Title: The Usual Place
Author: Elim
Fandom: Blackadder
Pairing: Blackadder/Darling
Rating: PG
Archive: yes to the list archives, anyone else so long as I know and you want it..... :)
Plot: Very short piece as B/D stories have been annoying me recently. And I don't the time to write anything longer...... :(
Feedback: yes please :)

There are a small group of officers standing in a small storage room, in HQ. Most are smoking and passing around a couple of bottles of wine Captain Darling had managed to have lost before reaching the General's table. He had even managed to scrounge enough glasses for everyone and a few chairs. The boxes usually filling the room were all pushed into the corners, giving the men just enough space to comfortably move about in. There was even softly playing music.

Most of the men were talking in small groups, eyeing each other up to some degree. There were a few standing close enough to touch. Every now and then a pair would excuse themselves and leave. But, Darling was nervous - to such an extent he was having trouble concentrating on the discussion he was having with a couple of old friends. He'd twitch and jump noticeably whenever someone new would come into the room.

He refused to admit he was worried, but it was clear to the rest of the men Darling was fretting. He knew exactly how dangerous the mission Blackadder had been sent on, though Darling was reasonably certain that Blackadder would find a way around any little difficulties.

Then Blackadder finally arrives, looking harassed and worse for wear. A Lieutenant gives him a glass and fills it with wine from the nearest bottle. He quickly sees Darling and heads straight over. Without looking at any of the other men in the small group, he kisses Darling.


"That's Captain Darling to you, Blackadder."