Title: Insatiable
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Tenth Doctor/The Master
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: NC-17
Table: Buffet 1, fc_smorgasbord
Prompt: 99, Need
Warnings: non-con
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the Tenth Doctor or the Master. Please do not sue.


You want him. You need him.

You need to take him. To control him. To own him.

You need to hear the words from his lips. "I belong to you." But you know he'll never say them. He's too proud, too stubborn. He'll never admit that he was born to be yours. That you were meant to dominate him.

You need to hear him plead for mercy, beg not to be hurt. You need to watch him struggle against bonds, see the helplessness in eyes as he realizes that his freedom rests in your hands. You need to see his fear.

You need so much from him, so much that he's too proud to give you. But you'll force it from him, just as you've always done. You'll enjoy seeing the resignation in his eyes, hearing the whispered words of defeat come from those perfect lips.

You need to break him.

You need to make him your lover. Your submissive. Your slave.

You need to feel him squirm under you, to feel his muscles tighten in protest when you touch him. You need to feel him flinch away from that touch, to see his repugnance written on his beautiful face. You need to know that he doesn't want this.

You need to thrust into him, hard and deep, to feel his body fight against your entrance. You need to press inside him again and again, to revel in the tight heat of his body. You need to see him wince with each thrust, each stab into his body.

You need to force yourself into his unwilling body, to exert your control over him, to make him accept what you intend to do to him. You need to hold his legs apart, to leave bruises on his thighs, to enjoy his helplessness.

You need to wound him, to hurt him, to make blood trickle down his thighs and screams come from his lips. You need that control, that power, that dominance. You need for him to be completely subservient to you, to bend his will to your hand.

You need to break down his resistance, to feel his pain melt into pleasure.

You need to feel his arousal, the need of his own that he can't hold back.

You need to watch every fleeting expression on those features, to see the moment when his struggling stops and turns into acquiescence. You need to hear him moan, not in pain, but in pleasure. You need to hear him beg for more.

You need to be above him, looking down on those exquisite features and wondering how you could have gone so long without being inside him. You need to move your hands over his body, memorizing every curve, every valley, every fiber of his being.

You need to take him from behind, thrusting into him as hard as you can, hearing him whimper in protest. You need to feel his body tightening, trying to struggle but giving in to the inevitable. You need to take him like an animal.

You need to pour words into his ear, to tell him that this is what he's always been meant for. You need to remind him that he's your slave, your puppet, that you were made to be his master and that he has no choice but to submit.

You need to reduce him to nothing more than a naked, gasping receptacle.

You need to make him accept you, to feel his body moving in rhythm with yours. You need to pour yourself into him, to clutch at his hair, his skin, to pull his body against yours so tightly that you would melt into him if that was possible.

You need the Doctor. And you need to make him need you.

He never will. And your need grows inside you, gnaws deeper and deeper into the blackness of your soul until it's a huge gaping hole that you fall screaming into, knowing that you'll never be able to claw your way out from that chasm of need.

Your need for the Doctor is insatiable. It will never end, never change, never fade.

You'll find a way to assuage that need. Whatever you have to do. Whatever it takes. As long as he's in this body, the body that you can't resist, the body that haunts your dreams, you'll do whatever you must to make him yours.

You need him. And you'll have him. No matter what price you both may have to pay in the end.