't just sex for either of them. It went much deeper than mere physical sensation.

It had to be more than that. He didn't want to feel that he'd been a fool for a night, that he'd been used by someone he trusted, someone he was developing feelings for. That had happened in the past, more than once, and he didn't want to go through it again.

No, that wasn't what was happening here, he told himself fiercely. John wasn't that kind of man. He didn't just want sex and nothing more; he wouldn't have come here unless there was some deeper reason other than just wanting a one-night stand.

At the moment, he was finding it hard to concentrate on thinking about just what John might want -- or what he himself wanted. John's tongue was laving one nipple, then the other, coaxing each to hardness before moving down to swirl around his navel.

In just a few more moments, John's mouth would have traveled even further south -- and at that point, Jordan knew that he would be able to do nothing more than squirm under the onslaught of the other man's warm lips and tongue, surrendering himself to his lover.

This wasn't the time to talk to John about what his intentions were -- not when his hands were gently parting Jordan's legs, warm fingers stroking down the velvety-soft skin of his inner thighs, sending chills up his spine and making him moan John's name.

He didn't know what John was going to do, but he had a good idea. And he knew that once that happened, he would be lost in a world of sensation, not caring what John's plans for their future might be, or even if he had any. He'd be lost in the moment, caring about nothing else.

Jordan tried to hold on to his thoughts, wishing that he could think of some way for he and John to talk before he was swept up in their lovemaking again. But it was already too late; he could feel his resolve to talk already slipping away.

He didn't want John to stop; already the soft warmth of the other man's mouth was moving down again, those warm lips trailing fire down his inner thigh, then back up to brush against his balls before wrapping around the head of his cock and sucking gently.

Every thought Jordan might have had of talking to John went out of his head; he moaned the other man's name, his fingers twining through John's hair, his hips arching upwards as he gave himself up to the pure pleasure of what was being done to him.

Nothing mattered other than what he was feeling, this connection that the two of them shared. It didn't matter that they barely knew each other; they knew all that they needed to know. They wanted each other, and at the moment, that desire was all-encompassing.

He had no idea what would happen later, if John would simply leave and they wouldn't see each other again, or if this would turn into more than one incredible night of passion. He was hoping for more; he didn't want to feel that he'd been a fool for a night.

But if he had, it wouldn't matter in the long run. He would have a night that he'd always remember, and maybe, just maybe, he would see John again. Maybe this night would be more than the sum of its parts, and the two of them had started something that would last.

His muscles tightened as John deep-throated him, his body responding to what was being done to him. Every thought of whether he was being a fool or not went out of his mind; there was no room for anything but the pleasure of John's mouth and hands on his skin.

He'd think about what might be in their future later, Jordan thought as he closed his eyes, moaning John's name and letting every other thought other than what he was feeling drift away. Much, much later. For now, there was only this moment, and the pleasure that it brought.