Title: Nights Like This
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Tenth Doctor/Ross Jenkins
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: NC-17
Table: lover100
Prompt: 36, Slow
Author's Note: Continuation of Take It From the Top.
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the Tenth Doctor or Ross Jenkins, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Ross kept his eyes on the Doctor's face, watching anxiously for any sign of discomfort. But he saw nothing of the sort -- the only thing that he could see written on those handsome features was pleasure. A pleasure that he wanted to intensify.

But the time for foreplay was past; they were both ready for more than this. Ross slid his fingers from the Doctor's body slowly, almost hating to relinquish the contact with the Time Lord even for a few seconds, but knowing what would come next.

The Doctor whimpered softly when Ross' fingers slid out of him, opening his eyes and looking up at the young man with a pleading expression on his face. Ross bent down, brushing his lips across the softness of the Doctor's mouth.

"Patience, love," he murmured, reaching out a hand to the table by the bed and pulling open the drawer, fumbling in it until he found what he sought. "Only a few more moments now. I want this as much as you do, but we shouldn't rush it."

"To hell with taking it slowly," the Doctor panted, raising his hips. "I want you, Ross. I want you now. Even if it hurts a little, I don't want to wait." His long, slender fingers clutched at the sheets, his tone breathless with need.

Ross shook his head, a small frown between his brows. "No, Doctor, I won't do that. I'm not going to take the risk of hurting you. I'd rather wait a few minutes until I know you're completely ready. I want it too, but I'd rather have both of us be completely comfortable."

He didn't want to see disappointment in those dark eyes, even though he was sure that he would. But the Doctor merely nodded, a small smile on his lips. "You're right," he whispered, raising his arms to drape them around Ross' shoulders. "Do what you will with me."

Those words brought an answering smile to the younger man's lips; they were exactly what he'd wanted to hear. The Doctor had given him carte blanche, and he intended to take full advantage of that -- in the most pleasurable way possible, of course.

It was harder than he'd thought it would be to take things slowly; he wanted to throw caution to the winds and thrust into the Doctor, bury himself in the welcoming warmth of that beautiful body. But he wasn't going to; he was going to make this last as long as he could.

Popping the cap on the tube of lubricant, Ross slicked his fingers with it before moving his hand between the Doctor's legs and pressing two fingers inside him again; this time he thrust them deeper, wanting to make sure that the Time Lord was fully prepared for him.

The Doctor groaned and writhed under him, raising his hips with each thrust of the young man's fingers inside him. It was obvious that he was enjoying what Ross was doing -- and that he was ready for more than just two fingers entering him.

Ross slowly withdrew his fingers, wrapping his hand around his own cock and stroking himself. The Time Lord's eyes opened, widening as he watched the young man; with a smile, Ross leaned down to kiss him at the same time that his hand moved to the Doctor's erection.

The Time Lord's eyes fluttered closed as his lover's hand closed around his erection; he let out a soft sigh that was almost a moan. Ross knew that he couldn't spend much time touching the other man like this, but he could always come back to this part of his anatomy later.

Or would a Gallifreyan have more control over his sexual reactions than a human would? Maybe he could stroke the Doctor without making him come .... But no, he wasn't going to assume that he could. He wanted the other man too much to linger over any more foreplay.

He pushed the Doctor's legs up slightly, moving forward and positioning the head of his cock against the Gallifreyan's puckered opening. He hesitated for just a moment, then he pressed his hips forward, entering the Doctor in one quick, fluid motion.

Ross' eyes opened wide at the feeling of being inside the Doctor; he hadn't expected anything like this. The Time Lord's skin was so normally so cool that he'd thought being inside him would feel far different from making love to a human male.

He hadn't expected this heat, a searing flame that seemed to flare up around him and singe him from the inside out. But the flame didn't burn; no, it leaped higher and more more hotly than any feeling he'd ever known, but it was a burn that he never wanted to end.

This kind of passion was something he'd never experienced before. He'd had sexual experiences before, of course; once or twice, he'd even thought that he was in love. But nothing that he'd ever felt before could even begin to compare to this.

The feeling was more than just physical; it seemed to reach deep into his soul and pull it to the surface, wrapping tendrils of sensation around him until he was bound to the Doctor so completely and irrevocably that he felt as though he was part of the Time Lord.

Where did the Doctor's physical consciousness end and his own begin? Ross wasn't sure any more. He couldn't even have said where his inner psyche melded with the Doctor's; it felt to him as though they had become one person, one entity, as naturally as breathing.

Each thrust took him ever higher into a dizzying spiral; he was almost afraid to look down at the man under him, wondering if the Doctor felt the same, if he would see his own bliss reflected in those eyes, or if the Time Lord would look much the same as always.

When he finally did open his eyes to look down at the man he was making love to, his heart clenched so tightly in his chest for a moment that he found it hard to breathe. He had never seen anyone look so incredibly sensual, so desirable, so .... so utterly beautiful.

This was the man of his dreams, the man he had been meant to mate with. This man was meant for him -- and Ross had no doubt that he was meant for the Doctor, as well. The two of them finding each other had been no mistake, no quirk of fate.

He had always been meant to be here, in this man's arms, in his bed, making love to him, connecting with him in the most primal way possible. They were two halves of a whole, meeting and blending to create a single entity.

Ross could feel himself slipping over the edge of the chasm he was dangling over, pleasure starting to uncurl deep within him and overtake his senses. Only a few more thrusts -- a few more moments, and he would be falling into that chasm.

Looking down at the Doctor's face, he could tell that the Time Lord was right there alongside him. The other man's eyes were closed, his breath coming in gasps and pants, his body moving in rhythm with Ross' thrusts. He was sure that the Doctor was just as close to the edge as he was.

He wanted to make sure that the Time Lord came first; moving one hand down between their bodies, he began to awkwardly stroke the other man's cock in rhythm with the movements of his hips. The Doctor gave a strangled cry, his voice soft but intense.

"Ross, I --" The words ended abruptly in another cry; Ross could feel the Doctor's slender body spasm under his, and he knew that the other man had reached the peak. Another thrust -- and he joined his lover in that slow downward spiral from their lofty heights.

Taking care not to collapse on top of the Doctor, Ross slowly pulled out of the Time Lord, rolling to the side and gathering the other man's limp body into his arms. He closed his eyes, pulling the Doctor close, wanting to relax and revel in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

"You .... are wonderful," the Doctor murmured, resting his cheek against Ross' chest. "I've had many lovers in my life, but you -- you outdo them all. There's no one who can even come close to you. And to think that we waited all this time!"

"We didn't have to wait, you know -- but I think that all that waiting made it better," Ross murmured, his voice soft. He raised a hand to run his fingers through the Time Lord's damp hair, smiling as he did so. "I think this was definitely worth the wait."

"Oh, yes, it was," the Doctor agreed, sighing contentedly as he snuggled close against his lover, his thin arms sliding around Ross' waist. "This may very well have been the most incredible night of my life. And I have you to thank for that, love."

"This is absolutely the best night of my life, bar none," Ross told him, reaching to switch off the light on the beside table before snuggling down amongst the pillows with the Doctor in his arms. "And we're going to be having a lot more nights like this."

"I think they're only going to get better," the Doctor said softly, closing his eyes and nestling into the young man's embrace. Moments later, both men were asleep, wrapped in each other's arms and each dreaming about the future nights of pleasure that they would give each other.