Title: Fire of An Unknown Origin
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Tenth Doctor/Ross Jenkins
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: NC-17
Table: 4, 50ficlets
Prompt: 41, Burn
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the Tenth Doctor or Ross Jenkins, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


What was it about the Doctor that could make him burn like this?

Ross gasped for air, raising his head and closing his eyes. Kissing the Doctor when they made love was like kissing a flame; he could almost feel his lips scorching, but those delicious kisses caused no pain, only inflaming him with the need for more.

It was as though his entire body was a roaring conflagration, the spark that was always there between him and the Doctor coming to life the moment their bodies touched. He had never felt such an intense passion for anyone, and he knew that he never would.

Only this man could incite this kind of passion within him, burning him from the inside, making him cry out the Doctor's name in his need. Only the Doctor could burn him like this, a flame that consumed him and yet had him begging for more of the same.

Given the coolness of the Time Lord's skin, Ross had been surprised the first time they'd made love, not expecting to find such heat contained within such a cool exterior. But the Time Lord had been the most passionate lover he'd ever had, or had ever dreamed of being with.

Those flames had swept over him from the first moment they'd touched; and every time they made love, Ross was sure that they rose higher still. Each time they were together, that burning seemed to go on for longer, that spark fanned to life even more quickly.

He couldn't get enough of the Doctor -- and he was sure that the Time Lord felt the same about him. They were like two lovers who had been parted for far too long, and were trying to saturate themselves with each other in case they were driven apart a second time.

That wouldn't happen, Ross told himself fiercely as he thrust into the Doctor again, holding back a moan as the Gallifreyan's slender thighs tightened against his sides. He wasn't going to leave this man. He was with the Doctor for the rest of his life.

Nothing would part them. Nothing would take him away from the man who now owned his heart. This intensity of the flames that engulfed him whenever he held the Doctor in his arms and made love to him wasn't something that he could live without, now that he'd experienced it.

He heard the Doctor's soft moan as though through a haze; the sensations that were starting to overtake his body were so intense that they blocked out everything but the blazing heat that was consuming him -- and the feel of the Doctor's body clasped in his arms.

The Time Lord gasped out his name; Ross answered with a cry of his own, the Doctor's name followed by three words that he'd never said to anyone else with as much intensity of feeling as he could say them to this man. He'd never meant them so much in his life.

Ross felt the world spin around him, the sensation that had been building in the pit of his stomach rising and cresting over him like a wave carrying him out to sea. The downward spiral was starting, the flames beginning to give way and slowly recede.

Those flames would never completely die out, Ross told himself as he slowly pulled out of the Doctor and turned over onto his side, wrapping his arms around the other man and pulling him close. They would burn lower, but they would always be there.

The passion between the two of them had flared high the first time they'd made love, going from a slow burn to a blazing fire in a matter of seconds. That flame had started as a spark, nurtured over a few weeks, taking its time and burning steadily all the while.

"It gets better every time, doesn't it?" the Doctor whispered, his voice breathy. "I wouldn't have thought that making love with a human could be so .... so intense, but you constantly surprise me. There's no one in the universe to touch you."

"Nor you," Ross whispered, tightening his arms around the Time Lord and resting his cheek against his lover's hair. That flame had settled now, but it was still burning within him, just waiting to be coaxed back from its unknown origin to its full force again at any moment.

It did indeed get better every time, he told himself with an inward smile. Was it possible for the flame that burned so brightly and drew the two of them inexorably into each other's arms to rise any higher? He didn't know, but he was certain that they would enjoy finding out.

And he knew that they would both be more than willing to fling themselves into that warm embrace.