Title: Insatiable Hunger
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Tenth Doctor/The Master
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: PG-13
Table: 1drabble
Prompt: 11, Hunger
Warnings: non-con
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the Tenth Doctor or the Master. Please do not sue.


The Master paced the length of the room he was in, hands clasped behind his back, head down. He was thinking, his mind straining to think of an answer to the question that he was always posing to it, a question that always seemed to come back to the same place.

How was he going to win the Doctor over to his side, make the other Time Lord his? He'd been trying to do that for centuries, and he always failed.

he couldn't say why he had such an absolute need to win the Doctor over; it had existed even when they were children on Gallifrey, playing their childish games. He had always wanted the Doctor to fall in with his plans, to follow him unquestioningly.

And he never had. Not once. He had always put up a fight.

As they had grown older, that resistance had gone from being merely annoying to being a the fly in his ointment. It had been a canker in the midst of his contentment with himself; he had always known that there was one person he couldn't win over.

The Doctor was the one person he had never been able to charm, the one person he wanted who he could never have. Well, that wasn't entirely true; he'd had the Doctor time and time again. But never willingly. The other Time Lord had never wanted him.

And that was why the insatiable hunger for the Doctor still burned within him, the hunger that he knew he could never satisfy until he had what he wanted -- the Doctor naked under him, being there because he wanted to be, not because he was forced into it.

He'd never had that. Only in his dreams had the Doctor come to him and offered himself, penitently and humbly, asking for the Master's forgiveness. In those dreams, they had been lovers in truth, the way that the Master had always wanted them to be.

And then he had done away with the Doctor once he'd tired of him.

Would that be the way his hunger for the other Time Lord was assuaged in life, as well as in his dreams? Would he take the Doctor by force, and then decide that the game wasn't worth playing any more, and that his hunger had finally been satisfied?

He hoped that wouldn't happen. After all, eternity was a long time -- and he didn't want to break his favorite toy. At least not to the point where he'd have to throw it away.

The Master's brow furrowed, then cleared as a plan began to form. A smile spread over his face; yes, this just might work. It wouldn't make the Doctor come to him willingly, but it would at least put the other Time Lord in his clutches -- and he would be able to satisfy his hunger once more.